Chelsea's Revolving Door Policy for Managers Needs to End!

At times it's like a game of 'guess who' at Stamford Bridge with the constant fluctuance of personnel changes. Not so much w...

At times it's like a game of 'guess who' at Stamford Bridge with the constant fluctuance of personnel changes. Not so much with players, but the backroom staff are often moved on at a moments notice, so much so that it's becoming more and more difficult to follow just who is currently at the club.

The footballing world knows all too well that Roman does not take defeat lightly. Our owner shows no mercy in wielding the axe when he feels a manager cannot make the grade. This method has served the Blues well thus far, we have racked up multiple trophies and have enjoyed unparalleled success under the Russian billionaire's guidance. Unfortunately I fear this impatient way of running things is sooner or later going to catch up with us, consequently alienating all good candidates for the managerial job.

If the 'revolving door policy' carries on, the club will be left scraping the bottom of the barrel, desperately looking for a half decent manager to take the reins. 

Some would argue that this scenario has already started to become a reality, showcased by the decision of Pep Guardiola to shun the multiple advances from Chelsea and Abramovich, instead choosing to join Bayern Munich come the end of his sabbatical.

I think our club is now screaming out for consistency not only in performances, but also the way it is run off the field. We need one cohesive unit pushing us forward, a familiar and constant face to facilitate the change and growth in the club that Roman wants. The problem is the top managers will likely be scared off by the thought of Abramovich's merciless eye closely analysing their every move.

One of the most important aspects of any job is job security, you want to go to sleep at night knowing that you will still have work when you wake up the following morning. That is not a luxury that Chelsea managers have, it is almost expected that come 6 months time they will no longer be at the club. This constant thought/worry in the back of a managers' mind can cause all sorts of problems;

- It prevents the manager getting emotionally invested in the club
  • Don't want to get the family settled down because they feel they will be moving on again soon
  • Don't build a strong relationship with the fans
  • Ultimately never feel part of the 'Chelsea community' so to speak

- It gives the players too much power to control the running of things
  • If they don't like a manager, they don't have to try to work it out, because they know they put up with him for long.
  • This sort of attitude in the dressing room facilitates a poor relationship between players and manager, which often leads to a falling out of some kind. Usually, a problem like this would be solved by the player being moved on, however the situation is reversed at Chelsea and the manager is the one to be sacrificed (example being the Lampard & AVB issue). This situation gives the players far too much power.

- It creates too much pressure for instant success in the present, which in turn makes it extremely difficult to build for the future/bleed in youth.
  • The first priority for any Chelsea manager is just concentrating on the present to keep their job.
  • This in particular is a big issue, it stops the club from thinking long term and stunts the growth of our undoubtedly talented crop of youth players. 
  • Winning trophies as well as building for the future is an extremely delicate balancing act, and the unstable nature of the Chelsea manager's position tips the scales towards winning trophies over aiding the growth of talented youngsters. The problem this creates is that the club then has to go out into the transfer market and buy ready made talents for large sums of money, which is going to be an issue come Financial Fair Play. 

Obviously, all these things can and often do have a negative impact. The constant chopping and changing of managers is not healthy, it undeniably damages the club's reputation which is far from ideal because public image plays a big part in football. We need to steer away from this 'mercenary' image and create some stability at the Bridge!


With Rafa only being an interim manager and the fans not taking to him at all, the footballing world are currently having a field day predicting just who will be the next Chelsea manager. Multiple candidates have been put forward, some more likely than others, but one name jumps off the page for any Chelsea fan (I will let you guess who that is);

Whoever it is that becomes Chelsea manager next season, we need to stick with him, let him execute his plan and give him time to modify the team to his liking. Rome wasn't built in a day, and in football there is no better man to epitomize that message than Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United. He was given time to build a successful future for the club and he succeeded, the foundation for consistent success is consistency in the running of the club (it isn't rocket science). The same can be said for David Moyes and Everton, he has been ever present in the clubs growth, signing relatively unknown players on a small budget and bleeding through youth, at the same time as getting good results.

Sadly, the only thing consistent about Chelsea is our inconsistency! This needs to change and we need a manager who is in for the long haul.

Article by Martin Smith 
Follow me on twitter @MartinSmithCFC

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Carefree & KTBFFH!    

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  1. Everything you said its true,but i never heard about this when coaches like Scholari,Avb were sacked.As for the latter,when he was sacked,fans brought out a banner "THE ROMAN EMPIRE".Now you guys are saying this becos RDM was the one sacked.




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