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The more I think about our "slump" and dip in form at the moment, the more I keep thinking about our rotation policy. Let me explain.

At the moment, things are against us and we need to stop the rot sooner rather than later. I wrote a earlier in the week about getting back to basics as far as our defending is concerned and I really think the constant rotating players in our defensive line isn't helping our situation either.

JT and Ashley Cole have been mainstays of our defence this season (before last night) but as for who plays next to JT it's been a toss up of three players throughout the season so far. Luiz, Ivanovic and Alex have all played next to him at different stages and it's not good.

The successful sides are based on strong, organised defences. How on earth can we have that if we keep changing players all the time?. For me I would stick with Ivanovic at right back, Luiz next to JT and Cole left back for every game now to get understanding and stability there. The reason I am picking Luiz ahead of Alex is because Alex is off in January anyway.

JT needs to build a relationship and understanding with Luiz and they can only do that by playing next to each other week in, week out. If we are looking to pick up wins we have to try and stick to the same team each week now and especially our back four.

Our midfield has to be the same. Decide on three players and stick with them for a few weeks. I personally would play Romeu now in the holding role. He has really impressed me in the games he has played so far and surely has to be starting.

Ramires starts week in, week out because believe he is one of a few players who, even though we are on a bad run, is playing well. We need his energy all over the pitch so he is a starter. It's then a toss up as to who plays as our third midfielder. You would have to say Lampard based on the fact he scores goals but Meireles offers us something different now with his passing ability.

What's happened to Josh McEachran these days too? I would stick Josh on the bench and bring him on in every game to give him more and more experience in this Chelsea team. Maybe just maybe, Josh can force himself ahead of Meireles and Lampard.

Again, same for our front three. I would go with Mata left, Torres through the middle and Sturridge wide right who had a good game last night. Drogba scored but did little else. Chelsea need to change from the old tried and trusted play the ball into Drogba to hold the ball up and bring others into play now because as last night proved, Drogba isn't holding the ball up.

Torres will ALWAYS give the side movement. He HAS to now play week in, week out and become settled in a settled Chelsea team.

I cannot emphasise this enough now as we are looking for ways to work hard on getting back to winnings ways and putting a halt to this slump we are on. AVB must decide on his best eleven now and stick with them week in, week out.

By doing so, the other players in the squad will need to take a long hard look at themselves, realise they need to work hard to get back in the side a provide real competition for places again at this club. At the moment, there isn't competition for places as the players know if they don't play one week, they will play in the next game (apart from Kalou, Anelka and McEachran it seems).

For me, stop rotating the side now AVB and pick your best eleven.

It's the only way to move forward!.


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1 comment:

  1. Hey have been reading for a while just want to thank you for taking the time to write these articles. on topic of chelsea..just like you i was incredibly disapointed after the liverpool game. i can't understand why drogba was playing he looked like berbatov on the pitch uncommitted and seemingly elsewhere. If theres any proof we need to evolve from 09/10 winning attack it is the liverpool game. avb needs to clearly define hist first 11 and stick with it. i would lovevto see him give lukaku more of a chance in the pl. anway thanks for writing and i hope we destroy wolves on the weekend