Another loss, so when can we officially panic? How many times have you heard that such and such a team is too good to go down? Well look ...

Another loss, so when can we officially panic? How many times have you heard that such and such a team is too good to go down? Well look at Leeds United, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Coventry City; all of who were established teams and are now languishing in the lower leagues, with zero chance of breaking back into the big time. Yes, we looked sharper in the first half than in previous games today against Stoke, but at the end of the day it is results that matter.

When is Roman, going to say enough is enough! We need wins, by any means possible. Ugly wins, 1-0 wins, whatever it takes, to get the team some points and above all some confidence that can only come with a win. Three points is great, but a bounce in your step and an inner confidence is what this team needs to find and feed on now. Will January see a new man at the helm? Would a new signing give the team a boost. Either way Costa has worn out his welcome and needs to go. We need a striker who does not care what defenders are doing to him. We need a single minded individual, who will score us goals irrelevant of what is going on around him. Aguero, Kane, Mane - someone, other than Costa; a one man liability to this team.

As Jose, I am not sure what to think. He is 'one of us' as we know, but his 18 month track record at clubs is there for the whole world to see. I think the time to panic is now! Sack Jose - sad as that is. Put John Terry in charge. Have a wise old head like Harry Redknapp on the bench to help and then see where we are in the summer and get Simeone, Guardiola or whoever? Once thing we can survive is a year out of the Champions League. One thing we cannot survive is a year out of the Premiership. Once you are down, the revenue goes down, the players want to leave and there is no real chance of return. When is the time to panic? I don't know, but let's just ask Leeds, Wolves and Coventry. They were too good to go down…right?

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  1. Ridiculous rubbish. Sack the best manager in the world - over the last 10 years and replace him with a player with no managerial experience and a pleasant old guy who is well past his sell-by date!!!! Brilliant plan.
    In Jose We Trust

    1. I don't think you can dismiss all of the article as rubbish . Giving Terry and Redknapp leadership roles is a bit silly of course .

      Lets look at Mourhino's career though . He has been given good squads that he has added the finishing touches to ,in the style he wants .

      But lets look at our current situation now . The writing was on the wall during the second half of last season when only the brilliance of Hazard kept us alive .
      This year though our style has been worked out by everyone since day one. I believe the players are working hard for him ,but his style and tactics no longer work for this squad .And he has got rid of many players who could have given us more options
      Show me the evidence that says Mourhino can get us out of our current situation .Where has he been in this situation before and proved himself ?
      And bear in mind we are 16th now and only 3 points above the relegation zone.

    2. Now is definetly not the time to panic. That will come later when we get into the relegation zone. Meanwhile just hold on to your seats and enjoy the joyride.

  2. Sacking Jose would be suicidal, as a Leeds fan I can tell you sackings don't really help. The truth is the players need to take responsibility for their own failings, you don't go from being an absolute success machine to being the worst team in the league overnight unless you have a group of players unwilling to put the effort in for the manager.

    1. Leeds finished 2 points above the bottom 3 the season after winning the title in 1991/ warned!

  3. I hope you don't get paid for this crap.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Your parents must be so proud.

      I have to admit, we do have a lot of tin pots. Oh, wait a minute.......they're Silver.

    2. I ask again, why the hell can't Chelsea Daft police obscene, mindless posts and remove and or block morons like Quinn.
      In passing though Norman, he must be a very lonely 'billy no mates' if he has nothing better to do. Chances are he doesn't know his father (lucky father)

    3. have to agree with you 100% blueboy7,,sad time,s,when these low,life,s,can find nothing better to do with their time...probably like you,I know most of the gutter/lanquage,there is to know,,,but was brought up in a differant era,=better I feel=,I in someways pity these lonely bedroom keyboard trolls...rant over,I feel better now,,,just hope that CD,can do something,we live in hope..

  5. The problem is not our defence - any team is going to have a good chance at goal - but the attack. We seem "clueless", tippy-tappy football, no width and no one who wants to take responsibility to score a goal. Pedro was desperately unlucky, while Remy had a stone wall penalty claim.

    While luck is clearly not on our side, we are not creating enough good chances. Lets get back to simple football of getting our wing backs to the bye line and crossing.

    The problem at the start of the season was Ivan and Fabregas. Now they have been joined by Costa. Lets get rid of them all in January and rebuild the team around our youth - LFC, Solanke etc. I would rather loose 5 - 0 to Stoke with youth in our side, than watch Fabregas in a Chelsea shirt.

    1. could not agree more, almost like watching arsenal a few trs back tippy tappy & going nowhere, you would think chasing a goal we would go more direct and at the least have players in the box, on the odd occasion we get players in the box,we go back and square, leaving us short at the back without an effort on goal, a one dimensional, predictable attack, i could go on, but i will only wind myself up lol

  6. You can't be compared to my club Leeds in this situation, our fall from grace was ultimately down to money or lack of it. Unless Abramovic has had enough I would not worry, just a craps season.

  7. You can't be compared to my club Leeds in this situation, our fall from grace was ultimately down to money or lack of it. Unless Abramovic has had enough I would not worry, just a craps season.

  8. You are right in as much as the lower leagues are full of teams pronounced "too good" to be relegated. The longer our current situation persists, the harder it will become to pull away, but resolve matters by replacing Mourinho with JT and have Harry Redknapp on the bench, really? I'm sorry but that is absolutely ridiculous!

    Mourinho is arguably the best manager in the world and I would suggest that the fact he's never been in this situation before underlines his quality rather than questions his ability to turn things around.

    Having stated the above, I do think changes are required, some Mourinho's responsibility, others perhaps the boards. Two players instrumental to our success last season were Costa and Fabregas. Costa doesn't look like he wants to be here, he returned from the close season overweight, he's either strolling around or fighting and my gut feeling is he'd rather be in Spain. Fabregas hasn't played to his full potential since this time last year; perhaps he's homesick too. I'd offload them both come January. In the interim, whilst I'm not a fan of Remy, he's the best we've got so play him until we can find someone better.

    I'm not sure what we can do with the left back position, again it may have to be dealt with come January. We seem to be in a cycle of replacing whoever holds the position with someone worse for large sums of money. Rahmen looks worse than Luis who was worse than Bertrand.......What the hell was wrong with Bertrand? Nothing as far as I could see. I guess that, as long as we don't bring back Ivanovich, we'll just have to live with it for now.

    It's likely to be a long season with the media and FA making it as painful as possible, so let's not join them, let's beat them by staying right behind the manager, there's nobody better.

    1. I don't think you can say it is Mourinho's quality that has allowed him to avoid a situation like ours is at present .

      He has made clever career moves that have seen him move on quickly after bringing success to Clubs .
      Or he has been sacked before a situation like ours arrives . He has no experience of a struggling team .

    2. Oh I think I can and I have. It makes far more sense than suggesting that because he's never experienced a run of defeats that he wont be able to retrieve the situation, or that he's been sacked before such a situation arises.......unless you're mystic meg.

    3. I didn't say he couldn't retrieve the situation but given what we have seen so far , our current situation is new to him .And all he does is blame everyone but himself ,and brings shame onto Chelsea with his antics.
      His tactics lack any sort of imagination , but then again that is not what he is about .
      We can disagree as football is all about opinions .

    4. It would seem that you're still of the opinion that he wont retrieve the situation. As you say, we can agree to differ.

  9. As usual.I agree with a large part of what you have said Norman,,the blog by Alex,USA,,is meant to be a joke,[[right ]]Rednapp/Terry,,really,!!,I felt we played quite well y,day,,against the usual tough to beat,Stoke team.and the very least,we deserved was a draw.and again DC,not on his game,,like you I feel Remy,is a good/honest,back up,,and imo,should have come on earlier,,we already know,that this season,is going to be tough on us,,but let,s all remind ourselves that,When we start our climb/back,up the League,,4/5 wins,will put a totally differant stance on things,,,and we are capable of doing that,have no fear of that.We are in a totally differant scenario to the Leeds.Blackburn,etc etc,,and any comparison just does,nt hold water.As a club,CFC,as a whole,made unforseen mistakes,before this season started,,ie Jose,giving the player,s some extra/time off,,not getting the players,he wanted,signed up,,the pre-season fiasco,,I could go on,an on,,having said all that,,I defy anyone to say,that they saw any of this coming,ie[[as to where we are now]],it has,and we have to/and will come through it,,and who know,s may be the better for it..I find this season in the Prem,a strange one,not from just our own club,,but the way in which other clubs are performing..Man City,I felt would be running away with it,,Man Utd,,not the same are they,,Arsenal,,well they are doing what they normally do,?a few -lesser clubs-in beteewn,,So not one team being as Dominate,like we were last nails are already bitten the core,,,just hope I,have some fingers left,come the end of the season....KTBFFH

  10. Guys, it's gonna be a poor season. Not the first and probably won't be the last! Totally agree there are players not playing for the club and let's see if we can cut our losses in January.
    Also agree with Somersetchels that we should be playing young, hungry lads rather than 'made it' prima donnas who don't want to roll their sleeves up for the cause.
    Jose requires assurances from the owner/board that he has at least the rest of his contract to oversee the fairly obvious transition that the squad needs.
    I would happily sacrifice trophies to see that happen.

  11. Good analysis of our problems ... did any one watch the U21 game v Liverpool. RLC scored a cracker.

  12. Wow. Retarded article. Gtfo.

  13. It is a pleasure to have some supporters who enjoy rational comments about the games and the team. What a shame this post cannot be regulated to omit the mindless idiots who are unable to comment but just post offensive rubbish. We are in need of a rebirth and IMO Jose is responsible for the lack of morale and therefore it is he that needs to be left to sort it. He has got rid of some good players but that is the past an cannot be changed. I hope that a couple of sensible additions are made in January and will be pleased to see a couple of players go. I agree with previous posts some do not look as though they want to be here. Panic NO but it is sensible to show some concern, the league does not lie.




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