Emenalo quits Chelsea - Victory for Antonio Conte and finally a change in the right direction moving forward.

Michael Emenalo has resigned from his role as Chelsea's Technical Director with immediate effect. In my view this another victory at ...

Michael Emenalo has resigned from his role as Chelsea's Technical Director with immediate effect. In my view this another victory at Chelsea for Antonio Conte.

Sitting at home watching the victory over Manchester United again the other night with he subsequent post-match comments made by Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville it really hit home the poor and unfavourable opinion people have of the hierarchy of our club.

Much of the focus post-match was of the David Luiz situation and the clip below shows you what these two thought of the situation but they also confirmed what the general opinion has been of our club with words such as "volatile" being used to describe us.

As you can see, at one stage Gary Neville states that he believes the situation with David Luiz being only the start of the power struggle at Chelsea with plenty of managers beforehand taking on the big players in the dressing room to lose the battle and eventually their job. 

Jamie Carragher then claims that the whole volatile nature has come from upstairs with the board allowing the players to dictate who remains in charge. He also stated that he does not believe that Antonio Conte would be here at Chelsea next season because of our failings in the transfer market back in the summer if we fail to achieve any form of success this year as the manager will have to face the consequences that those before him have. 

He added once again as we have often heard over the years, that Conte does not have enough of a say in the transfer decisions being made - something that appears to be the case and will remain here moving forward. 

Move forward twenty-four hours and Michael Emenalo resigns from his position as Technical Director stating that it's a decision that has not been taking lightly and something he has been thinking about for a while. Has the general opinion of our club finally forced a change upstairs with more to Emenalo leaving than first thought?  

First of all you have to question the timing of his departure? Two months ahead of what could turn out to be a pivotal transfer window in January, you would have thought that with part of his duties to head up our extensive scouting network, that he would be hard at it looking for potential signings to strengthen our squad hopefully with involvement from Conte

Some sections of the Chelsea support have called for Emenalo to leave the club for what has been perceived to be continued transfer failings over the past four transfer windows.
Could this be the fallout from a disappointing summer where it's common knowledge that Conte did not get all of the players he was looking to sign with players such as Alex Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Ross Barkley turning us down at the last minute?

You have to look back at all of our transfer window disasters since the last really successful one being when Jose Mourinho was here for the second time, in the summer of his second season at the helm. Back then while players were preparing for the Euros in 2014, Chelsea caught everyone by surprise and got major signings completed within a few weeks of the season finishing. Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa were signed and they proved to be the key to our success in winning the league that season. 

Ever since then as each window has come and gone it's been disappointing with reports that we have missed out on our main targets. You can't help but think that the longer this continued it would eventually come to a point. Chelsea sit fourth in the Premier League nine points behind the leaders Manchester City and face an uphill battle to retain the title this time around. 

Marina Granovskaia will assume Emenalo's duties at Chelsea for the immediate future. 
Antonio Conte would already be in discussion with the Chelsea board and Marina Granovskaia in particular of potential signings that he would like to make to bolster his options as we look to maintain a challenge domestically and in the Champions League. Only at the end of January, we will see if there has been a marked difference to our approach and any indication that things have changed to finally move in the right direction as far as how much the manager has a say. 

Antonio Conte has already demonstrated his fantastic tactical ability as a Coach by winning the Premier League at the first time of asking last season. He has made it crystal clear to his players that he is the boss, he will accept no such reported player power that led to the demise of Jose Mourinho and plenty of others here. Now it seems in my view and no matter what people's opinions are that Emenalo was a trusted ally at the club, Antonio Conte finally has won the trust of the owner and our board of directors to get on with the job he is paid to do with the majority of a say on transfers in/out of Chelsea while he remains in charge. 

This, in my view, is another victory for Antonio Conte

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  1. Genuinely not sure why we're all looking at this thinking this is great news. What do we know? How do we know what his job role really was? Never was he public about anything he did well, or badly. No one is perfect, and he has been made scapegoat for reasons beyond anyones understanding. Compare it to Brexit. People wanted change, but they didn't really know why. There was no education in it, so it was decided that Emenalo was to be the one to point the finger at when things went wrong, yet when they go right he was never one to raise a glass to himself. He may have done some silly things, but who knows what they were apart from him, the manager and the board? 10 years he's been at the club. In those years we won the league 3 times, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cups and League Cups too. He must have done something right. Who said he didn't get on with the managers? Who said his relationship was frosty with some players. The papers? media? OK lets all just believe it then.

    Really believe this is a 'be careful what you wish for' scenario. This may not be good news at all.

    1. We make judgements all the time based upon what we believe as we very rarely have all the facts, that’s how opinions tend to be formed. We may not have seen Emanalos job description, nor been present when he’s carried out his daily duties, but we do know he has a certain responsibility for our transfer dealings, scouting, loans, etc. and also seems heavily involved in players welfare. We form opinions based upon how we feel such things have been approached and conducted during his time in post.

      To use your own Brexit analogy, it’s underestimating the intelligence of Joe Public to suggest that they wanted change but didn’t know why and had no information. I’m sure some voted the way friends or family did or maybe even tossed a coin but I’d like to think that the vast majority voted for what they believed to be in the countries best interest. Those in favour of Brexit because they felt the need for control over their own laws, controlled immigration, worldwide trade deals, EU cost savings, etc. and those in favour of remaining in the EU as they believe in the union, the benefits of the single market, the financial return, freedom of movement, etc. I doubt many, if any, know all the detail behind such issues but, in relative terms, it doesn’t matter; there’s more than enough evidence for people to form an opinion and make a judgement. As there is with Emanalo.

  2. A great opportunity to improve matters and let’s hope we make the most of it. It will be interesting to see if they seek a like for like replacement or whether they restructure in some way. Someone with proven managerial experience and a scouting/talent spotting background would be good, rather than an ex-player/friend of Avram Grant who basically “learnt” his trade with us.

    It would also be of great benefit to have some clearly defined lines of responsibility (and maybe structural changes) between the DoF (or equivalent), coach and board. I’m quite happy for the mechanics of transfer dealings (buy/sell/loan,etc) to remain in Emanalos current domain under the management of Gronkskaia but the players involved must first be approved by the coach. The days of “Conte wants Morata but Emanalo wants Lukaku” must become a thing of the past.

    Even more important whatever the structure and whoever is appointed, is that they are 100% behind the coach and seen to be 100% behind the coach as far as the players are concerned. We have had three obvious incidents of “player power” in the past decade and Emanalo has been at the centre of all of them. I’ve no idea if that was part of his job description or simply the nature of the beast but either way it has to stop. I’m totally sick of hearing the likes of Costa, and numerous others before him that are unhappy for some reason, saying that “they’ll have a conversation with Michael”. Emanalo has proved the perfect vehicle for bypassing and undermining the coach for as long as he’s been in his current post which has done nothing but damage the club whilst ingratiating himself to his colleagues. .

    If we take Emanalos departure as the opportunity to rectify at least some of the issues that have been eating away at our club for such a long time then it is happy days indeed.

  3. Once again Norman you post what I suspect many CFC fans feel with regards to Elmanelo and the position he held,which I for one was never quite clear-on,it has,nt helped with the many late-late dealings in the transfer market leading to scrambling about for any leftovers, the managers-request for certain players not being met time and time again and [[ I know most clubs don,t always get who they want ]] and then ;basically; being told to get on with it and work with players that have come in.It,s a major reason I feel for the turn-over of good managers we,ve had,the media-rumour-circus has already started as to who will come in Drogba/Lampard/Pirlo etc I really don,t care as long as they work with the Manager in trying to get the players in he feels the club needs.




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