NEYMAR - Have your say on his world record deal. Is it good business or a joke?

Paris Saint Germain have sent their lawyers to Madrid and the La Liga offices to pay the £198m release clause to sign Neymar on a five-ye...

Paris Saint Germain have sent their lawyers to Madrid and the La Liga offices to pay the £198m release clause to sign Neymar on a five-year contract with over £515,000 per week. 

It's the most ridiculous transfer ever, the most ludicrous and a deal that will have an effect on the transfer market like never before. With just under a month to go before the window closes we can expect big money moves that will follow his move to Paris as Barcelona look to replace the Brazilian attacker.

So why on earth would a player at one of the biggest clubs in the world make a decision to leave and move to a league that we have to admit is inferior? Now I mean no offence by that to the French League and the teams, supporters there but it's a fact. Every single season there are two or possibly three teams that will challenge for the title, everyone in football knows that, everyone accepts it and there is no argument. Why does Neymar want to play there?

First and foremost it's the money and you would be hard pushed to turn down that staggering amount of money per week. But as far as footballing reasons go it's very hard to understand.

There is a rumour doing the rounds that because he has his heart set on winning the Ballon D'or, he has realised that playing with Lionel Messi and in the same league as Cristiano Ronaldo that his work is cut out. The decision to leave Barcelona is because he wants to be the number one, the stand-out player who wants to become a legend in his own right believing that he can do that in France.

You and I both know that he more than likely will become a legend there but he joins a club that has failed to reach a final of the Champions League let alone win it. One player does not make a team and he will find that out over the next few seasons.

So what of the repercussions from his expect move today? Barcelona will be looking to spend big money to bring in a replacement for around £80-£100m and whoever they buy, the selling club will then look to invest in their own replacements and even more money will be spent in doing so. Chelsea fans will sit tight and hope that any thoughts of Barcelona looking to sign Eden Hazard are just pure speculation.

As for PSG? Well they will get their man and make at least £100m over the during of his five-year contract in merchandising alone. People are talking to FFP (Financial Fair Play) and the fact that it was implemented to prevent deals like this going through but all the Parisians have to do is demonstrate that they have made no more than a £30m loss over a three year period which will be easy.

There will be a snowball effect within football to Neymar's move to PSG and all sorts of money will be thrown about as people look to replace and strengthen their squads before the end of the month. £198m earning both Neymar and his representatives around £45m in addition to his weekly wages of £515,000 per week!

What do you think of the deal? Is it good business or a joke?

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  1. That's Show-business!

    Let's hope the poor chap doesn't get tackled by his Father or his agent in the sprint to grab the cash. It would be awful if he was injured before plying his trade at the pinnacle of football that is the French league.

  2. I think it,s more to do with the 'Owners' and how they can show the now 'Global Football World' that they can do anything they like,and spend what they want doing it,and sticking 2/fingers up at the Governing Bodies if they try and stop them.It,s nothing at all to do with the player going to a better team/league,most of the Big Clubs us/included have all played a part as to where we are now with this whole sorry/mess.PSG have seen what Man City have spent recently and have now gone out and trumped even them,,so whats next and Who will move where and at what price,,,Deli-Ali--Hazard--Coutinho.etc to name a few.,,it,s Football But not the game I grew up with and loved watching.the grounds/stadiums are obviously better equipped but it has come with a huge price,,the game is still played with round/ball on the same size/pitch,and it,s right that players are well rewarded I have no argument against that,,,we all have to realize the game is now Global; and by and large Clubs are ;in the hands of Countries-Multi-Nationals-Multi-Billionaires who really have little love for the game,but are on one big-ego-trip on trying to see who is Top-Dog.oh to be an Average Footballer this day/age,it must be better than winning the Lottery.

  3. Apparently the deal is now done and according to Neymar "Paris St-Germain's ambition attracted me to the club, along with the passion and the energy this brings,"

    Well, there we have it, straight from the horses mouth. And I thought it was for the money.

    In other news Tom Hanks joins Emmerdale to develop his acting skills and fulfill his potential.

  4. Personally im not a Arsenal fan. In term of financial fair play, i do think that Arsenal is going right on track instead of displaying their money..sheesh..




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