Zhirkov's dig at Ancelotti?

Yury Zhirkov has given an interview to the official website and within the interview is a question that asks: Which of your team-mates h...

ITAR-TASS: MOSCOW, RUSSIA. OCTOBER 19, 2010. Chelsea s Yury Zhirkov, who scored a goal, seen during a UEFA Champions League game Spartak Moscow vs. Chelsea. England won 2-0. (Photo ITAR-TASS/ Alexei Filippov) Photo via Newscom

Yury Zhirkov has given an interview to the official website and within the interview is a question that asks:
Which of your team-mates has impressed you this season?
Zhirkov has answered the question and whether its me reading it the wrong way or if it has been said very much tongue in cheek, he said:
I will not say a team-mate. Instead I will say that Carlo Ancelotti has impressed me the most by writing a book and mentioning me in it. I found out that he had when I read about it in a Russian newspaper.
Now to me that's a dig at Carlo!. The article states fresh from his goal in Moscow and his performance at Blackburn so it's a recent interview given by the Russian.

It makes me wonder if, although he is playing more games and playing well, if life isn't perfect at the moment for Yury Zhirkov?. Expect the press to pick up on this one and make a meal of it!.

What do you think? Is it a dig at our manager?


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  1. Don't be such a moronic fucking twat

  2. how on earth is that a dig?

  3. No way. You read WAY too much between the lines. I think he simply meant to say that Carlo never told him about it and he found out later by himself.

    Just a way to praise the humbleness of the manager, in my opinion.

  4. Please explain how that is a dig???

  5. To all the Anon's on here, read it again. Maybe I am looking into it a bit much but for him to say he was surprised he got a mention when he played an important role filling in for Ashley Cole last season is strange. Of course Carlo would give him a mention!. Why would he be surprised?

    You guys have short memories. It was only a few weeks back he complained about playing more..

    I have taken his comment as a slight dig at Carlo because of that and that alone!

    Surely you can see where I am coming from?

  6. I'm not sure if that part of the interview was his dig. From my read of it, he is aware that Carlo has written a book and someone has pointed out to him that he appears. I think the book quote is something about Carlo thinking of food everytime he looks at Yuri...

    Zhirkov's other answer regarding what he sees during a match was more indicative of his happiness, as he mentions explicitly he crowd watches on the bench and has done a lot of it in the recent past.

    All in all I think we both reading too much into things. Yuri is happy now that he's playing, is disappointed when he gets left on the bench and has a wicked sense of humour that maybe gets lost in translation a lot of the time.

  7. Surely, Yuri wouldn't be dumb enough to critisise Ancelotti. I don't interpret his remark as an insult. On the contrary, I believe he was paying tribute to Carlo's humility.

  8. Chelseadaft, have you read the book?

    I have, and see this comment as tongue in cheek and a bit of a joke. In the book, Carlo talks at great length, half in jest, about how when he first saw Zhirkov singing, he felt like eating him because he looked like a steak when someone chucked a fork at him.

    It's a very random passage so I think Zhirkov is merely commenting on how he was mentioned in a strange way

  9. I have to admit I haven't yet so fair enough, I see where you are all coming from!


  10. Read the first 4-5 pages of the book then you will realize that Carlo in a wonderful way is complementing Yuri for his brave singing at a restaurant visit in the USA (preseason tour), despite the fact that Yuri apparently haven't got any talent what so ever when it comes to singing. Yuri completed the entire song and a that moment Carlo realised that he had something special in Yuri. Yuri became synonymous with the team spirit that won us the Double and the Community Shield.
    So when Yuri is asked who has impressed him the most, he just refers to the fact that Carlo sings way better than Yuri.

  11. Hey..comeon don't make a mess of such a positive statement.. Calm down boy.. don't think too much of it. If you could think so much, imagine how much media would think.Albeit, keeping doing the good job.




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