Chelsea fans - Ignore the negativity and let's have some perspective please. We've only played one game.

After defeat at home to Burnley on Saturday, the press and media would have you believe that Chelsea are in crisis. I felt compelled to c...

After defeat at home to Burnley on Saturday, the press and media would have you believe that Chelsea are in crisis. I felt compelled to call for perspective from other Chelsea fans so as not to jump on the negative bandwagon that has snowballed in the last few days. 

If you want to believe what is being written and spoken about on TV since the final whistle blew on Saturday then you would have to believe that Antonio Conte is about to walk out on Chelsea, the players have turned against him with the whole Diego Costa situation with some speaking openly against the manager (which if you actually read the comments, no-one has mentioned anything like that at all) and Chelsea are so far behind their title rivals already, that their season is about to implode with our challenge being virtually over already!

What a load of bollocks for fuck sake! It really is ridiculous if you think about it. All this crap being written, debated and spoken about after one game. The one game we found ourselves with two players sent off, down to nine men in addition to having FOUR of our first team starters already out of the side through injury or suspension. However, despite all this, we still never gave up, took the fight to Burnley and dominated the game creating chances right to the very last minute!

People say football fans are fickle but in my view the immediate aftermath of the game, as the Chelsea players applauded the fans points to the fact that they are honest and acknowledge when outside influences affect the game. The noise created by the fans all around the ground chanting "Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea" tells you everything you needed to know about that game in that moment and not the crap we have had to put up with reading for the past few days.

Despite our woeful defending for Burnley's first and third goals (nothing you can do about the second as it was an excellent strike) there were plenty of positives for me to take from the game. The first being the spirit within the team to keep on going despite being down to ten men first of all and then down to nine men. That never say die attitude will serve us well this season. Alvaro Morata came on and produced a glimpse of just what he can and will do for Chelsea in the time he spends here. As Michy Batshuayi struggled to hold the ball up so we could build on possession, Morata gave a masterclass of what he should be doing. His goal was taken well and his assist for David Luiz was also excellent.

Andreas Christensen got vital match experience at Stamford Bridge under his belt which is also important to note. Although it was not under the best circumstances, he would have learned a high amount of what to be prepared for in the Premier League. Apart from a mistake with his positioning for one of the Burnley goals (the last one if you watch it back) he did well enough and looked more than comfortable on the ball.

If you take that gutsy fightback from the team, add the likes of Victor Moses, Tiemoue Bakayoko, Pedro and Eden Hazard into the lineup so as to restore our back three of last season, for Moses to get up and down that right hand side, for Bakayoko to build a partnership with N'Golo Kante and for Eden Hazard to dominate defenders while creating chances while scoring goals, Chelsea are not far off of being up there with the strongest sides in the Premier League.

There is no need to panic. There is no need to read all the bullshit being written, ignore the TV pundits and just focus on what is coming out of the club to have a realistic perspective.

We have only played one game. Finally, some perspective from Henry Winter:

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  1. But we'd only played one game in the infamous 'Jose' season following the draw to Swansea and no one reacted until it was far too late.

    It's not so much as what happened against Burnley, it's the poor preparation for this season as defending champions (AGAIN!).

    The loss against Burnley was bad, unfortunate even, and has nothing to do with our major issue which is squad depth

  2. well said -- the media will do anything to stop us winning back to back titles so lets calm down shall we.

  3. I'm a Burnley fan. Cahill's (justified) dismissal turned the first half. We took extreme advantage of the confusion in the Chelsea side and scored three goals. So yes, there are problems at Chelsea: there is no excuse for the terrible performance in the first half, and the loss of discipline and cohesion needs addressing.

    But in the second, you won 2-0 with 10 men (I don't count the second sending-off as it was very late). There is enough quality in the squad to have a good season - probably top four. I don't think there is enough depth in the squad to win the league again at the moment.

    Against Burnley, I think that complacency played a large part in the first half: "This is tiny Burnley and we'll win this easily, so no panic". Only when Conte had his half-time talk did the attitude - and the level of performance - change.

    As to the press and media attention, it was bound to happen. They only talk about the top 6 teams anyway, and the fact that you lost to a Burnley team that only won one away game last year(in April!)meant that the defeat was a shock. So press speculation was bound to happen. Add to that the Costa saga and a 'Chelsea collapse, as under Mourinho', and it all makes for very easy punditry.

    As long as nobody panics you'll be fine.

  4. You said that u dont need to count that we were without 9 men,well,u are wrong because we scored with only 9 men so please count that!

  5. I'm not worried by the Burnley result, I was half expecting it. I'm not bothered by the media reaction either, I was also expecting that. I am bothered by the reason my expectations were so low and that is our all too familiar preseason fiasco.

    We've spent most of the Summer hearing (and often getting confirmation) of infighting between the manager and the board regarding players wanted, not wanted, those to be sold or loaned out, those to be brought in, etc. Contes' own contract negotiation also had an interesting if unusual outcome.

    It's not as if we haven't been here before, it seems it's just a question of time before the cracks appear between the manager and certain board members irrespective of who the manager is. Hopefully things will improve sooner rather than later to at least offer some stability.

    At the end of last season I really thought that Conte would be given the support he wanted to build on our success (the triumph of optimism over experience on my part). Since preseason began I've become increasingly concerned that Conte could actually be gone before Costa.

    Abramovich needs to wake up and smell the coffee. It's not hard to identify the constant factor in poor transfer deals, player power, and palpable discord we've suffered from over the years.

  6. You say ; focus on whats coming out o the club ; all I see yet again,as it,s been like it for a good few years now,is yet another good/manager struggling with the cfc/board in trying to get in the players he wants to strengthen/better the squad ,and look what we get yet again,a media/hating cfc having a feast.I,m sick of repeating myself as the ''problem'' is there for all to see,and I include R A in that.just have a re-cap on past/managers and the run-ins they all faced with player-recruitment,it,s never run-smooth,so WHY is that?,the common-link is the cfc/ I,m not saying that we are going to get every-player we want,but to end-up year after year chasing-around after tom-dick-harry like we do is beyond a joke,as I,ve said more than once,as much as I like Antonio Conte and would like him to stay [[ at least another year/18 months ]] I can see him walking away and R A giving Guss a call.and so it goes on and on.there will come a time when any-future-manger who cfc approach 1st question will be,whats the severance package.

  7. Doesn't matter if 4 players were missing through injury, or we were down to 9 men at the end of the game. A team like Chelsea should NEVER be trailing Burnley by 3 goals. Unacceptable in my opinion. I dont believe this would happen to the Murinho teams during his first few seasons at the club (Chelsea)




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