REPOST: Over-reaction to England is a joke. Lamps & JT in the firing line.

I am sorry people but articles such as these featured on's website today have given me the arse big time!. I am miffed ...

I am sorry people but articles such as these featured on's website today have given me the arse big time!.

I am miffed to say the least not just because I am a Chelsea fan but for a number or reasons. From the England point of view can I just say one thing:
Who have we played in the last two games?!
Bulgaria and Switzerland for god sake. If we couldn't beat these two ( and no disrespect to them of course ) then Capello would be walking right now. Let's be honest here, we fielded an understrength side in both games and still won.

Do you honestly believe that if JT & Rio Ferdinand were fit (and playing in Ferdinand's case) that Jagielka and Lescott would of had a look in?. Do you think if Lampard was fit that Capello may have played Rooney up on his own or Defoe with Gerrard playing just behind him?.

As for Gerrard are we seriously taking all this "he likes playing as part of a flat four across the midfield for club and country" nonsense as the future of England?..Bollocks do we!. He is only playing there for Liverpool cause Joe Cole is suspended.

Mark my words once they settle down, the scousers under Hogdson will play Poulsen and Mereilles next to each other with Gerrard playing further forward. Just remember it was only because towards the end of the game against Bulgaria after another midfielder came on, Gerrard was given licence by Capello to push further forward. So he did and he scored two goals to put the game to bed!.

As for Capello, this is typical of the English Press for me anyway, he has become a part hero again for "bringing a youthful look to the new England". Rubbish!. It wasn't so long ago that we all sat and watched our England who had the best chance in ages to do something in a World Cup being ripped apart by the Germans for the simple reason that OUR TACTICAL APPROACH WAS WRONG AND NOTHING ELSE!

You people have short memories as winning our group games was like second nature to Capello's England leading up to the World Cup. It was when we got there he was found out to be lacking tactically. The fact he has said he will be leaving after Euro 2012 is beyond me as he should have gone already!.

As for people stating about Lampard and that he has lost his place in this "new England" is a joke too. Let's take our minds back to the World Cup and the Germany game. If, and I say if, that goal was given do you think Lampard would be reading the same headlines he his now?.

England's Frank Lampard (L) takes a shot on goal beside Germany's Sami Khedira (C) during a 2010 World Cup second round soccer match at Free State stadium in Bloemfontein June 27, 2010. It was the World Cup goal seen around the world but missed by the eyes that mattered most: Lampard's shot that dropped cleanly past the German goal line but was not given by the referee. The avalanche of complaints about that missed call and others during the largest soccer tournament in the world raised the philosophical question of whether instant-replay technology improves games or turns them into soulless events run by a bank of blinking lights. Picture taken June 27, 2010. To match Feature SOCCER/BRAIN   REUTERS/Dylan Martinez (SOUTH AFRICA - Tags: SPORT SOCCER WORLD CUP)

There will always be the Lampard & Gerrard debate and a perfect example is the Robbie Savage blog post above. He states there is only room for one star in the middle of our midfield and its Gerrards at the moment. In response to Savage's post I ask the question about Spain. Do you not see more than one "star" in their midfield? Savage is talking rubbish as usual in my view but he has his opinion to which everyone is entitled to.

My argument, which is my opinion is that for your National Team you want the best players playing and it's as simple as that. I know I am biased but name me a better all-round midfielder in the Premier League than Lampard. I am not just talking about his goals, I am talking about his assists and the amount of work off the ball and tracking back defending he does in a game that gets over-looked or he never gets credit for.

Do I see Gerrard do the same, possibly but not at Frank's level. I believe any decent Scousers will tell you at times Gerrard goes "missing" in games when they are under the kosh!. Does he work hard defensively throughout the 90 minutes or to a fair degree?, I don't think he does. Yes for England its different and he put's the effort in and has been doing so with the captains armband. There isn't any question that Gerrard warrant's his place in the side as next to Lampard they are the two best central midfielders in the country and you will find it hard to suggest to me anyone better.

So should Frank Lampard be benched for the next England game?, bearing in mind he averages 20+ goals a season, is already on the scoresheet this season and apart from Stoke has been playing well, then no I don't think he should be. That's just my opinion.

As for JT being on the bench well I think there is a simple answer to that, NO. Listen, we all know what was reported to have happened in his personal life, up until that moment he was Capello's chosen England Captain and wore the armband with pride, as he does week in, week out for Chelsea and would still do for England.

There is a reason Capello picked JT as Captain and that's because he is a leader of men on the football pitch. Forget about the off the pitch antics like most England fans sounded like they had about Rooney against the Swiss the other night, its on the pitch for England where it matters and there isn't a single other English defender that I would want there at the back defending our goal.

Anyone remember this?

That right there sums up JT, always willing to throw everything at defending his goal, putting everything on the line. Would you find a Ferdinand, Lescott, Jagielka (I do rate him by the way) or Upson do the same. I don't think so and rather than just have a negative view on this, have a real think about the others and when you have seen these defend with their bodies and literally throwing everything they have at a shot to make a block. The only other English centre half I see doing the same or has the same instincts is Michael Dawson and he is injured.

Who would you want in your side on the pitch out there someone who is willing to do that or someone who comes of the pitch without so much as a mark of mud on their shorts, answer me that!.

Once more back to current form. Chelsea with JT at the heart of the defence have kept three clean sheets so far. Lescott has only just got back into City's side and I don't think he would make the the centre back berth his own. Jagielka and Everton are less than impressive at the moment, Ferdinand is injured and too busy Tweeting to care about at the moment, Upson's West Ham, can't stop conceding and face Chelsea tomorrow!

Yes there is the "issue" that maybe Capello has with JT after what happened in South Africa. Let's face it, looking back he was hung out to dry by the rest of the players. He spoke up about players having issues with the training and tactics and wanted a meeting with Capello, everything was knocked on the head by Capello, the players remained quiet and look what happened to us with the same Capello tactics against Germany!.

It was after the realisation of the defeat hit England fans, that maybe just maybe some of you, like me, felt as if JT was speaking the truth. We will never know and because of that, Capello could still hold a grudge but I doubt it.

So you have to pick and play JT. Like I said, the most important thing to remember is Capello installed him as Captain initially and that speaks volumes.

So do I think JT should be left on the bench for the next England game?
Not on your life!

June 12, 2010 - Rustenburg, South Africa - John Terry of England is seen during a FIFA World Cup 2010 football match between England and USA at the Royal Bafokeng Stadium.


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  1. Great post; and i totally agree with your points mate! And i'm an Arsenal fan before dickheads start rumblings of blue bias! Jaglielka and Lescott both played well when stepping in to Lampard and Terry's shoes but neither are anywhere near their quality.

    As for Rio (never in a million years international standard) Ferdinand; step asside pretender; your shit always have been always will be and as for captaining England; you failed to turn out twice for drugs tests; far worse a crime than shagging another players mrs.

    Well done again to you Chelsea post in ages!!!

  2. my mates and i burst out laughing when we saw that terry diving 'header' v slovenia. sums up all that was wrong about that team. bloody inept gung-ho bunch of glory hunting twerps. it beats me how terry and especially lampard kept on getting picked for england when it always resulted in a porr performance. i can't wait to see them dropped for good.

  3. @2nd Anon,
    We all know the performance wasn't great out there because they were left exposed time and time again because he played 4-4-2.

    Just a question, if you have the time to reply again. If you want them dropped who would you play in their places against the likes of Germany, Spain etc?




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