Betting on Torres suspended after floods of bets on Chelsea!

Today Paddy Power has suspended all betting on the future of Fernando Torres after floods of bets were put on backing a move to Chelsea. ...

July 11, 2010 - South Africa - Football - Holland v Spain FIFA World Cup Final - South Africa 2010 - Soccer City Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa - 11/7/10..Spain's Fernando Torres celebrates with the trophy after winning the World Cup Final.

Today Paddy Power has suspended all betting on the future of Fernando Torres after floods of bets were put on backing a move to Chelsea. A similar situation to that of Joe Cole and his future after the same happened suggesting Liverpool.

Could this be a sign that there could be an announcement coming soon?

Let's hope so...


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  1. Talk Sport also reported that a deal was imminent... I think it was tied up before the WC.. when we was buying Yossi.

  2. According to Adrian Durhum, Talksport heard it from a 'very reliable source' that Torres was on his way to Chelsea. I think the flood of bets were put on after this was announced on radio.
    fingers crossed its true, i just hope we dont pay toooooo much for his services.


  3. i guess so too, bcz, Ancelotti seems very relaxed and easy, unlike any other manager who are having mind boggling missions in making proper signings. Only after signing Yossi this summer, if Ancelotti is calm, that means he has sorted out other things too, Chelsea is gonna give it as a last minute surprise to its fans! lets wait and see...

    Drogba & Torres - phew... I think Chelsea is gonna have another record braking season.

  4. Hayle the Blues27 July 2010 at 09:15

    Maybe they've been waiting for Ryanair to sell their tickets for home games from Dublin and Copenhagen before selling him.

  5. Let's hope not. I don't want the lady boy at Chelsea. too injury prone, plus we really don't need another striker.

  6. ha ha ha talksport got you all thinking torres is goining to you WELL HE ISNT MY MATE JAMIE CARRA GOT A TEX OF HIM TODAY SAYING HES STAYING WITH THE BEST TEAM AND CLUB IN THE WORLD YES LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB HE LOVES THIS CLUB and when he leaves us he will go back to spain ha ha we do this to you every season steven gerrard fucked ya off and now torres ha by the way joe cole was with carra this morning when he got the text of torres with biggest grin youll ever see

  7. Are you liverfool fans so gullible and stupid to swallow Cara's and Roy's word? Dont you see anything wrong when Roy just said few days ago Torres was not answering calls, 'beef talk' and such and then retracting it today while trying to patronize club fans?

    Dont you guys see anything wrong with that?

    BTW, wasnt it u guys who got crazy and burnt a liverpool shirt bearing Gerrard's name on it when news broke out that he was considering moving out?

  8. he Anonymousy get ya facts right 1 (Torres was not answering calls)that was Javier Mascherano 2 burnt a liverpool shirt one bloke mate out 60.000 fans by the way he was a (everton fan)stirring the shit aswell ? 3 liverfool fans so gullible and stupid how many cups have you won ? so tell me why you are always after r players then ya make me laugh you all hate scousers but ya want them into your team just like the manx with rooney HA HA HA GET A LIFE SMELL THE COFFEE /

  9. YOU SCOUSERS HAVE TO STOP LIVING IN HISTORY. STOP BRINGING UP "HOW MANY TROPHIES HAVE YOU WON". My point is we won the double LAST SEASON. You haven't won anything since 2006 and that was the FA cup. You haven't won the league in 20 YEARS!!!

    btw Torres is not a scouser, he just plays for you, so again "you want them into you team" (good grammar by the way) is wrong. Also rooney? Are you kidding?

  10. stop living in history? are you for real? history is what makes a club what it is? even the future eventually becomes history and that is what every club is working for, to make history, to go down in history so your chatting a load of rubbish mate. your only sayin stop living in history because Liverpool's history is bigger than anyones in England and you cant get away from it or around it so you make excuses. no one said Torres was a scouser. and what about Rooney?

  11. This would surprise me, certainly didn't think Torres would move to another Premiership team if he was to leave Liverpool.

    Well due to all the bets, sounds like it could happen then and I reckon he will get an awful reception from the Liverpool fans when he plays for Chelsea against them.

  12. Torres is staying! so much for all that poop that he's on his way to chelsea and "very reliable sources" etc. haha! well done to all you idiots for putting money on him leaving. Chelsea and Man City make me sick.

  13. Suck shit Chelski, he is saying! And no amount of money can you get him! Actually buy some players and turn them into world class on your own!




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