Was John Terry right to speak out?

The British Press have struck gold in the last couple of days after the John Terry press conference. Fabio Capello has spoken out about th...

The British Press have struck gold in the last couple of days after the John Terry press conference. Fabio Capello has spoken out about the comments made by JT and the Press have been fed rightly or wrongly (in my view rightly) more ammunition in their quest to destroy him and make him the scape goat of the nation if we fail to qualify for the knockout stages on Wednesday afternoon.

Its as simple as that. Some of you would have agreed with JT speaking out, some of you would not have agreed but the fact of the matter is clear and JT decided at that time that things needed to be said.

What he didn't bank on, was the reaction to his comments from inside the England camp, from the Manager and also from the British Press.

Here are a few more headlines appearing in the media this morning:

After saying what he did Fabio Capello has come out and said the following:
"When you speak, you have to speak privately, not with you. This is a big mistake. This is a very big mistake. I know sometime some players want to speak more with you than with the other players. The mistake is you have to speak with the players, with me, with the dressing room.
It was a big mistake, but I hope that sometime out of the big mistake will come the big performance.

I hope that this will be important for the next game. It's not a revolution, it's a mistake by one player. "I spoke with some players. I think it's only John Terry said this. Nobody has spoken with me about problems. My door is open always. If you want to speak with me, you can speak with me. Every time we have a meeting I say to the captain 'any problems? Just yesterday, John Terry said this. I don't understand why."

John Terry himself has come out and said the following:
"It was never my intention to upset the manager or players and if I did, I apologise, I went into the press conference with the intention of being honest. I was asked a question. Maybe I went too far. I have told the manager he has my total support and I would like to stress that I don't believe I have been a disruptive influence in the camp. I would now like to put this episode behind me and concentrate on trying to win what is a massive game for England. All I was trying to do was stress how it important it is to me to try and win the World Cup."

Maybe its because I am a biased Chelsea fan that I have a problem with all this. Forget being a Chelsea fan for a minute, I am also an England fan and like the rest of you want to win this World Cup just like John Terry. I believe we have the players to do it, and this is our best chance we have ever had in recent times to win it.

The problem I have, is that after the two games the press are already asking questions of the manager, like we all were after watching two mediocre performances against sides we should be beating. The press would already had their pencils and notepads at the ready waiting for Wednesday and if we had drawn or lost would of mounted a witch-hunt against the FA, The Manager and the players.

If England went out, there would be allsorts of investigations and rumours about why we never qualified, what went wrong, was it the training, the teams selected to play, the formations and allsorts!. You all know (if you live in England) that this is exactly what the press and media would of done anyway.

So I ask you the question and before you answer, I am not referring to the past with John Terry (Wayne Bridge, his family etc), I am asking you the question as England fans after watching the two games so far:
Was John Terry right to speak out?

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  1. John Terry behaved like Judas. He should get over losing the captaincy and support Gerrard and the whole squad to win the World Cup for England. Lampard should also talk less off field and more on field. His comment about Gerrard's "quiet way" was also part of an earlier vile attack on this new captaincy. Joe Cole or no Joe Cole, that is the managers' decision.

  2. Terry's no angel & got a lot of faults but seems clear to me that squad is not happy & something needed to be said and its typical of the Gerrard to let someone else make a stand. No way Terry did that without input/feedback from snr players!

    Common knowledge that Gerrard's been using his pals in the media to snipe rather than standing up & saying what he thinks, as usual leading from the sidelines/behind!

  3. Is JT intelligent enough to realise how stupid he's been. He's talked himself into yet another situation and the press love feeding on this, he should just shut up.Yes he can still say things on the pitch but he's got to eat humble pie for at least a couple of years as far as the press and other supporters are concerned. He's Chelsea captain with a hotline to a billionaire but that doesn't make him invincible.Surely on the pitch they can sort themselves out without Mr C. and what exactly is Mr B there for ????

  4. The comment above about supporting Gerrard is incredible. How can you support someone who fails so abjectly to lead the team in the first place. Gerrard has been a non-entity as captain. When it's going wrong on the pitch it should be him who raises spirits, cajoles his team-mates, spurs them on. He couldn't even stay in control of his own position on the pitch, let alone his opponents, let alone his team-mate. This is why Terry had to speak up rather than let the booing fans and press believe the evidence of their own eyes that the side was directionless.

    Even after speaking up, Gerrard ran and hid and texted his mates in the press to deflect attention away from the person who ought to be a figurehead and toward the only person who refuses to fiddle while Rome burns.

    Gerrard should be sacked from his post for failing to discharge his responsibilities (or control a ball)


  6. Whilst I think JT is a great defender and leader he MUST learn to keep his mouth shut. He cannot rule the England roost as he does at Chelsea and think that is acceptable. This was the action of a man that knows due to our defensive frailties he is un-droppable at the moment.
    How could Fabio pick Joe Cole after that rant? If he did it looks like he is weak and JT indeed picks the team.
    After watching the game today JT did what he does best and put in a massive effort to rally the troops, I just wish he would let his football do the talking and stop whinging to the press and naming players who have spoken to him in confidence. I hope you Chelsea fans can see this point and not hide behind the blue tinted glasses that most of you have when it comes to your untouchable leader.

  7. @Toffee Lew,
    I have to say alot of Chelsea fans feel the same as you do and I have to agree that he should for the time being anyway let his football do the talking. JT was outstanding today and gave his all and will always continue to do so no matter what shirt he is wearing.

  8. I think it was a mistake for John Terry to speak out like he did, not because of what he was saying (which was his opinion, which I didn't agree with) but because it was addressing the wrong audience - the press and not the squad and staff. The way Capello, Gerrard and Lampard in particular responded was perfect. This mistake didn't harm England all that much.

    I don't think John Terry was trying to undemine Gerrard or Capello as much as it appeared like he was. They all wanted to win and wanted to find a way of winning together.

    He played really badly against Germany. England could have won that match.




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