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According to the Daily Express here, Jose Mourinho has recently been in contact with Roman Abramovich and some of the senior Chelsea players from his time at the club and has been "dropping hints" that he is ready to return to Stamford Bridge in the Summer.

The report states as follows:
JOSE MOURINHO has sent text messages to Roman Abramovich to pave the way for a return to Chelsea.
Mourinho, set to leave Real Madrid after huge fall-outs with the club hierarchy and key players, is favourite to return as manager in the summer after Pep Guardiola joined Bayern Munich.
And Daily Express can reveal Mourinho has been in contact with owner Abramovich, senior Chelsea players and staff. A source close to Abramovich said: “Jose has been sending messages to people at the club. Not just to Roman, to everybody, dropping hints.”
I would take Jose Mourinho back in a heartbeat and the fact that he is the bookies favourite to come back is heartening to say the least!.

What do you think about a possible return? Do you think he would come and would his appointment appease the fans castigated in certain quarters for their continued treatment of Rafa Benitez?

I believe that there IS substance in the story and I would love it if he came back. You would imagine he would have even more control at the club than he ever did before and would be quick to point out what has happened with the first team managerial position (which Martin is about to post on) since his departure.

I really hope he does come back!

Carefree & KTBFFH

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Anonymous said...

I hope this is true after what ra has done so far it would be great if he gives the fans something they want the best thing that happened to chelsea was jm .

Anonymous said...

We want, we want, Jose!
We want, we want, Jose!

Ahanor Paul Emwanta said...

lol! If JM is coming,i pray he ends up retiring in Chelsea.All in support say aye!

Anonymous said...

Nope Jose will change the good football back †☺ direct football we want †☺ play football on the ground and chelsea owner won't want that valanky

Anonymous said...

I believe some people just suit a particular club. For example, Sir Alex= Man Utd, Wenger=Arsenal, Pep G=Barca ..... Mourinho=Chelsea. I would love anyway to have him back. My only concern is that he might want to leave us for his own ego eventually.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Jose M

Oj Currency d blue said...

Jose coming is not d issue but will Jose still promote our tiki-taka football with MaZaCar?I trust him discipline wise and coaching wise but we he still play his “defensive tactics” ?and importantly are U sure he won't fall out with Roman again?I heard he dosent work with a technical adviser so is Mike Emenalo fully gone by d time Jose will arrive? Personally I like him cos of his ego. He suits Chelsea in and out

Anonymous said...

I love Jose and he belongs to Chelsea! But he is very hard to manage and I don't believe his relationship with roman can stand the test of time! He is a impact manager,He comes in, whips up a storm, wins everything and leaves! Is he capable of managing a club for more than 2 or 3 yrs????? But still if he comes back to the EPL it has to be with us we are his spiritual home even if it doesnt last forever!

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