Antonio Conte reportedly fuming with Chelsea. Only signing so far being Willy Caballero!

Antonio Conte is reportedly frustrated for the second summer running with the Chelsea hierarchy due to a serious lack of transfer activ...

Antonio Conte is reportedly frustrated for the second summer running with the Chelsea hierarchy due to a serious lack of transfer activity. I cannot blame him at all. 

Chelsea's players are due to return to Cobham for pre-season training on Monday and after a summer that had promised big name signings, they will walk through the door with just Willy bloody Caballero to show for our transfer efforts so far. Talk about a slap in the face for the manager!!

If I was Antonio Conte I would be fuming with the Chelsea board right now having given them a number of key targets with the aim to improving our squad and to be prepare for the coming season. As we have seen in the last six weeks, plenty of names have been linked with a move to Chelsea. Granted some of what we have read has been pure fabrication which is what you have to expect but for the others, there has been some serious excitement over their potential moves to Chelsea. 

Romelu Lukaku has to be the major disappointment unless Chelsea pull their fingers out and offer the £90m that Everton want straight away. The fact that it's been continuously reported that Conte has been in contact with him throughout the summer to reiterate that HE is our number one transfer target for the board to not follow through and get the deal done to allow Jose Mourinho to step in and get a deal agreed to take him to Manchester United is scandalous. If this is the case, then serious questions need to be asked here. 

All of us were so impressed with the board three summers ago when they went out and got their major transfer business done within what seemed like two weeks of the season ending as we signed Diego Costa, Cesc Fabregas and Felipe Luis. It seemed like a real statement of intent and surprised virtually everyone. These days, we have had to sit and wait for deals to be agreed and literally wait to the last minute in some cases. Why can't our club go out and get these deals done early? Why wait?

We are now hearing reports that the Bakayoko deal is in danger because Chelsea are hesitating about it based on the Matic move to United being placed on hold as Mourinho is now looking at an alternative option at Dortmund. What about Alex Sandro? What is happening with him? If we lose him it would be a joke when it seemed as though everything was done and all he had to do was sign. 

Then there is a move for Rudiger who, just so you all know, has stated on record that his heart beats for Arsenal and has an Arsenal shirt with Sanchez on the back that he wears still. Will we get that deal done? 

Most papers worth reading indicate that Chelsea had expressed an interest in Alexis Sanchez but missed out apparently. Also, Dani Alves who has rejected us in favour of a move to City with Pep Guardiola

This is now the second summer running that there has been a real serious lack of activity from the Chelsea board. We are the Champions and should be out there literally demanding that these players come to join us, to be proud to be linked with us and to get the bloody deals done quickly. We shouldn't have to wait to jeopardise any potential signings. 

If we lose Antonio Conte because of this then there will be questions asked. Come on Chelsea pull your bloody fingers out and get these deals done! All we have to show for ourselves this summer is Willy bloody Caballero and that's bad enough!!

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  1. It is so annoying that I have basically nothing to say....

  2. the stomach turning, prevaricating, dissimulating, recalcitrant, penny pinching, soviets are failing Chelsea and us again and again....oust them!

    1. How do work that/out,,,did,nt we win the League at a canter? there,s players out there that WILL want to come to CFC and the ;Transfer Window;has a way to go yet,I m not worried about what player,s we get,but it is a concern with Conte and his staff,that they hav,nt put pen to paper yet!!

  3. We now seem to be a club that's more intent on selling assets than acquiring them. Are we
    becoming the new arsenal, only intent on saving money by buying over priced second rate players. Just remember that you always get what you pay for.

  4. I seriously wonder what Mr Emelalor is still doing in CFC. in fact I am utterly speechless. This is not the CFC I know before.

  5. If these Chelsea board can notice how angry the fans are...Maybe they'll turn up for signings before we loose Antonio Conte. As far as I am concern....I wonder if these Chelsea board are happy with themselves about the slow transfer in Chelsea and they're comfortable about it. It doesn't speak well of Emenalo

  6. I fucking don't know why and what Chelsea is waiting for in order to get our transfer targets. First we were made to understand that, the delay was because of our new deal with Nike which was signed a week ago. Yet still we still look relaxed in our transfer dealings. This is just frustrating we the Chelsea fans. We just lost lukaku to Man U. Every day we read about how closely this player is done with medicals and shit. Common Chelsea up your game, get the players we want money isn't the problem as we have enough in our coffers from our sale of players. We need to reinforce our squad else we end up like last two season

  7. The most important signing would be an extension to Contes contract. If there's any truth in the media assertion that he's unhappy, then that's cause for concern.

    I'm not concerned about any specific player (not a fan of Lukaku) but I am concerned about our lack of progress in general. Its beginning to smack of the close season after we last won the league, failed to strengthen in the areas required, and bought Pedro instead at the last minute. We all know how the following season went.

    Due to the cost of ongoing therapy, I'm determined not to mention Emanalo - Oh buggar!




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