COSTA & FABREGAS: To single out individuals based on speculation is a DISGRACE!

Image Source: The Guardian It's the main headline from Chelsea's victory over Sunderland yesterday despite the club earning a va...

Image Source: The Guardian
It's the main headline from Chelsea's victory over Sunderland yesterday despite the club earning a valuable three points. I want to know where YOU personally stand on berating your own players?

Let me make something clear here. I am as frustrated as the next person when it comes to Chelsea and what has happened to us as a club this season. I am even more frustrated because it's cost the manager his job. However, it's important to remember that NO-ONE is more important than Chelsea Football Club whether that's an individual player or the manager.

You have to understand that the media and press love it when Chelsea fail because we were the first side bought by a foreign investor and became the blueprint for others to follow. We were a club out of the norm and have become a primary target for plenty of people.

Just look at the focus there is on the club and every single aspect of it. When you add a manager who is brash, confident in his own ability, outspoken, opinionated but also delivers more often than not on what he tells us, that only adds fuel to the fire as far as the press are concerned especially when things go wrong as they have this season. We have an attitude in this country to building people up to then knock them down again. That's what has happened to our club and to Jose Mourinho this season.

As with any club in "crisis" you are bombarded with plenty of rumour and speculation all over social media, on the Internet and in the papers. People with so-called insider knowledge will spout off plenty of bullshit just to sell copy or to gain page views/exposure. That's exactly what has happened in the last two days with Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa.

I personally DO NOT for a single second believe that Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and Eden Hazard are RATS! That is total bollocks and unfortunately, people in the Stamford Bridge stands yesterday took it upon themselves to believe the bullshit that was written. How anyone could walk into the Bridge with a banner saying as such is shocking. Get a fucking grip of yourselves for god sake.

I DO NOT believe that the three of them are "behind" the so-called revolt against Jose Mourinho. This is purely a press witch-hunt designed to make matters even worse this week and it's had the desired effect!

How many times have we heard Cesc Fabregas talk positively about how we must get a grip of ourselves, that we have not played well and of his positive relationship with Mourinho? How many times have we heard Diego Costa talk of the same. He admitted that "Bib-gate" at Tottenham was a mistake and that he was focused on getting results. The same can be said of Eden Hazard who has spoken of his relationship with Mourinho. Even this week, on the same day Jose was sacked, his father had said that morning that they still get on really well after questions were asked because he couldn't carry on against Leicester to the managers dismay.

What I DO agree with here is that apart from Willian, NO-ONE else has been good enough or has played to anywhere near their level. So as JT said in his post match interviews, it has not been good enough.

I agree with the banner above because the players HAVE let us down, the club down and Jose Mourinho down. That is without question as a COLLECTIVE! That's not just one or two individuals it the whole squad. JT has admitted it and anyone in that dressing room with a conscience will also know it. We deserve more than what they have given but I refuse to believe that they didn't want to do it for the manager. You have to consider the way they are being asked to play at the same time.

What I REFUSE TO ACCEPT is Muppet's such as this bloke wearing a Chelsea v Man City scarf to give abuse such as this to Diego Costa or any other individual player purely based on a rumour or a report that has appeared from someone in the press. There is no substance, there is no concrete admission so shut the fuck up!

People such as this twat that had booed Cesc Fabregas and Diego Costa off the pitch in the second half as they were substituted, were more than likely applauding their efforts during the time they were on the pitch, making an important contribution to gaining three important and valuable points.

These are two important and influential players that Guus Hiddink will need from now until the end of the season and to single them out is shocking. Yes I have had my say on here and have slated Diego Costa's movement for a few weeks back. That's on here, that's not in the stands. There is a difference. You will note that I then praised the bloke for an impressive performance against Porto in what was a real crunch game for us.

There is always two sides to any story here and what happened at Stamford Bridge yesterday has played right into the hands of the press this morning. The Chelsea supporters are now described as toxic and being hammered from pillar to post. As yet, we have no comment or word from Costa, Fabregas and Hazard to defend the accusations against them.

We now have as situation where two of our four key players from last season will feel victimised, intimidated and could decide to leave the club. If reports are true, Diego Costa felt that abused that he left Stamford Bridge at 17:01 in disgust as his treatment. The result of this is that Guus Hiddink has a problem on his hands regarding two of what could be his most important players based on some idiots inside the ground yesterday in addition to going in there and sorting everything else out! We need this squad of players to pull together now under Guus Hiddink to climb our way out of the mess we are in.

To single out individuals based on pure speculation is a DISGRACE.

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