The title race: The pressure is all on Tottenham not Chelsea.

The title race is between Chelsea and Tottenham now without question and all we are reading about these days is the supposed pressure on ...

The title race is between Chelsea and Tottenham now without question and all we are reading about these days is the supposed pressure on Chelsea from Tottenham.

Being honest, I refuse the read most of the reports and opinions of pundits, ex-managers, ex-players and reporters who are paid handsomely well to write about Football despite never having played the game at the same levels.

All I read these days is how Tottenham are this, Tottenham are that, Tottenham's impressive form and how well Tottenham are playing at the moment. What makes it worse, and it will give everyone another reason to ramp up their praise, is the fact that Tottenham are likely to win again this weekend in the early Saturday kick-off at home to move within four points of Chelsea ahead of the Manchester United game on Sunday afternoon.

Let's point out one thing here which is blatantly obvious and a point that plenty of people choose to ignore, Chelsea are SEVEN points clear right now and I expect us to go to Old Trafford and beat Manchester United for a third time to re-establish our seven point gap to Tottenham.

I understand that people want to build up the title race as much as possible otherwise it would be boring. People talk of pressure in the run-in and I get that however, surely the pressure is ALL on Tottenham right now because they are chasing us as they had to do last season against Leicester and we all know how that turned out!

Tottenham are the only side on the planet that finished third in a two-horse title race, they bottled it last season and I am sure will be doing everything they can to ensure it does not happen again. However, you look across from North to West London at Chelsea and you see a team of winners. You see a manager that's a winner as a player and as a manager who knows exactly what it takes to get the job done.

Look at Antonio Conte right now and his performance over the course of the season so far. Does he look flustered and under pressure at any stage? As he has all season, Conte will ensure that he prepares his players for every single game, one game at a time and will focus purely on three points.

The pressure is ALL on Tottenham not Chelsea in the title race.

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  1. Nobody, Spurs fan or not, expects Spurs to catch Chelsea and overcome the 7 point deficit. The only slightest possibility would come from Chelsea imploding, and so the pressure is only on Chelsea not to fuck up. The talk of pressure is mainly coming from the media to try to make out there's a title "race" when everyone else knows it was all wrapped up months ago

  2. i dont think you can really say spurs 'bottled it' last season because they never had the lead to lose. It wasn't like they got in a title winning position and then collapsed. Their results dipped once the title was gone. Likewise, they can't 'bottle' this season's title race because it's not in their hands. Chelsea have built up a big enough lead that for months people have expected them to go on to win the league. Another Crystal Palace-esque result and they may feel some pressure.

  3. It all depends on the result at Old Trafford. If as you seem to think that Chelsea will win then the title will most likely go to Stamford Bridge. Lose however and it may well be 4 points with 6 games to go. And then we will see who will bottle it....

  4. Spurs should forget the title this season. I don't see Chelsea losing two matches out of seven, Even if they lose to united.

  5. You say he hasn't looked flustered all season, yet his face when he was told Tottenham were beating Swansea tells a different story

    1. Er, no it doesn't. Disappointed of course; flustered has a very different meaning.

  6. As a Spurs fan, I'm fully accustomed to 'bottling it', for sure. However, I think we are copping a lot of the praise because we were also in Europe (albeit briefly) and have the best GD in the league as of writing this. Plus with a fraction of the net investment of the clubs around us, including Chelsea. So there's your answer.

    1. There's some truth in what you say but what is it the answer to?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Oh dear. I'm genuinely pleased you're Spurs fan.

  8. Chelsea's fixture is more complicated than Tottenham's. At Old Trafford it could easily be a draw as well as the game at Goodison Park, that means Tottenham could get as near as 3 points and the pressure would be inmense. But if Chelsea wins in Manchester then it's nearly done

  9. I've been a Chelsea fan far to long to think it will be anything other than a stressful Topsy-Turvy end to the season. Both sides could drop points but i feel our fixtures are slightly trickier. Seat belts on, it could be a bumpy ride.




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