Well excuse me AVB - I have a right to be anxious!

Source: ESPN Soccernet I have to say that I am finding it increasingly difficult being a Chelsea fan at the moment. I have been and will...

Source: ESPN Soccernet

I have to say that I am finding it increasingly difficult being a Chelsea fan at the moment. I have been and will be a Chelsea fan all my life and will support them through thick and thin. I have seen good times in recent seasons and plenty of bad times at this club. I stood on the old shed end and supported Chelsea week in, week out when we were in the old second division so I know just how bad it can be.

You see for the genuine fans that like me have been watching the club grow into what it has over recent times from when I first started going to games 30 or so years ago, we have seen just how good we CAN be especially at home and the fact that in the last two seasons it has all fallen apart is what has become the most frustrating thing about all this.

We thought last season was bad enough when Carlo Ancelotti's Chelsea side couldn't buy a win let alone lose six games before the end of November!. For me personally I cannot stand the fact that we have lost to the big teams in every single game this season. United, Arsenal, Liverpool in the League and last night!

So it surprises me that AVB is complaining about the fans being anxious it really does. He after the game last night:
"Away from home, we've been more solid, statistically and as a team, That is a fact. At the moment at home, we've just not been good enough. I think we need to get our fans behind us when we play at home.

We need to get the emotions right. I know, and you can feel, that Stamford Bridge has become anxious about Chelsea playing at home but we need their full support behind us. That's the only way you can build the atmosphere to take us through this period.
In response to his call for help from the fans I would like to point out the following. We as fans will ALWAYS be there supporting and backing our players. We have and always will do so. We will be around this place alot longer than managers and players and the fact that you call to question us being anxious is ridiculous, how else are we supposed to feel right now?

We have an Owner who demands success and has paid £13m for you to bring it to us. We have players who are champions, have seen it and done it and because of these reasons we had high hopes for the season.

What we are seeing on the pitch right now makes us anxious because to me anyway it looks like the players are caught between a rock and hard place. They are encouraged to express themselves, to enjoy their football and get forward and attack teams but at the same time, are being asked week in week out, even though we have problems in doing it, to play a high defensive line which does not work in the Premier League or in this country!.

It seems to me our players know it but are still asked to continue with it in the hope that someday it will click and suddenly work. The fact that Craig Bellamy has caught Chelsea's back four out twice in the space of 9 days highlights the facts!

We want things to work out and quickly but you have to change your approach to the high defensive line and you have to do it now. You also have to stop rotating players, pick the best eleven and stick with them.

It's obvious that players are leaving the club, Drogba is off as we know at the end of the season and it looks like Anelka is in January. We haven't seen anything of Kalou apart from being on the bench this season either so it looks like he is also on his way. Alex looks like his confidence is shot, has also talked of a move away in Janaury to Italy so why play these people!?

Stick with the same formation but with a deeper defensive line. Romeu has to play week in week out in front of the back four with Ramires and Meireles. These three will provide energy in midfield and creativity which we were lacking last night. Sturridge, Torres and Mata also must play week in, week out now also.

We can see we have so much potential at this club and are more than pleased with the investment we have made so far in signings we have made and we hope to build on this in January.

However, we will continue to be anxious and feel anxious if we continue to play as we have been. We are watching a side that appear to be a shadow of their former self and it's hard for us to not sit there and not feel frustrated.

We support you, we support the players and will always support this club but it's about time you faced facts. Dump the high defensive line and get back to basics. Tell our defenders to defend first and let the others create and build on attacks.

Us fans more than anyone want to see this Chelsea side be successful. We want to see you prove to everyone that YOU can be a success here but you HAVE TO realise that the approach you had to the game in Portugal (defending) doesn't work here.

So please, please, please listen to me AVB before it's too late!


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  1. I really give you a tump's up for the article, i am really behind you on this, it is high time AVB get it right before is too late for him. I know Roman he may decide now and fire AVB, but it has not come to that. Your selection of player is ok, let stop this rotation of players for christ sake añd play our best eleven.




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