What are Tottenham’s expectations? If they don’t win the title it’s not a tragedy but for the others it is.

Antonio Conte has spoken out on comments made by Tottenham's Chairman Daniel Levy who has claimed that this summers transfer spending...

Antonio Conte has spoken out on comments made by Tottenham's Chairman Daniel Levy who has claimed that this summers transfer spending is unsustainable. 

Heading into this summer the TV monies in the game being paid to ALL Premier League clubs as a minimum (£84.4m) plus additional appearance and merit money based on where you finish in the League, would lead to clubs spending an obscene amount this summer. Manchester City lead the way so far having spent £230m but with five weeks of the transfer window remaining, even more will be spent before it closes and it will be a record summer.

One club that hasn't spent any money so far is Tottenham and their Chairman Daniel Levy has claimed that the monies being spent are reaching levels that are unsustainable.

When asked of Levy's comments, Antonio Conte speaking to the media ahead of our friendly against Inter Milan said:

"My question is this, ‘What are Tottenham’s expectations? If they don’t win the title it’s not a tragedy. If they don’t arrive in the Champions League it’s not a tragedy. If they go out in the first round of the Champions League it’s not a tragedy. If they go out in the Europa League against Gent, it’s not a tragedy.

Maybe for Chelsea, Arsenal, City and United and, I don’t know, Liverpool, it is a tragedy. You must understand the status of the team. If Barcelona does not compete for the title it’s a tragedy. The same for Real Madrid. If Sevilla does not compete for the title it’s not a tragedy.

They can breathe and think in a different way. You can judge the others, but the others must fight to win the title." - Source: Daily Mail.

I can imagine that Tottenham fans will become quite defensive over his comments but those genuine, level-headed supporters will accept that he is right.

Tottenham have done a remarkable job if you think about it and have challenged for the Premier League title right to the last weeks of the season for the past two years. That's without spending mountains of money but keeping their players and introducing players from within that they feel are good enough with Harry Kane being the focus.

However, as much as you have to applaud them, you have to criticise Levy for not making the investment that is needed (looking from the outside in) for them to take that final step forward to put themselves in the position to win the title. They missed a trick last summer when all they had to do was invest in two or three key positions and they are missing a trick this summer whilst everyone else is buying players to make their squads stronger.

Conte is spot on here when it comes to their expectations. What happens if for a THIRD season running Spurs miss out in the final weeks of the season? Will their fans accept that being what it is or would they be frustrated? Every single supporter of any club up and down the country wants their team to win things and be successful at least once in their lifetime, that's the dream.

For Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United, teams that have won the Premier League the most in recent history (excluding Leicester as that was a one-off), the goal is the title every single season. Each club will re-invest whether we like it or not to sustain/maintain our challenge for titles at the end of the season. For Arsenal and Liverpool they talk of title challenges but their realistic hopes are the top four lets be honest.

What are your thoughts on what Antonio Conte has said here about the comments made by Daniel Levy? Does he have a point?

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  1. I think he's saying Tottenham but the barb is aimed at the Chelsea board. Conte clearly doesn't agree with Chelsea Twitter 'yer da' types who claim that everything is rosy and a team with the likes of Alonso, Cahill and Moses in the backline won't get destroyed in Europe.

    I think he's generally sick in the apologists in mediocrity among the board, media and fans who expect him to be able to compete at a level he wants with a threadbare squad lacking in star quality and has absolutely no leaders (just look who has the armband).

    What I do disagree with him on is saying that the youngsters are impatient. Clearly wrong in saying this as the likes of Chalobah and Ake have been nothing but patient. I know that it isn't necessarily the point of this article but think it's important in the context due to my overall prediction - Conte won't be Chelsea manager by February 1st.

    Then all the yer da's will cry and say he got this and that, after telling us all summer that they don't think Sandro is really all that much better than Alonso.

  2. I think the transfer window is not closed yet.
    I also think we have so much young talent and players that are still settling that we are looking at what we have.
    I think when the stadium is finished things will change regarding transfers as revenue will be higher.
    I think that it's difficult for Spurs as for years the richest clubs have been shitting themselves at Spurs' progress and literally try to stop us getting the players we want by offering more money.
    I think that the media does not understand the situation and only understands clubs throwing money around desperately.
    I think that Conte should worry about his own team and that if we are so irrelevant and that our expectaions and ambitions are not satisfactory to challenge, then he need not talk about Tottenham.
    Is he bothering to talk about Everton or Southampton?
    I also think that Tottenham will buy players and all this talk is a load of bollocks.

    1. Well done for pointing out the transfer window is still open. That's the equivalent of someone stating the year in a political debate, it doesn't mean anything.

      As it stands the squad is weak and the season starts before the window is closed. Not taking your full squad to pre season is already a failure in itself, messing about for scraps at the end of August would be a disaster.

      I think we're suffering from short memories here and forget just how bad we were two seasons ago. This current squad is weaker, if anything, as our main forward is moving on and who knows if Morata is prolific.

      We were lucky last season that Conte got the maximum from the hand that he was dealt, but to ask him to compete at home and in Europe with this squad? Not fair on him. Hence the outbursts.

    2. Well done for pointing out that you missed the point.

    3. Perhaps if we had moved quicker we would have signed Morata and not just scraps.
      You don't know what's going on do you?

  3. Spurs are in that awkward position of being the best of the rest. They can't compete financially with Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea - even Arsenal & Liverpool so they are trying to build something through the youth and you have to applaud what they are trying to do without the big budget which is refreshing and may or may not work. The last two years whether the big clubs failed or whether Spurs overachieved means they are classed as a contender for the title but in reality for Spurs a great season is top 4.

  4. For me, he should focus on making Chelsea's team stronger and stop talking about Spurs

  5. I think Mr Conte is running scared of Tottenham because if and it's a big if Tottenham were to win the league this year it would make him and a few other managers look like real mugs after spending so much money. Spurs are punching above themselves due to building a new ground so they are ahead of the plan at the moment

  6. Grenfell was a tragedy. Not winning the league isn’t.

  7. Conte please we need more player cause ds our squared is not strong enough

  8. First time I've been disappointed in Contes dealing with the media. I know he's relatively new to this country but he should know by now that when asked to comment on statements made by any other clubs manager/director/owner etc. the response should be to politely decline. Such questions are only asked in an attempt to generate controversy and create a story.

    On a related note, there's a lot more to winning trophies than simply spending money on players. I would expect Spurs to be thereabouts again with a descent shout at ending top of the pile.




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