Manchester United 2-0 Chelsea: Awful performance from a truly disappointing Chelsea side at Old Trafford.

Chelsea were well and truly beaten by Jose Mourinho's Manchester United side in one of our most disappointing performances of the sea...

Chelsea were well and truly beaten by Jose Mourinho's Manchester United side in one of our most disappointing performances of the season.

I can take defeat on the chin if we deserve to be beaten as we were yesterday. I can accept the manner of defeat if we have played our best and have given it our all but have still lost the game. I do not for one second accept the performance of the Chelsea team at Old Trafford yesterday afternoon coupled with a poor display from the match Referee. Chelsea appeared lifeless and a team that had ran out of ideas and that's what concerns me the most at this stage.

I am not prepared to jump on the bandwagon with these so-called Chelsea fans that are spouting so much rubbish on Social Media at the moment as I am hoping that this is just a blip for Antonio Conte and this team to refocus, to sort things out as quickly as possible.

The Chelsea team we all know and have admired this season will have no problems in dealing with our remaining fixtures against Southampton, Everton, Watford, West Brom, Middlesborough and Sunderland to claim five wins to wrap up the title. The Chelsea team that appeared on the pitch at Old Trafford WILL struggle to get over the line.

What frustrates me the most is that it was almost as if we had been beaten before the game started with news that Thibaut Courtois was injured in training and would have to miss the game. In addition to the blow suffered with Courtois, we then lost Marcos Alonso in the pre-match warm up which added to our problems and it became clear early on that it affected our balance.

Asmir Begovic is of a good enough standard to deputise with the right protection in front of him and Kurt Zouma in for Alonso with Cesar Azpilicueta moving to wing-back. We should have been more than capable to deal with the threat of Manchester United and taken the game to them, to impose our style of play that has been so impressive this year.

It never happened once. We had the likes of Eden Hazard and Pedro who were both virtually non-existent throughout. Diego Costa struggled up front playing up against Bailly and Rojo and wasn't helped by the fact that our passing on the day was shocking. I've never seen a Chelsea side give the ball away so many times.

The only person who could walk away from the game yesterday and hold his head up high would be the ever reliable N'Golo Kante. As for everyone else in the Chelsea blue, they need to have a look at themselves today because surely they know that they did not turn up for arguably the biggest game of our season.

The Manager has claimed responsibility but for me it's everyone as a collective. In any season no matter what our league position is, a trip to Old Trafford is a massive game and I cannot for the life of me understand how you can not be up for the game, how you can afford to drift in and out of the game like we did. If we know things are not working out, we should have players that demand the ball to make things happen.

As I said, I can take defeat if we deserve to lose after giving it our best. Chelsea were nowhere near that yesterday and now as a result, have our lead cut to just four points in the title race. Alarm bells ringing? Not quite yet but Antonio Conte and these players MUST sort this out quickly.

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  1. Totally agree cd,I did,nt see that 'performance' coming from the team and even Antonio was not his usual/self,let,s all hope it was just a bad day 'at the office' as the saying goes.reminded me of the Jose/team of last year.I trust Conte and hope we get back on track for the remaining League/games,,Spurs are a good well balanced team and we have to give them credit for sticking to our ,,coat tails,,I,d love to see another League Title and hope we don,t blow it now at this late stage,I never expected us to be in this position this season, and have said from the outset a top4 would be a great season after last/season,s fiasco and I stick with that,,on another topic ie ''Costa'' China certainly turned his head,should we have taken the money and run,the guy could have an argument in an ;empty room; his heart has never been at CFC,I can take any player having a 'bad run' but his is much more than that.oh well only a cup/game coming up,and as many know I,m not that bothered about the FA/cup,,for top clubs it,s all about home League and European Cups.,,that,s where the money/glory is now days...KTBFFH

  2. I truly hope that Conte blaming himself was just an (unusually poor) attempt at defending his players in public. If one, some, or all of them required motivating for that game then they should be shown the door.

    Conte is in danger of becoming a victim of his own success. He's done such a good job of making the whole greater than the sum of the parts that we are surprised each time we get found out. A number of our players are not of the required quality but their weaknesses are minimised by Conte's formation and discipline. Only Azpilicueta and a properly fit Zouma would hold down a place in the back 3/4/5 of genuinely top side. Matic lacks pace and Costa is in China (or Madrid).

    It's probably not the best time for radical changes and/or experimenting, but I would like to see Willian start in the remaining games. In addition to his skill, he has the character and desire required at this stage. It's looking like a bumpy ride!.......

    1. Once again you sum/up the problem well Norman,,Conte as you say has managed with the 'tools' he had and done it well of that there can be no doubt,these players can,t even have the ;excuse; of to/many/games,and feeling tired, your so right about making changes now,way to late for that,Conte is no mug,he,s been there done/it etc etc,whatever happens from now onwards I,m already looking forward to next year when ;; hopefully ;; he gets the Backing and brings in the players he wants.meantime as you say,it,s a bumpy ride ahead,but however we look at it,it,s still been a good season for CFC as at season/start both the media/pundits were only talking up Pep @ Jose and who was going to stop them,I think we put that to bed!!as for Costa did he ever really leave Madrid? so it must be about the money a ??? not that he,s alone on that.

  3. We definitely had a bad day at the office. Crap happens, and this one was truly crap. Unfortunately it was against ManU(re)so the pundits will have and alreday have had a field day. What I take from this is that we need to get deeper and get able replacements for Moses and Alonso so if they're injured or need a break, then someone can slot right in and we won't miss as much of a beat. Here or on some other blog I facetiously suggested getting George Boyd as a fill in for Victor Moses, but seriously, we need more depth. We can't rely on only Alonso and Moses in those vital positions. We need to work Nathan Ake into the mix. And I believe that Chalobah could deputize for Kante if necessary. Zouma is essentially still recovering from a grievoous injury and needs some time to work his talent into a new and unfamiliar system...he'll be fine ( I hope), but what about getting Anders Christensen back from Mönchengladbach on loan...I wonder if he'll even fit our system??

    As for ManU(re), the only guy I like on that squad is Zlatan! The rest of them I'd just as soon bitch-slap in the face like hell wont have it. (Except for possibly Mata 'cause it's not his fault)





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