Jose Mourinho: Miserable, jealous with a chip on his shoulder, you can see how some people don't like him.

Jose Mourinho looks like someone with a serious chip on his shoulder these days and has made a number of comments in recent weeks as he t...

Jose Mourinho looks like someone with a serious chip on his shoulder these days and has made a number of comments in recent weeks as he tries to start his mind games.

When asked if being paired with Chelsea in the FA Cup Quarter Final and a trip to Stamford Bridge, Jose responded in typical fashion. He said:

“I have to play Saint-Etienne, I have to play the EFL Cup final, I have to play hopefully another opponent in the Europa League.

I have to fight for a top-four position in the Premier League. I have so many things to think about.

Chelsea can only think about that [the FA Cup] because they are champions and they have nothing else to fight for." - Source: The Mirror.

It's getting boring now isn't it, how many more digs and comments is he going to make at Chelsea and Conte. He surely must remember that Chelsea have no European competition this season because he fucked it up for us last year? It's pure jealously in my opinion. The fact that Antonio Conte has the majority of the same players as Mourinho but for a couple of exceptions, and he is sitting pretty at the top of the league with every single one of them giving their all for Conte is obviously riling him.

I love Jose Mourinho and always will for what he did for our club, that's forever. However, he is acting like a spoilt child at the moment and it's only when you look at him from the outside in that you can understand how people didn't like him. The more you see him in interviews or press conferences he looks a shadow of the Jose Mourinho that became "one of us" at Stamford Bridge.

The charm is gone, the relationship with the press is non-existent and most importantly of all, that smile that we used to see all the time when in charge of Chelsea his completely disappeared. It's such a shame to see him as he is now because he isn't enjoying life up north at all.

Most Chelsea fans will simply ignore the comments that he continues to make as we all know that is part and parcel of Mourinho. The problem is for Jose is that Antonio Conte will do the same and simply carry on working hard on a daily basis to achieve his goals this season. Any comments made by Mourinho won't bother the man who has transformed our team from looking lost and in need of discipline last season into Premier League leaders.

Expect plenty more comments or digs between now and when we entertain United at the Bridge in a month or so. It will be interesting to see where both teams are in the League at that point in the season and how Mourinho's demeanour appears to be then!

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  1. HAha, it's not like he behaved like that while at chelsea and you all lapped it up.

    1. Of course we did, it was part (albeit a small part) of what made him the best in the world. The only difference now is that the glint in his eye and the smile on his face seem to have waned. He's still top notch and I still enjoy his comments, even when aimed at us - its part of his job at Manure now.

  2. Conte's reactions to Mourinho's antics are first class.
    Conte speaks only on the field of play.

  3. I guess we know the excuses he will give wen he gets his ass handed to him again

  4. He just talks too much. I never wanted him to come back then, I was thinking we will get Pellegrini instead of him.
    Trying to destroy the legacy and love that he built.

    Mourinho need some growing up to do.

  5. You guys are ungrateful bunch. Jose put Chelsea on the map. The most successful manager in Chelsea history. The temporary success you are enjoying is down to the foundation he left behind. You lot appear jealous which is understandable. The two biggest clubs in the world were after him and he chose Manchester United. Sacking Jose will turn out to be the worst mistake as time goes by. I'm not a Manchester United fan but it's obvious big time lies ahead for them. I don't understand all the negative comments towards Mourinho when he has never said anything disrespectful about Chelsea or the fans. He is stating the facts and his loyalty is with his present club. The only people that need to grow up are the small minded people with limited intelligence to understand life for what it is. Chelsea betrayed Jose and he moved on to bigger and better and good luck to him. I'm a Chelsea fan and understand the frustrations from fellow fans even though we not all going to agree on everything. After all,football is a game of opinions

    1. Well said. I absolutely agree with you, it's time for us all to move on and Conte seems a good fit at present. I doubt we'll ever know the truth behind what happened last season but Mourinho certainly was, and probably still is, the best in the world.

    2. How did Chelsea betray Jose? He lost the dressing room!

      As I said previously, I love Jose for what he did for us as much as the next person but you cannot deny that last season was a nightmare. I got bored of all the baggage that comes with also.

      So what do you think of him up north now? Do you think he is happy?

    3. Your of course entitled to your views with regards to Jose whether your a CFC fan or not?? I don,t think I m of limited/intelligence but even you have to see that he has a life/span wherever he goes,,even where he is now,;temporary/success what,s that about?foundation he left behind,maybe the 1st/time 2nd time no way,the players [[ right/wrong ]] did not want to play for him WHY??so hardly a Foundation was there,, I feel he brought it on himself last year with his ;antics; he clearly had problems which we are not privy/to,yes,the snide remarks he makes about all/sundry I find juvenile and boring now and repetitive,,all from a guy who Never makes a Mistake or would not admit it if he had,,the football being played at the end of his 1st term was ;Dire; at best and was why he was sacked,2nd time almost a repetition,, with the addition of losing the squad with it,,for all his good points Jose is Toxic,yes we had great times and success with him but it always came with a price,I thank him for what he did but don,t miss him at all.I feel the club is seen in a better way now,and whether we do or not have any success with Conte I,d have him over Jose every time.

    4. I'd argue strongly that we're all of limited intelligence but that's just me being pedantic as I'm sure that wasn't the point he was making.

      I really think we should say thanks for everything and close the book on Mourinho. On the other hand, its the longest "discussion" we've had for some time!

    5. Norman
      Thank you for being objective

  6. Reply to Chelsea daft.
    You are right that last season was a nightmare to some extent and by Jose and Chelsea's standard. However, there is something called loyalty. Alex ferguson struggled to find his feet at the beginning but Manchester United stood by him until he got it right. Rennieri is struggling with Leicester right now after only one year of success, guess what, the board members are behind him. We have a manager that did so much for the club but we were quick to throw him under the bus after three months of uncertainty. That's what I call betrayal. The board chose to back the rebellious players over the boss that can assemble better players/team. It a terrible precedent if I may say. I'm not sure what baggage you are referring to. Jose is blockbuster in his own right. If he has any negative baggage, would the two biggest clubs in the football world be after him after the last season saga? He is the face of the European Champions league even though he is not playing in it. Not to mention other endorsements such as Jaguar etc. Let's face it, we have lost a giant in Jose. As to whether he is happy up north, only him can answer that for definite. The fact remains that he has to get on with his life and as you can see, he is doing very well indeed

    1. So explain what's happening this season with more or less (but for two or three) the same players?

    2. You can ask the same of Leicester city, the same players apart from Kanye. Football is dynamic and very unpredictable sometimes. How about you looking at year before, we won the league with the same players. Any comment?

    3. ... and they did excellently well, for three quarters of the season but by then the League was won.

      Let's spin it this way, last season EVERY single player bar Willian had a poor season. Now I can understand a player or two suffering with loss of form at some stage in the season but for all of them and at the same time tells you that there was a massive issue in the dressing room that hurt everyone.

      I'm not saying it was Jose's fault I'm just saying that he couldn't get the best out of the players for whatever reason and the club had to make a decision that was best for the football club and look at where it has taken us AGAIN!

      Jose is one of the best in the world without question and again, I'd like to reiterate how much I love the bloke for what he did for our club, but if he is the best out there then why are United sitting where they are? Why are they not top of the League?

      What happens if with all the money they have spent, they finish outside the top four?

    4. Have to say CD,I agree with most of your reply,,on the Leicester/theme I think it is now viewed by most as a complete one/off one/season wonder,the ;Perfect Storm; if you like,,,the point David makes with regards to Jose winning/title/side kind of defeats his argument,,ie as to what happened?? last season,, he allowed players to return late/unfit,he did,nt get any players he wanted in,,he consistently stuck with certain/players and played many out of position,the use of subs,I could go on and on,but the Fault was his and his alone,,we all know how trigger happy R A,is[ rightly/wrongly ]] but looking back even you must agree Jose was given more time than most others were,,it,s how this club has operated in the R A era and who can argue that it has,nt worked.the Fergie/reff that David mentioned happened decades ago and in all reality,can anyone see this happening again now,once Wenger goes that,s it,,Prem clubs now demand ;;instant success;; 2/3 years for most managers now I would guess.,,,but all said and done,it,s been great at last to have a ;;pow wow;; with others and get our views on how we see things..

  7. So right with that Norman,,,I think the g/kids got to me today,Im not usually that contrary,,,I admired J M as much as the next CFC/fan,but he did come and/leave with a lot of baggage,,it,s annoying [[ to me ]] when ;fans;paint him in a God/like manner,he,s far removed from that,,he will most likely get M U back to a decent level at what cost I can only guess at,,as a club we move on to another chapter,as will M U if history repeats itself, which it has a habit of doing with J M.

  8. It seems that we all have similar views to a certain degree. I must address one of the points raised by Chelsea daft concerning Manchester United's position at the moment. I will go as far as saying that they are looking the best in the premier league. Yes, we are leading by a decent margin. As Jose said few days ago, they are in four competitions and we are only in two. They are only four points behind the team in the second position. The amount of games they drew which they could have won are unreal. If they have won them they will be couple of points behind us. They have been unlucky to say the least. As you all agreed, we have the players, the structure and won the league just over a year ago. Manchester United were in the decline. Jose had to deconstruct the mess he inherited and he did it in record time given all the criticism and pressure. We all know that he is the best and we should be proud of him because we are joined by history. You never know, our path may cross again. As they say true love never dies

    1. David I really don,t get your Utd/Jose love in bit,ie if they had won not drawn games etc, being unlucky etc how he,s turned them around with the mess that he inherited etc etc,if I picked the right/lottery/numb I,d be a millionaire,if, if, if,,there,s a good reason we are only in 2/comp,and if utd were left in such a ;mess; as you say,and in decline [[now I,m not a fan of the present/day fa/cup but did,nt utd win it]],,how are they any better now than when VG left,,at the seasons end we will then be able to tell for sure.

    2. I always have respect for all the managers and players that have contributed to Chelsea's achievements. Jose happens to be an exceptional one. You are a football man, surely you are able to see the difference between Utd under Moye and VG compared to the present Man U. Not only that, Jose is successful everywhere he goes. I will like us to continue the dialogue towards the end of the season, by then, all would be clearer.




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