Rejected by FOUR Premier League players with transfer fee's agreed. What is going on at Chelsea?

Photo: Daily Express .  In this summer window, according to various reports, Chelsea have missed out on FOUR of their transfer targets a...

Photo: Daily Express
In this summer window, according to various reports, Chelsea have missed out on FOUR of their transfer targets as each player rejected a move to Stamford Bridge after a fee was reportedly agreed between the clubs.  Questions must be asked as to what is going on. 

Make of it what you will but if you believe the press and the media coverage of Chelsea's transfer business (not including the players we have signed - more on those in another post just published at the same time - Link below), Chelsea have had a nightmare window and have missed out on FOUR of what have been reported to be Antonio Conte's transfer targets.

Now what is important to remember here and it's worth noting that it is ALWAYS the case, there has been no official word from Chelsea on any of these reported targets. The club chooses to make statements when there is transfer business to speak about but only when it's officially confirmed. They will not comment or get involved in rumours of any kind.

However, if you are to believe those press and media reports over the past few weeks then it appears that Chelsea have missed out on the signing of Romelu Lukaku, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Fernando Llorente and Ross Barkley. All four of these players were free to speak with Chelsea after fees were agreed between Chelsea and their clubs ahead of a possible move. For one reason or another, each one of these players decided against signing for Chelsea and, apart from Ross Barkley - which I believe it not to be as straightforward as people are making out last night, all signed for other Premier League clubs who happen to be our rivals for the top four / title race according to live sports betting sites.

Again, if these reports are true then someone needs to be called to question and give an explanation as to what has happened and why on earth we cannot complete these deals when all the hard work seems to have been done in order for their clubs to be willing to release them to us?

Why on earth would these players turn down a chance to move to the current Premier League champions? Why on earth would they reject the chance to play for Antonio Conte who is a born winner and had such a massive impact on our football last season? Why on earth would they want to reject a chance to join one of the most successful clubs in this country over the last decade?

Now, on the flip side, we have to look at the bigger picture here and wonder whether or not these four players would have broken into our first team when Antonio Conte has everyone fit? The only player I could see stepping straight in would have been Romleu Lukaku (at the time) because at that point we had not signed Alvaro Morata.

Would Fernando Llorente have walked into the team? No. Would Oxlade-Chamberlain have walked into our midfield and the position he wants to play in? No. Would Ross Barkley do the same and walk into our first team? No.

We need to look at the whole situation here. Questions MUST be asked if these were Antonio Conte's targets and we could not get them over the line for whatever reason. But, will these four deals make a massive difference to us as we move forward this season?

Now time to focus on the positives of this window. Click the post link below.

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  1. The way I see it is;
    Lukaku, no deal agreed with Everton and too slow out the blocks. Utd moved quick and paid the fee which likely convinced Lukaku he was more wanted there.

    Llorente; no deal agreed and Spurs willing to pay more.

    Ox; favoured Liverpool due to playing CM

    Barkley; not sure. Maybe failed medical or prefer Spurs? I think more on this story will come out in the coming days

  2. Too much dithering around. Too many chiefs. Oxlaide-Chamberlain and Barkley would not have got anywhere near the starting line up.
    Players have the right to choose too. Some may think a team's style suits them more or that they have a better chance of playing regularly at a certain club. 10 years ago Chelsea had the money and they got whoever they wanted. Now there are many teams competing at the 'll table's.

  3. Failing a medical is akin to having 'DAMAGED GOODS' stamped on a player's forehead and severely affects their value to the selling club. I think CFC did Everton a favour here. Barkley, meanwhile, looks like a weak-minded ditherer by claiming he 'changed his mind.'

  4. I’m genuinely very happy with the way our transfer dealings have panned out.

    We made a couple of good early(ish) signings in Bakayoko and Rudiger (I’ll consider Morata as a Lukaku afterthought) and apparently missed out on one or two others. Sold Matic, Ake, Chalobah, loaned out Loftus-Cheek, Boga, and are struggling to offload Costa. A bit of a mixed bag perhaps but let’s put those to one side and deal with the more recent events.

    We’ve spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to sign Lukaku, Sandro, Llorente, Drinkwataer, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Barkley, and Zappercosta, Only two of those would make our starting line-up, Sandro and Zappercosta, and we’ve signed Zappercosta (I’ve no idea who persuaded Emanalo that Zappercosta was English but well played to whoever that was). I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve avoided spending millions on a string of average squad players, albeit mostly by our own ineptitude.

    Having stated the above, let’s take an analogy of any Chelsea manager/coach. It’s the start of the season, he’s had weeks to plan and prepare, he has his tactics sorted and his objective is to win each game. He faces some good opposition, has a bit of luck, some good, some bad, the odd result he can do nothing about and, seven games in to the season, his record is played seven, lost five, won two. I wonder what action would be taken by the Chelsea board?

    I believe there is a palpable discord between Emanalo and anyone who’s good at his job

  5. As you well know Norman it,s not often 'nudge-nudge' ;; I agree with you ;; but this one-time you have said everything I was thinking,and wrote it better than I could,I,ve nothing to add to your post,But can you stay-in-bed longer,to give me a chance.ktbffh

    1. Thank you for those kind words. I'm always happy to stay in bed but come on, it was lunchtime.

      I had noticed that we often agree with regard to Chelsea. I wonder if we have other similarities; are you also becoming increasingly grumpy and intolerant with age?

    2. Ha-ha,most definitely,more so when the younger g,kids park themselves and won,t go home,and I only see it getting-worse/better...I see your mate 'Emanalo' is already taking the credit for the new-signings with pics to prove it,I bet he,s already sent a copy to Roman,so keep a check on the old blood-pressure..but at least as you say the CFC squad looks pretty solid to me,the only shortfall for me is the striker situation will Bat,s come-good if needed? Morata looks ok to me,but I was sorry to see Boga go on loan, as I ve seen a bit of him and was looking forward to seeing more of him,silly me I forgot it is Chelsea I support.ktbffh




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