Forget Jose Mourinho for 90 mins!. Why we will beat Inter Milan tonight.

In a follow up to the Video Analysis video/post I have added on here this morning I wanted to expand my reasoning for why I am so confident...

In a follow up to the Video Analysis video/post I have added on here this morning I wanted to expand my reasoning for why I am so confident about the Chelsea result tonight after looking in detail at Inter Milan's strengths and weaknesses.

Forget Jose Mourinho, he can prepare his players as best he can. He can make tactical decisions and give players their individual instructions to carry out, but if the players do not have the legs on them, they can't get the job done and my overall feeling about the game tonight is that THEY WILL TIRE!. United & Arsenal proved it last week. Chelsea will prove it tonight.

Before they get tired chasing the ball around tonight they will pose us a threat that we have to be aware of. Firstly Milito up front is a danger with his movement across the back four. Think back to the first game, he scored but what else did he do? Nothing!. But, it was his movement from right to left that created the opening for him.

Our defence need to be aware of this. Eto'o likes to come short with Milito moving into the space he has just left and this was our downfall for the first goal in Milan. I don't think that Alex would get sucked towards play and out of the defensive line as much as Carvalho did in the first leg so we must remain tight and compact to negate the space in behind.

Maicon at right back is becoming more of a threat with the ball than he his defensively. He looks to get forward at every opportunity and can score goals. Florent Malouda needs to push on him and force him backwards tonight. The more he is forced backwards the more he will become frustrated and his discipline will waver.

Wesley Sneijder is fantastic with the ball, but hardly features without it. Jose has gone on record to say he is given a completley free role in their side so he will have no interest in working back tonight. I can see him being replaced if they go behind tonight. With the ball he can create and is a threat from set plays. Mikel needs to be tight and put him under pressure.

Inter will look to test Ross Turnbull tonight. Will look to maybe rough him up at corners, free kicks etc so look out for that. I wouldn't be surprised if you see Inter take a pop at goal on more than one occasion from 25-30 yards tonight. Turnbull needs to impose himself on the game early. If he comes for an early cross and has safe hands Inter will be dis-heartened as you can imagine Jose has pointed out this could be a weakness.

The other weakness we have is possibly the left back position. This is the up for grabs between possibly Belletti or Zhirkov as we all know Ferreira isn't registered!!. I would maybe like to see Belletti there as I think he is more solid as a defender than Zhirkov. With Ancelotti being Italian and having their defensive mentality he could get the nod.

Alex has to play tonight in place of Carvalho. He has shown in the last couple of games that he is as solid as ever and next to JT will impose himself upon Milito and Eto'o tonight. He is an added threat from an already tall side we have from set plays and corners as West Ham found out to their expense.

Our midfield is the second most important part of tonight after maintaining a high tempo. Inter Milan's midfield lose their discipline when they lose the ball. Its not like here, if someone breaks forward and loses the ball, they bust a gut to get back and win it back. They stroll back and leave it to someone else. Ivanovic's play to set up Kalou for our away goal proved that. He ran at three players and not one made a tackle as they left it for someone else to put a foot it. As a result he was able to get forward to the edge of their box, run across in front of their backline and play the ball sqaure to an unmarked Kalou who slotted the ball home.

Other video evidence has been shown on my analysis. They are slow to react to losing the ball and slow to pick up the late run from midfield and this is where Lampard could have a big night tonight. I think that Ancelotti will tell Ballack and Lampard to get forward whenever possible with Mikel sitting deep. Watch for the late runs into the box or on the break when we counter attack Milan. Lampard or Ballack could find themselves unmarked to score on more than one occasion. Its whether or not they make it count tonight that could be the difference. I hope for all our sakes it is.

I can see Drogba having another tussle tonight with Lucio and Samuel/Matterrazi. On nights like tonight Didier has more than proved his worth and he will again tonight. Don't be surprised if he is well on top of them tonight. In Milan it was Lucio who was impressive and played like a man possessed but tonight will be a different story.

Its down to Carlo's selection tonight as to who plays with him up front. You have to say Malouda HAS to be in the team as firstly he provides natural width and secondly a valuable balance to our midfield down the left hand side. Who will play wide right? Anelka will more than likely get the nod in front of Joe Cole/Kalou.

The wide men will have a big part to play tonight as Inter will play narrow in midfield and leave the width to their full backs. If we can dominate possession and get the ball wide as often as possible we can expose the weakness at the back. The defenders are ball-watchers without question and often get sucked towards the ball rather than stick to the man they are marking.

An example is the last goal on my video analysis. Maicon is caught out pushed up and the ball is played into the left channel behind him. He is caught out of position so Lucio comes round on the cover. For the life of me I will never know why but Matterrazzi ALSO comes across. The forward beats Lucio and Matterazzi is caught out of position and the forward scores.

Another example is the gap between the Inter midfield and defence when they lose possession. The gap is made even bigger as when the opposing midfield come forward into the final third with the ball, the Defence backs off and backs off all the way to the edge of their own box rather than come forward and make a tackle. Once the man on the ball gets near the box, 2 or 3 of them break forward to close him down/make a tackle and a slide rule pass to Didier or Anelka CAN open the door tonight.

I have to also say that I am not 100% certain about their Goalkeeper like we are about our own. Julio Cesar could and should of done alot better with the Kalou shot than he did. If the defence backs off to the edge of their own box I would encourage the likes of Lampard, Drogba, Anelka, Malouda and Ballack to have a crack from 30 yards as they will have the time to do it.

Just thinking about that we have never really seen Ballack hit a 30 yard screamer yet have we!? Would be the perfect time to do it tonight.

Just remember though, Inter will come out and look to stifle our play and to make it difficult in the first half. Because of their weakness defending width and the gap between their Defence and Midfield I predict WE WILL score before half time to make it 1-0 (2-2 agg).

They then have to come out and attack us and the game will open up. Its then they will tire. We might have the odd scare here and there but I really do believe that we will score a couple more in the last 20 mins or so to wrap it up 3-0 (4-2 agg).

We just need to be tight and compact defensively and maintain our shape. If we do that, I really can't see too many problems tonight for Turnbull.

So thats it, that's my analysis and predicition for tonight. Let's hope for all our sakes come 2200 tonight I am right!



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