Here are the five contributing factors for Chelsea's woeful season and missing out on the top four.

As Chelsea fans it's important to come to terms with the fact that our season has been woeful for the second time in three years. Her...

As Chelsea fans it's important to come to terms with the fact that our season has been woeful for the second time in three years. Here are the five contributing factors as to why I think this has happened. 

Transfer Policy - Head Coach to become "The Manager" again. 

It's clear that the situation as far as the title of the main man in charge of the first team squad needs to change to emulate the standing they should have here again. Head-Coach simply no longer works as football evolves with all the money in the game and the man in charge should be afforded the luxury of identifying the players they want - for the board to then work their hardest to go out and buy them.

Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola have demonstrated at the top end of the league just how important it is to get the players in that they want to produce a team in their image, knowing that they would and should be good enough to challenge. It pains me to say it but Klopp has made massive strides this season and look where they are in the Premier League and Champions League this year when the Bookmakers would have predicted a struggle this season. Yes, Mo Salah and his goals is a major factor in all this but Klopp asked the board there to sign him and they came through for him.

Chelsea need to sit down as a collective and try to understand what has happened because for this to happen for two out of the last three seasons is a real concern and should be in the boardroom.

The Manager's public frustrations. 

One of theme's of Chelsea season has been Antonio Conte's very public frustrations played out in his press conferences and interviews. Although many of us agree with what he has been saying when he responds to the same questions being thrown at him week in, week out there comes a point where that must begin to affect and have an influence on the dressing room.

Think about it, you are a player who won the Premier League last season or someone just signed this summer to come into the home of the champions. You want to start the season well and build on what achieved last season or, if you are a new player here, you want to exert your influence somehow to fit into the way we play.

However, when you see the manager complaining or at least making some sort of suggestion that he isn't happy with missing out on other players that has to affect those here or at least those who have come in.

Again it leads to the first point made, I don't personally believe that Danny Drinkwater or Ross Barkley are Antonio Conte signings. Drinkwater in particular should have played much more than he has but it's clear that the manager doesn't fancy him.

The Manager's team selections / substitutions and the delayed reactions. 

Anyone can make a mistake with their team selections and that's something that people will accept but for Antonio Conte last season, very rarely did he make a mistake. There has been too many times this year that it's become obvious that the team selection has been wrong with Tottenham last weekend as the perfect example.

The major issue I have with Antonio Conte has been his refusal to acknowledge that the game is going against us and the current eleven on the pitch are not working as we wanted.

At key points in games exactly when changes need to be made it doesn't happen. He has been far too slow to react to in-game situations that go against us. Last weekend against Tottenham highlights the fact perfectly. Dele Alli scored his first and their second on 62 minutes which still gives us 30 minutes or so to react. He didn't until the 80th minute. By then the game was lost as he had scored again to make it 1-3.

The point I want to make here is last season, West Brom at home and Tony Pullis had set his team up to defend with ten men behind the ball to frustrate us. Early in the second half with the game a frustration for Chelsea, Antonio Conte reacted early and made his first substitution and tactical switch. As that second half played out, he made two more changes to personnel and to our tactics and we won the game with Diego Costa creating something from nothing. It was the fact that Conte's changes had influenced the game from the sidelines. It's been non-existent this year.

Antonio Conte's passion no longer lasts ninety-minutes. 

Antonio Conte looks a shadow of himself these days and the passionate one has become almost introvert. We simply do not see the Italian's passion for the game for the full duration of our games anymore and that's especially when things are going against us.

How many times have we looked over at the bench and Conte is standing there, arms folded and lifeless. He is obviously fuming with what is being played out in front of him and standing there in disbelief, but even still a main factor of his influence last season was his passion and his willingness to keep bellowing at his players his demands and encouragement.

At times he proved to be the difference and we loved his enthusiasm and willingness to jump into the crowd to celebrate our goals and victories just as we do in stands. It's a point worth noting that this has only happened on a very rare occasion this year.

Player form and a lack of goals has really cost us when it matters. 

I have lost count how many times this season our key players simply have not turned up in the big, big games and we have suffered for it. Now, whether that is because the formation was wrong is another thing but we still look to these people to step up and take us forward.

We have made too many mistakes at the back, have not played well enough, look like we have no plan B, a real lack of ideas and are a shadow of the side that we sat and watched walk the Premier League last season.

Another point is the lack of goals this year from everyone. It all looked like it was going well early in the season but once injuries hit us with Morata in particular, we have really, really suffered.

We have not been clinical enough at all this year. We are creating, not taking our chances and our league position tells you the story so far.

There are the five reasons that I believe have played a contributing factor to our woeful season. What do you think?

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