John Terry 100% right to speak out for England!

I watched the John Terry Press Conference at the England training camp yesterday and thought to myself good for him for doing it and its e...

June 20, 2010 - South Africa - Football - England Press Conference - England Team Camp, Royal Bafokeng Training Complex - 20/6/10..England's John Terry during the press conference.

I watched the John Terry Press Conference at the England training camp yesterday and thought to myself good for him for doing it and its exactly what all of us England fan's want to hear!. So to my surprise he is being slated everywhere in the press this morning for doing it and apparently all the England players are now furious that he said what he did!. Are they having a laugh!?

Its obvious something is not right in the England camp as that has to be the only explanation as we have gone from a side who qualified for the World Cup in style to a shambles in the two group games we have played so far. Ok, we always knew the USA game would be our hardest game and you can look at that game as a point gained. The performance on Friday was another story.

We made the Algeria side look good. On paper we should of won the game easily and thats no disrespect to the Algerian side at all. We have world class players who are coverted by the top managers in World football. We feature week in, week out in the Premier League and in European competition, who should be imposing our game on these sides. We simply didn't look at it in the game, we played too slow, gave the opposition too much time on the ball and didn't play our normal game at all.

Something is wrong.. we all knew it on Friday night and to hear JT say it yesterday gave me encouragement as an England fan that something would be done to sort it out before our final game which we have to win to qualify on Wednesday afternoon.

JT said:
"Everyone needs to get off their chest exactly how they're feeling. If it upsets him [Capello], or it upsets any player, then so be it. I have seen a few reports myself. There is no unrest in the camp at all. I'm here on behalf of all the players to say we are all fully behind the manager. Everyone is positive.

Since the manager has come in he's had his ways and his philosophies that he's brought to the side. That's worked in the [qualifying] campaign and nothing should change from that. We've got to stay unified. I've read things about people playing with fear. At any level there's a certain amount of nerves, but I can honestly say that all that's gone once we cross the white line. We can't use that as an excuse - we just haven't done it.

We shouldn't be looking at excuses or criticising the manager. We're supporting him and know we've got his support as well, and that's the main thing. We're obviously still disappointed from the game against Algeria, but we have to pick ourselves up."

Like I have said to me that's exactly what I want to hear. We can all see that things are wrong and not right. The players are not happy, not enjoying their football on the biggest stage of all. So why not speak out?. If the team played the same on Wednesday and went out there would be outrage amongst the press and the fans and we would ask the questions "what went wrong" for example. So why is JT being singled out to be a trouble maker now?

I for one believe that this can only be a good thing for England. If and I do mean if, the side get out on that pitch and give a performance that the England fans and the England shirt deserve then everyone will realise what JT has done is make public that some things have to change.

Let's face it, JT will always be hunted by the media because of whats happened previously. JT will see it as water off a ducks back as he knows that we are capable of achieving great things this summer and it could be the best chance we have had in years to maybe get to the final. At the moment its slowly slipping away so I am 100% behind JT and his fight for the England cause even if the press aren't!.



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