Chelsea are now a shambles with no fight and a laughing stock!

It's taken me this long to write my thoughts on the latest disaster because against Liverpool on Saturday it hurt so much. I can ta...

It's taken me this long to write my thoughts on the latest disaster because against Liverpool on Saturday it hurt so much. I can take losing but when you do not put up a fight it makes you feel ten times worse!

We have featured numerous articles on here in the last week calling for the Chelsea fans to back the team and the manager, describing Jose as being at the crossroads and to hold our nerve together but our performance at the weekend was one of the worst I have seen in a long time. We created little, made far too many mistakes and left ourselves wide open to be punished; we were big time!

It's all well and good backing the manager and the players but after this one all we had left that come out of the game were more worries, more questions and I generally fear for the future of Jose now.

I hope that you would agree with me here but do you not think that Liverpool is one of our bigger games in the course of a season? Even more so now that Jurgen Klopp has turned up!

In the big games, you play your strongest eleven and Jose Mourinho is accountable for playing what I consider to not be our strongest eleven. When you think back to last season and you ask the Chelsea fans to name their most influential players Cesc Fabregas AND Nemanja Matic would be right up there. How on earth could they BOTH be left out of the starting eleven?

So Fabregas hasn't been at it of late with only one assist so far this season. Did you not see that we lacked someone who could play that killer pass and unlock the door throughout the game?

So Nemanja Matic has fallen foul of the authorities of late both in the Premier League and with his country. He served his ban against Stoke and was available so why didn't he play? He is the best defensive midfielder we have at the club and with the likes of Coutinho floating about the pitch, Matic should have started! (We all sit here knowing just how effective the Brazilian proved to be!)

Eden Hazard had an awful game and just could not get himself involved. Whenever he tried it just never happened for him but again he started playing inside as a number ten with Oscar playing wide left and it doesn't work!

Eden Hazard is better off playing wide left, to collect the ball and face up to his defender to isolate them and take them on just as he did all throughout last season. When he plays as a number ten, he doesn't have the same time and space to take a touch because someone is up his arse straight away as we saw with Liverpool's impressive pressing throughout the game. Hazard is ineffective as a number ten so don't play him there!

Everything was wrong after we scored the early goal. We found ourselves being dominated and forced backwards and it became easy for Liverpool. Their high press caught us out time and time again and Chelsea just seemed to succumb to it with little fight or even an idea how to combat it and that's a MASSIVE concern!

Jose looked like a man lost for words and for the first time, like someone who did not have an answer but the players have made this whole situation ten times worse with their performances. The only player comes out of this with any credit at all is Willian who has been outstanding. Every other single player has been below par, out of form and disappointing!

I stated on here last week that the man reason for our slump in form is that our mistakes were being punished at every opportunity. However, after Liverpool, it's clear to see that we are not helping ourselves in any way possible. We are being caught in possession, we are being caught out of position and we are leaving ourselves exposed like never before. The defensive organisation has literally been thrown out of the window and we are being ripped apart.

Every single person in that dressing room needs to sit down in a room and to sort out whatever differences they have because it will rip this club apart and Champions League Football could be beyond us next season.

Everyone has played a part in putting ourselves in the mess we find ourselves in and everyone MUST pull together otherwise we are doomed.

To sit there and watch the team you adore literally give up and show no desire, no fight and no heart is what has upset me the most!

You lot are a shambles and a laughing stock right now and you only have yourselves to blame!

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  1. I wish we had won the COC game against stoke, it would've lifted morale and given us an outside chance of having european football next season...

  2. I also fear for Jose now. He looks lost and without any answers except attacking refs, other managers, back room staff and everything and everybody else except himself. I assume the ticket prices will be reduced next season when we are in the championship? I guess us older supporters have been there before so here we go again!!

    1. lets hope we don't end up fighting to stay out of the 3rd division lol

  3. I found this very hard to read. Clearly so thing is going on but the slaughtering JM would have received had he played Cesc and Nemanja and it hasn't worked would have been deafening. All season we have been looking for positives and these have included the improved display of the defensive midfielders in the last couple of games and Eden being moved to a true 10 role to give him more creative freedom. To simply suggest that by not returning to everything we have been complaining about for 10 games JM made a mistake is folly. He played the team who appear least out of sorts and currently therefore his best hand. Mikel was ok, he wasn't being paid to be creative, while Matuc has been dreadful. Ramires has a JM approved work rate, although he seemed to tire. And Eden was horribly ineffective in a role he believes he was born to play. There are 11 problems out there. Not because they are useless but because they are rudderless. There is no spine - we have a reserve gk, an aged captain, no strength in centre midfield and an explosive striker who fed last season on Cesc's guile which so far seems to have evaded him. The team Jose played on Saturday was probably his most in-form, if not his usual first choice. What else could he have done?

  4. this has been coming for a while, ask yourself when was the last time you saw the oppo's goal peppered?, when was the last time the oppo keeper made a lot of saves, won motm?, how frustrating it must be for costa, never know if a cross will come in, for sure he won't be attacking the front post, because no one in the team knows where or when a ball will be put into the box. players are either told or just refuse to get behind the oppo defence, at the end of the day you have to score goals and jm seems to like nicking one and hanging on, we are not creating, shooting crossing, hitting teams on the break, when we do we wait politely for them to get back into defensive positions, slow and forever passing back and square is it any wonder why we are in our present position, any team we play against make opportunities against us and yet we cannot or juat plain refuse to, surely jm can see this so is it him or the players making the point?.

  5. It's impossible to fathom what's going on at the club. After the last two performances at West Ham and Stoke (yes I know we lost) I was actually quite optimistic that the Liverpool game would help get us back on track. I wasn't at the game, my daughter was and tells me that we actually "played" for about 10 minutes before apathy appeared to set in.

    I don't believe Mourinho's selection was to blame, let's face it, Fabregas and Matic have been woeful of late (Fabregas for quite a while) and shouldn't be surprised at being left out. I've also thought since the start of the season that Hazard wasn't happy and that could be due to the Evil Caneiro (wasn't she a motorcycle stunt rider?) affair. You could ponder endlessly over certain individuals, the real concern is that it doesn't seem to matter who plays, the end result is the same.

    The media are certainly doing their best to get Mourinho out with the BBC now jumping on the bandwagon with an "anonymous" player quote. I really do fear that a defeat on Wednesday could see Mourinho sacked, which would be far more damaging to the long term success of our club than finishing in the bottom half of the table and missing out on Europe.

    There's nobody in the game as successful as Mourinho, his record proves that; and he deserves our support. Why throw away the years of success he's helped bring us for a poor three months? I sincerely hope Abramovich holds his nerve and to any Chelsea fans who want him out, I say be careful what you wish for.

    1. You are being very reasonable and I also feel for Jose in his present predicament. Over the years I have employed managers with CV's showing excellent results in the past but they have not been able to repeat these in the future. I have learnt the hard way that success in the past is no guarantor of success in the future. We are kidding ourselves that all will come right without the least idea of what is causing our current problems. I can also see so many players not performing and many things going wrong but I have no idea of the solution, has anybody?
      There is an old saying "what have you done for me lately"?

    2. There are no guarantees for future success with or without Mourinho. I was just reminding folk that there is some considerable evidence to suggest he's quite good at his job and perhaps better than a number of others; hence, be careful what you wish for. As for the old saying "What have you done for me lately?" an obvious response would be that we're currently Premier league champions and league cup holders. It really wasn't very long ago and achieved with a squad that, whilst decent, wasn't a patch on the one he built over a decade ago.




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