Whats YOUR Chelsea story? Why Chelsea?

It's a question I have always wanted to ask you all now that I have a "following" on here and on TWITTER . Chelsea have alway...

It's a question I have always wanted to ask you all now that I have a "following" on here and on TWITTER. Chelsea have always been a part of my life for as long as I can remember and I just wondered what you story is, I am talking to you the fan reading this post.

So often people go to websites or blogs and just have a read at what is being written or being discussed and never post their own views or opinions. I am lucky enough that on here, plenty of Chelsea fans always do (and I will be forever grateful by the way!) and it is really interesting to hear as many people's opinion's as possible.

So with it being the break between one season and the next, and with not really much going on apart from rumour, speculation and the Euros, I thought I would ask as many of you all over the world as possible, to post on here and tell me "Your Chelsea story!".

My story is simple, I am from Chelsea, born and bred on the famous Kings Road, my whole family lived around the area. All of them Chelsea fans back then. I remember going to Chelsea with my Dad from a very young age and have been hooked ever since.

I used to go to North End Road and help my Dad's Dad on his fruit and veg stall early on a Saturday morning and leave there about 1430 and walk up to Stamford Bridge, say hello to my other Grandad who worked on the Chelsea turnstiles and head up the stairs into the old Shed End.

Chelsea has been a part of my life for well over 30 years now and over 3 years ago I decided to start blogging about the club we all adore. The response has been amazing and has blown me away.

I like to think my blog is different to the others out there. I don't write on behalf of anyone else, I have my own opinions and write as if we were standing in the ground at half time or in the pub and I was talking to you.

So that's me and my Chelsea story. Now it's over to you and don't be shy, I want to hear from as many of you as possible and from all over the world. All you have to do is answer me the following two questions:
Whereabouts in the world are you?
Why did you choose to support Chelsea?

So like I said don't be shy people as I really want this to take off today so please also spread the word to as many Chelsea fans you know!. So if you normally check out these websites, have a read and say nothing then how about a change for once? Come and post on here!

Just one more thing! "Championes! Championes! Ole, Ole, Ole!" - Love singing that!



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  1. My name is Anthony Prado an I am from the United States. I am 17 years old and I have been a fan of Chelsea for 4 years now. My team name is Chelsea and and I wasn't that much into soccer as much as I am now. I seen a Chelsea game at my cousins house one day and I liked the way they played and thought they were very good. Since my dad is more of a basketball player I don't have any soccer channels but every time there is a game I watch a live stream to see the games. I know almost every soccer player in my town and everybody either loves Barcelona, Real Madrid, Manchester United, etc. and I am the only Chelsea fan in my town. Right now I am a very big Chelsea fan. I keep up to date with them day by day with my iTouch and in FIFA, Chelsea is the only team I choose.

  2. My name is Erik Perales from Conroe, Texas n from the USA I been a Chelsea fan ever since 2005 ever since I played my first FIFA game on ps2. I decided to choose a team and my family always went for man u,arsenal, and liverpool so I decided to go for Chelsea so from that day on I been a Chelsea fan and that's the only team I go for I don't really care for other teams or leagues just Chelsea fc for me being Mexican it's different but I really enjoy Chelsea n I'm committed to my team and I keep updated everyday I have the app of this website on my HTC phone and I keep up to date with all the news

  3. My name is Hitesh. I am from India. I became chelsea fan from 2004-05 season. I am a great fan of hockey(not the ice one) and cricket. So i used to watch hockey a lot back then and didnt have much knowledge about football...but 2002 fifa world cup made me a fan of that time i used to watch only international matches(supporting Brazil) was not until 2004 that i started watching club football coz al my frnds used to watch club football(most of them were gooners or mancians)...then i decided not to support the same team they supported coz some changes in life r always welcome...first ever player of chelsea i remember is maniche nd robben coz i saw them score superb volleys those season... From 2005 onwards i started watching them regularly...i got my pc in 2007, since then i m playin fifa regularly...thats why in exams i didnt perform well in those days so in my family most of the people dont like likes cricket,mom likes daily soap dramas and i like football and more so over Chelsea...also Indian cricket teams jersey color is also blue so this makes me love chelsea even more... BLEED BLUE... I am in facebook...

  4. I am Adeniyi Oladayo,a student of Obafemi awolowo University,studying Geography in Nigeria.I ve been a fan since 2005 when Mikel Joined from Norway.I so much enjoyed watching him since his days at Under-20s.I actually became a chelsea fan bcos Of My broda,who talks abt them regularly.And then again,I love chelsea since the days of Celestine Babyaro and marcel Desailly who alwaz appear regualarly in the Nigerian dailies-The Tribune.Watching games in the 2000s was difficult cos dia was no DSTV yet.The chelsea fan thing is almost a culture in our family nao,as All my siblings are chelsea fans.I love Chelsea so much;I wake up in the morning to check out this site,and look out for ur blogs.I wish I cud b getting the chelsea Yearly jerseys to show my Love to em.KTBFFH

  5. my name is lookman, a nigerian fan. I became a chelsea fan since d time of babayaro in 1997. Chelsea was d first team that developed african footballers to d highest level in England. That's y d fans bleed blue in africa and nigeria in particular. Hey guys, if u dont love d blues whatelse would u love?

  6. My name s ahmed..Indian but living in California. Didier drogba made me love chelsea and we are going to miss him very badly. His goal against everton made me fall in love with chelsea. Bleed blue...just like drogba

  7. My name is AKINTOLA OLUWATOBI DANIEL, i am @DennylXIV on twitter. I started supporting CHELSEA since 03/04 during the time of RANIERI before ROMAN ABRAMOVIC bought the team and i love the team because BLUE is my favourite colour, i like challenges, and chelsea love african players not like other teams. It will be a dream come true to to play with my mentor (great frankie lampard).

  8. Am kayode a nigerian and a blue fans till i die................I started supporting chelsea since 2004/2005 wen morinho won us d league bt,den i should have supported liverpool bcos dey won d champions league dat time bt i dnt like teams with history so i went 4 chelsea with no champions league in der history and i learn hw 2 defend ur team no matter wat happen and bliv me chelsea has just done what i been gamblin 4 all dis year and my broda "john obi mikel" waoh he has made me bliv in chelsea d more and my passion 4 football has made me bliv chelsea will rule d world very soon..........


  9. my name is kehinde, from nigeria. I became a fan back then in 2005, when chelsea played against barcelona up till now and forever

  10. I lOve Chelsea for many reasons !

  11. I'm Jeremy, 24 a Nigerian presently studying in Ghana. I've loved football ever since I was a kid, growing up, playing soccer in the streets and video games. The first EPL match I watched as a kid was btw Liverpool and Ipswich in '97 when one Michael Owen and Emile Heskey were at their devastating best. I never had the chance to build on that game until about 5yrs later. I sporadically followed Arsenal and Chelsea's games due to Kanu and Celestine B. Then, Arsenal had lots of fans in my area but I didn't want to move with the tide. My moment of clarity came after the Champions League 1/16 game in 2004 at Highbury Park when Chelsea left it late to beat Arsenal 2-1 against all odds and I've never looked back since. When I wake up, the first thing I do is check up any news on Chelsea. It's like a disease, but one I'm glad to keep. When I walk on the streets now, friends and people I don't recognise call me Mourinho, Mr Chelsea and lately, Di Matteo... I guess if you check my blood now, you'd see a fair amount of 'Blue'. Blue is the color. #KTBFFH

  12. Im Douglas,a Kenyan and a Blues lover.i simply cannot describe my love for this club in words.i happened to fall in love with chelsea just about the same time as Mourinho's appointment as the manager.i must also say tht Didier played a huge part together with other african players in endearing me to my beloved club.(it pains me that DiDi had to leave)
    I love u chelsea,
    My passion,
    My life,
    My club.

  13. My name is stanley,4rm Nigeria
    I startd following Chelsea right 4rm d start of Jose Mourinho era,i liked d way he celebrates weneva Chelsea scored a goal nd he made me 2luv chelsea.Right since den i av been a Chelsea fan,nd wil always remain a Chelsian

  14. My name is Baffo-Boahen K. Kyei from Ghana, West Africa. I've been following Chelsea FC since the roman revolution, that is actually when i fell in love with club football.I've been a fan since 2004...I was so much in love with the kind of football chelsea played and the signing of Micheal Essien made my love for the club stronger as he is a great footballer and sportsman from my country...8yrs on and a havent just been a fan but a great SUPPORTER...i havent missed a game since then, im always glued to the TV set as long as it is Chelsea playing...I've bled blue for the past 8yrs of my lyf and long may it continue.CHELSEA TILL I DIE!!!! KTBFFH!!!!

  15. Yakubu Mohammed is my name.I'm a 25yrs old nurse hailing from Tamale-Ghana,located in the western part of Africa.My affiliation to chelsea can be likened to a servant in his religion-I've a belief(faith) in the club that can't be explained.All emanated when I realized their love/care for players regardless of their creed,race, religion,colour,etc.The club has also been desperate for medals, which I believe,is the major satisfaction for a football loving fan.To conclude, breathe, eat,drink and dream chelsea.

  16. My name is Hiwad, I'm from Australia!
    I was a Chelsea fan, I guess you can say from birth, my cousin gave me a Chelsea hat as a gift of birth, I'm 18 now and I still have this hat, so I've been a fan because of cousin and since I was born iguess you could say.
    One goal I will never forget is the volley of drogba against Liverpool!
    One moment I will never forget is Ofcourse the champions league win but also the fa cup win against man utd.

  17. My Dad was born up in Scoland, a Rangers fan by birth, he was in the army and in the 80s moved down to Chelsea barracks and started bunking into Chelsea games because of the Chelsea/Rangers connection. Not long after he met my mum and I had the good fortune to be born an Englishman. He took me to Chelsea since before I can remember but those cold European nights against unheard of teams in the 90s wth only 10,000 people in the ground stick out for me. Finally upgraded to a season ticket when Ranieri came to the club (had the good grace to get on before abramovich and his fair weather fan club army became interested) and now i refuse to ever give it up no matter how much of my salary following my team takes up. I'll be there forever, through good times and bad (and there will be bad again some day) until one day I have a little kid to share this blue disease with, and he'll love having it just as much as I do.

    Craig Philp, Matthew Harding Lower

  18. I am in America. I live in Houston, TX. I am a sports fanatic, and about 5 years ago played FIFA for the first time. We always played Madden and loved it. FIFA replaced it the first time I played it. We fell in love with Drogba and his ability. My first season of watching soccer was 08-09. We got knocked out by Barca with a 94 minute goal. My first season, with all the missed penalties, and Inestia's goal, I was furious. In one year, Football became my favorite sport. With the depth, and levels of football, it is amazing. I wish all Americans knew about it, and took the time to appreciate it. The double in 09-10 was nice, but the recents events are the greatest sporting event of my life. In two years, football has surpassed all my American sports. In the next year or two, I will be making a trip to London, with the sole reason of attending a match at Stanford Bridge. As a American; I am unhappy with RDM gettin the job, because our league form was not good. But I cannot be to upset because he brought me the greatest joy in my life. CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!! Greatest sporting moment of my life. I do understand that people think I'm a fake fan, but I don't know any other Chelsea, and won't apologize for my team being the best in Europe. #KTBFFH #comeonyoublues

    Sorry to all you Chelsea fans who were there when RDM played. I was not. I know you all love him. But if he manages like he did last year, he will be Roman's next firing. Or axing like you say.

  19. I am Edah Francis from Nigeria,i have been a blue fan way back 1999/2000 season in the champion league when we defected barca at home 3 goals to 1,I remember the pain we all experience in the return leg.well that is history now,but my love and passion for this great historic football club started to grow from strenght to strenght. When Abramovic eventually bought the club in the 2003/2004,the music in the club changes to winning songs,we would have won the premier league that season but to my opinion,the rotational policies use by Reineire cost us that trophy,we all know what follow with the introduction of the special one to date this great club has transform from struggling to occupy sixth position in the premier league standings to potential champion,you see why I love this great club from the depth of my heart. Thanks for this opportunity. Blue is the color.

  20. My name is Fahad I am from saudi Arabia I'm Chelsea fan I saw all the matches for the last 6 seasons.

  21. Obimma Solomon Chidi22 June 2012 at 11:51

    Hi guys am Obimma Solomon Chidi, am 4rm Nigeria a graduate in d field Geology. I started supporting Chelsea way back 1997/98 days of Celestine Babayaro nd also Arsenal bcos of Kanu, but my love for Zola nd FLo nd co suppass dt whch arsenal can offer. And d arrival of special one crownd evrytin, am so rooted in Chelsea dt am bein refered by ppl @school as BLUES and Mourinho, medically its bn testified dt BLUES run in my veins. Championes Championes Ole Ole Ole

  22. I dont have such a grandue story as Chelsea daft, but i have an origin any way. 2001, after passing my high school exam (at the village)and traveling 700km to the university around Nairobi, where technology is as good as any other city. At cumpas many students were either for manu/arsenal. I dont follow the wind {thats just me}, but i love the team in blue. During the match weekends we would be less than 5 people watching a Chelsea game. etc etc. THEN CAME ABRAMOVIC, MOURINHO, DROGBA AND THE FIRST EPL TITTLE IN THIS SETUP. I finish my final 5th year when the football weakend had handreds of proud blue shirts, filling the halls, corridows and campus lown. Now am in working in Tanzania and the largest football hall in Mwanza City, air conditioned, is owned by a blue. And the place fills up and we are realy at stamford, live! The big screens are amazing. Chelsea means respect here. WE ARE ALL CHELSEA.

  23. my name is Jake but my friends call me Aristo nd am from Ghana.i hav bin a chelsea fan since when one day i accidently cut myself with a knife n da blood i say was blue instead of red,instantly fainted n head an angel singing "blue is da colour n football is ur game".i woke up wearing a chelsea jersey n dat n there was a loud voice from heaven sayin this is my beloved team in them i shall reveal my true glory.i eat chelsea,drink stamford bridge n drink da player.long live sw6 n roman season 2 n longlive da unconquerable Aristo.

  24. my name is promise from; Nigeria; i started supporting chelsea in 2004/2005 season. When my cousin whose an arsenal fan took to watch chelsea arsenal match. He used to boast alot about thierry henry i told him chelsea was going to win. Eventually drogba scored a brace; ever since then the sky has been blue even my dna؛؛

  25. Blue is the colour, football is the game, chelsea is the team and we are the champions. my name is zack from Ghana . i started supporting chelsea in 2004 when we were playing Fifa on a PC. all my pals will choose manure,assnal nd liverfools bcoz of their history nd past glory. i told myself i aint a glory hunter nd dat blue is my chelsea. to my surprise d football world hated us so much dat it made me love it more cos we never say die nd fight for ourselves. blue is my blood.

  26. My name is Sylvester Muthoka from Kenya 22yrs of age studying at Moi university,well people have drugs,women,movies as their source of comfort for it has and always be chelsea fc,not a hr goes by without reading,talking or doing anything about chelsea.Chelsea has defined my life and i'll forever be proud of.

  27. I am nelson,a Nigerian...back then when i was in my secondary school,precisely in 2005,a friend of mine called my attention that there is a player called Wayne Bridge,i was surprised and obviously i could not wait to see him play.the weekend that followed marked the first chelsea match i ever watch,with the likes of Lampard,Terry,Drog,cech,j cole,ferreira,makalele on the pitch i got carried away by the team and i fell in love with Chelsea....i fell in love with Blue,i fell in love with Stamford Bridge,i fell in love with West London and forever i will keep the blue flag flying

  28. Brian, 33 from Chicago. I like several other American fans here became a soccer fan playing FIFA. I saw my first Chelsea match in 2006 and was imediatly hooked with seeing players like drogba, lampard, joe cole, and Cech. I tweet about CFC quite a bit so follow @gibbeldinho.

  29. I am Ugwoke, David, from Nigeria. A Champions League match featuring Chelsea and Liverpool brought me and Chelsea together. The year was either 2006 or 2007, but all i know was that there was this single goal Chelsea wanted but was not coming. The manner with which the players were looking for this not-coming goal arose pity in me, so l joined in looking for the goal. In the process i fell in love with the players. Unfortunately there was no goal, and the final whistle was blown. The players were all covered with sadness and disappointment. I still did not know what was happening, not until i was told that they had just been knocked out of the Champions League. I felt sorry for the players who had just captivated my whole, thus began my love and support for Chelsea. Blues!

  30. I'm an 11 year old boy from America. I've been a chelsea fan for 3 years. I started supporting Chelsea because I was at a football camp and I had to do a report on a European Club. I literally put my hand inside a bag and saw I got Chelsea. About two months after that I found out my uncle had lived in Chelsea and has been a huge fan for 30 years. It was a huge coincidence. Ive only really became a die-hard fan about the 2010/2011 season. I may not seem a big fan since I've only been supporting them three years but I really am. July 22 I'm going to my first match with my uncle. It's in the US tour Vrs. PSG. Can't wait. KTBFFH

  31. Hie my name's noom rodrigues .. :) my story i big but i would make it short :D.. I have been a chelsea fan since mourihno took over .. And i never did before support any other premier league side .. It was spontaneous decision, but very truely taken from the heart :) :) <3 .. My favorite colour is blue, so is chelsea blue .. One player who bought my eye at that that time was frankie lampard .. He is still a favorite :) :) :) .. CHELSEA CHAMPION .. Hope to stay in touch and enjoy . Hope chelsea play consistant this year and rock

  32. My name is Carl and I'm from Sweden. My story started in the late 80's when my dad used to go to england a couple of times a year to watch football. I was about 7 years old at the time. He always brought back scarves from all the teams he had seen for me and my brother and for some reason we always fought over the Chelsea scarf. As we got older and english football became more avaliable in sweden (before that we had to settle for one game a week on tv), our love for Chelsea grew. Dad took us with him a couple of times on his trips, and offcourse we went to The Bridge. I still follow Chelsea and I try to go over to London at least once a year. Even though am very happy for all the success in recent years, I do sometimes miss the days when Chelsea were the underdogs. Cheers mates!




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