Chelsea 2-3 Burnley. Believe it or not, this is the less angry version.

Yep, that’s right. The first time since 1992 (maybe the second, I’ve drunk too much gin to care) that the reigning Premier League champi...

Yep, that’s right. The first time since 1992 (maybe the second, I’ve drunk too much gin to care) that the reigning Premier League champions have not been televised on the opening weekend. Bet they wouldn’t have done that to the Scouse. To my immense amusement though, you have to go back before the Premier League was invented to find when THEY were last champions. That’s before most of their current team was born. And probably the last time Klopp had a shower. 

Nobody is giving us much credit. Chris Sutton and Martin Keown are on my sh*tlist for dismissing us in Sky’s previews. Incidentally, out of every single one of the pundits on the BBC (Boooo - they are in my bad books) only one predicted that Chelsea would finish outside the top four. Gullit. F*cking traitor.

Us: Dave moved up to fill in for suspended Moses and new signing Rudiger went into the back three. In place of Pedro came Boga, which was apparently a shock to the media but not to anyone who’d been paying attention in preseason.

The Game: The first time a Chelsea player tackled someone, he got booked. And so it began. We strung together about 500 passes in the opening five minutes. 495 in our own half, but still, Burnley could hardly get a foot on the ball. Our first break on goal came when a great ball flew out to Dave on the right but he shanked the shot. Shortly afterwards, Boga could have scored on his debut had he made better contact using his head. For his effort he had a foul given against him for having the audacity of trying to win the ball. Then, having dominated we were down to ten men in the first quarter of an hour. My enormous list of transgressions for which I want to repeatedly pimp slap Craig Pawson doesn’t actually include this red card. Uncharacteristic and absolutely no malice in it. Could he have given him a break? Maybe, but allowing for the fact that this referee is a monumental bellend I can see why he sent him off. 

So having barely touched the ball Burnley were back in it. I take issue with Fabregas’s first yellow card. You’ve just sent a Chelsea player off. Understandably, his teammates don’t like you. So when you do nothing in the next passage of play when a Chelsea player is hacked down and then Cesc gives you a smattering of sarcastic applause, do you book him? Or do you show a bit of common sense, tell him to watch himself and keep a lid on the situation? Well if you’re Craig Pawson, you book him and further antagonise 40,000 people before you’re twenty minutes into the game. The crowd response was riotous. I want Mr. Kydd of the Fancast’s opinion, seeing as he has got certificates that allow him to empathise with these twats.

Poor Jeremy Boga made way and Christensen was punted into the deep end to get his first team career started, not only today but probably for next weekend too. For what it’s worth, I think he did OK today. Burnley had a goal chalked off for offside, but following the sending off we were all over the place. There was the odd spell of control, but it was not enough. Burnley did not “stun” us today, as the press plebs are saying, they contributed little before the red card, and sat back for the whole of the second half waiting for a counter-attack, but for that half an hour of the first half when we could hardly string three passes together, they were clinical, disciplined and made the absolute most of the opportunities they got. When finally we settled, looked to be on top despite being a man down, we went and conceded again. Just not good enough. Then the third went in.

At least they came out with their heads up. A long range shot from Rudiger on 47 went wide but not embarrassingly so, and a minute later George Michael (Alonso)  (still he rocks the atrocious 80s hair) had a shot tipped over. But sadly, for me, despite surmounting our opposition, who outnumbered us, for the whole of the second half, we could not surmount what was the most pathetic attempt to referee a football match I have seen in recent years. No doubt the press will say we booed our team off at the end of the first and second halves. I hear that this is definitely the case with NBC in the States. Nope, that was all for Pawson. Random, stupid stoppages, absurd decisions and about as adept at spotting a Burnley infringement as Nelson would have been waving his telescope in front of his useless eye. In the dark. If he had flown a helicopter over Stamford Bridge and napalmed the stadium and everyone in it, it still would have been more subtle than his car crash of a performance. I just stopped taking notes in the end because it wasn't a football match, it was a farce. I have not seen an outpouring of such disgust aimed at the match officials since that ludicrous semi final against Barcelona in 2009. Penalty shouts went begging, at least one of which was blatant. No cards for Burnley in the first hour. To me that implies we kicked them up and down the pitch. Bullsh*t. It just didn’t happen.

Conte changed it up, for what it was worth. On 57 minutes Batshuayi went off for Morata. The first thing he did was hit a shot. It missed by a mile, but sad to say more than Michy managed in an hour of football. George Michael came close with a free kick, but still my little corner of the Shed Upper just watched on in sheer disbelief at the three man comedy act in magenta who were either blind, high, of extremely limited intelligence or most likely a combination of all three. Morata gave us hope on 67. The ball went in. Pawson looked pleadingly at the Lino then realised he was going to have to give it. We had it in the net again a few minutes later, but this time a flag did go up. Jon Walters came on for Burnley. This gave me hope. Apart from Kondogbia the other week I've never seen a player who doesn't wear our shirt go so far out of his way to score us a goal. 

Still, the Pawson show went on. Then, when Fabregas received what should have been his first yellow card, Stamford Bridge was deafened by chants of “3-1 to the referee.” Even with nine men we were still better than them. Luiz thumped in a second, and sent Alf Garnett (sitcom alias) leaping up and down and screaming “NOW I forgive him for PSG!” As one last punch in the face? A mere four minutes of injury time to account for two goals, six subs and a disgraceful amount of time wasting. It was that bad that Alf roared: “Spineless c*nt!” Alf abhors the C-bomb. We came so close to an equaliser in the dying seconds, but it was not to be. Opening day defeat, but a dogged showing against the odds for the duration of the second half.

SoConte didn't look happy. Said one genius on the tube. Are you f*cking surprised? To be honest everyone near me stood in an identical pose with a face of complete bafflement for most of that game too. This match had nothing to do with who we signed and who we didn't or how many players we've got. The fact is that the thin squad Antonio does have almost came back from 0-3 down with nine men to get something out of the game. I heard some snippets today: one that a wide player we've been linked with is close to joining, it's a matter of finances now, and that we haven't given up on another. We've put in an offer and I don’t think we’ve yet been told to p*ss off! In the grand scheme of things, we have 37 games left. Write it off, try and get through next weekend without any players, averting a complete disaster and then our season really starts. Apart from saying that I was sad to see Michy have a disappointing afternoon, and that Morata when he came on bagged his first goal quickly and looked exciting (dare I say Torres-like with his runs) it's not even worth trying to overly scrutinise performances today. Like I said, farce not football. 

All that's left to say is that Pawson has form for ruining matches with utterly atrocious decisions. (City's FA Cup final semi last season is one of his most epic recent stinkers) The fact that we (as in the Premier League) talk about the effect on results of inept officials week in, week out, and that nothing changes is of real concern. We can discuss how this gets rectified another day. I'm not in the mood to be diplomatic right now. I'd be surprised if the f*cking Expendables can get that tosser out of Stamford Bridge unscathed this evening. With luck the referees room resembles the inside of that plastic medical capsule in Prometheus after the bird from the dragon tattoo films has given herself an alien caesarean. I'm going to spend my night drinking gin, watching the athletics and mocking up a North Korean passport for the ref. Then I'm sending it to Trump. With a note saying that Pawson cussed his mum. Don't tell my publisher, because I should be doing something more constructive than this. 

But the last word shouldn't go on that snivelling butt monkey. It belongs to our team. I think the last time we were three down at half time was at the Emirates last September. That game ended 3-0 and we had eleven men. We were pathetic. Today our boys, all nine of them, came out after the break and refused to lie down in the face of a ludicrous official and literally couldn't stand up at the end. We gave ourselves a lot to do in the second half today, but were undone by the referee. I don't care what it looks like by the time the Press Plebs have whittled it down to two joy-filled minutes of them celebrating our demise. I was there and I believe that had it been officiated fairly, that we would have finished turning the game around to get at least a point by the end of it. But I don't have a time machine, and as Mrs. Brown (sitcom alias) says: if your granny had balls she'd be your grandpa. 

Any manager with a brain will pull the significant bones out of it this. Down to ten men, then nine, Chelsea were still a threat and despite the disparity in numbers, came within a hair of taking a point whilst they completely dominated their opposition. We may not have any players for next week but we'll worry about that later. I don't think I've ever been prouder standing there applauding my team after a loss. And nigh on everyone else had stayed to do the same. This did not feel like the beginning of the last Chequebook Pulis season. Happy to say that I departed the stadium today surrounded by an aura of defiance and determination, and to the sound of fans roaring Chelsea songs. As opposed to rampant, overflowing nappy sh*tting. If today’s madness doesn't galvanise players and fans alike for the rest of the season nothing will. We’re not the only contenders to have had a less than perfect start. I’m still massively excited, and actually, a bit relieved that for all the moping and worrying, we are at least still a group of fighters. That’s going to come in handy. 

I’m now going to celebrate the 4X100 relay win with a massive amount of gin.


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  1. If ever we (Cahill detractors) needed evidence that Cahill isn't fit for the starting XI, let along captaincy.

    What was the man thinking? Alonso literally got booked for nothing and instead of keeping a calm head, Cahill nearly does one of their players. Idiot! I don't buy the 'no malice' argument or that it wasn't that bad. It was a red and had he caught him, it had the potential to do damage. Worst of all it represents how braindead Cahill is.

    The issue around squad depth is well known but wasn't the reason we lost here. There has also been a murmur that we're lacking leadership with an unfit captain, but he wasn't the only one to show leadership flaws. Two of the most experienced players in the team, David Luiz and Fabregas completely lost their heads with the latter getting sent off for his lack of composure, while the former cost us a couple of goals.

    Positives...mmm. Well, I was impressed by the impact of Morata and would hope he could have sustained impact as part of a starting XI. Rudiger was our best player by some distance over the 90, Christensen showed a little of why there's a section of support who believe he is our most talented defender and for all his faults, Alonso (and I really do give him a hard time) was a threat.

  2. Here here. As i trudged out of gate17 i was both exasperated and exalted. We can only hope that the spirit remains intact for Wembley on Sunday. A defeat would be a bitter blow. But let's roll back the years and treat Spurs like Dixon, Flo and Newton used to.....

  3. Where did you buy those rose coloured spectacles from - I really must get myself a pair.
    Chelsea, with all their skillful and expensive players simply couldn't contain some northern grit and determination. Sure you'll go on to compete for the title and sure Burnley will compete to avoid relegation - But credit where it's due, it wasn't Mr Pawson that lost you the match, it was your own team's arrogance that they thought Burnley would simply roll over and be slapped.

    1. I think it was stupidity rather than arrogance that caused Cahill to get sent off, Fabregas to pick up two bookings and for David Luiz to go AWOL for Burnley goals.

  4. Hundreds of words of pitiful excuse-making. The ref got all the big decisions right...

  5. Never read a more one sided version of affairs in all my life. According to shearer ,ref got all the big decisions right and I agree. Take a look at the infrastructure of the club and indiscipline of the players before you criticise further.

  6. The referee seemed to have chosen his team before kick off and stuck with them throughout; but so what? He might have been responsible for the odd assist but he didn't put three goals past us in the first 45 minutes!

    I'm getting bored by keep repeating that our wingbacks need replacing, that Cahill is often a liability and Luiz is not a top level defender. The team pretty much said it for me at the weekend.

    The second half effort was encouraging, the players are obviously working for Conte even if the board aren't. Matic to Manure, really? Ake sold, Zouma loaned out, what is going on?

    Matic was superb yesterday but football is a game of opinions and I can understand some think to sell at £40m was a good deal. The problem I have is that Conte didn't want to sell, made it very clear, and was then ignored.

    I'm over the Burnley result, we'll fare better in the short term, its the longer term that troubles me. I can't help thinking we're in the same situation we've often found ourselves in since Emanalos arrival, wondering how long before the manager departs.

  7. Totally biased report, badly written with cringeworthy vulgarity. The excuses will be forgotten in time but the records will always show that Chelsea lost! Trouble is you can't take it!

    1. You are of course entitled to your opinion [[ wrong again ]] of course!! but why not just stick to your own club site,it,s a red/one I assume,nothing much happening on it??

  8. In the main CD I with you on this,felt the reff was a bit to keen to get the red cards/out,when a yellow would have done as I just think he miss timed the tackle,it looked worse than it actually was, even the Burnley player seemed surprised by the red,,but as long as ALL reffs are going to take the same action during the season I will not have a problem,[[ that won,t happen ]] of course, he got a few calls wrong in this game and not to many of those were mentioned in the ''media''only yesterday I felt Kane got of lightly and that,s only one I could mention,and I,m a big/fan of kane by the main ;;beef;; is again against the bloody CFC board do ANY of them really Know how a Football Club should be run,Conte stated the players he wanted way back and look where we are,,,it,s a '''''''/disgrace yet again,and we fans know it, but why does,nt R A. I did not have a problem with Matic going,BUT not to another Prem/rival.did they learn nothing from the P C transfer? I feel we have yet another really/good manager here at CFC who is spending most of his time battling the board in trying to get what he wants,it,s gone beyond a joke now and if Roman is,nt careful the fans will turn against him as well as the board,,we don,t want to lose Antonio and I know that the '''media'' hounds are out for CFC blood,,but if we are,nt careful yet again Guss will get a call,,,I,m way beyond how I feel my club is run now with the ;big time charlies; who really could not run a p - - s up in a B - e w - - y.and there,s me thinking the Mears reign was a joke,I,m losing the will to live not with CFC,but in the way the Business side is carried fans need to voice our concerns at the next home game,we know the 'names' if we all shout loud enough perhaps-just-perhaps Roman will take ACTION.

    1. And, we're getting too old for this.

    2. Again Norman you are so right,love the club,but Not those rejects on the Board.a total shambles the lot of them.

  9. Cahill lunged in studs up, clear red card.
    Fabregas should have seen a straight red, worse tackle than Cahill.
    If Brady had fallen down and rolled around like some player's do then Luiz would have seen a straight red for his pretend head butt.
    It is time you big expensive teams realise that you do not have the right to win but to work hard and earn it. Time to grow up!

    1. Pawson was very poor throughout but I have no problem with his Red card decision for Cahill nor his two yellows for Fabregas. However, I find your suggestion that we should be thankful that Brady didn't cheat in order to get Luiz sent off rather bizarre.

    2. But we are not saying he should not have been sent/of just that as long as reffs are consistent in other games during the season, and as quick to show the red,it might even happen to your team?,we all know that ,that won,t happen though don,t we,,even you with your 'blinkers'on must have seen a lot worse tackles the ;Kane; one for an example? just a yellow and the player had to off injured because of it,explain that one alone please?

  10. As a chelsea fan I'm completely fine with the red cards that the ref gave, my issue was that he was inconsistent. If Cahill's tackle was a red surely the tackle Arfield made on Alonso in the second half warranted the same punishment. Despite this, credit where credit is due, Burnley took advantage of our disorganisation and fair play to them. As far as we (chelsea) are concerned, can't really understand the decision to pay 58 mil quid for a new striker and then not start him, if Morata had started that game or even come on at half time I think we could have got something out of the game, I don't buy into the idea that a professional footballer isn't fit enough to start a football match unless they have an injury (which Morata clearly didn't!!)

    1. Well said,and you are so right in what you say.that is why fans get the hump,if the reffs showed us week/in week/out that they are being consistent with how/why the cards are shown,then that,s fine,but all fans of whatever club they support already know how inconsistent the reffs are with regards to just this problem.

    2. Exactly, what annoys me is that players and fans are constantly told to respect the officials and I agree that the officials should be respected. However its extremely hard to respect officials when every single week there is a match in which it appears the referee has had a huge impact on the result. In my eyes a good referee is one who isn't mentioned, because that means he's done his job and the focus is where it should be, THE FOOTBALL!




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