Holding Our Nerve....Together

Football is strange. Or should I say, the life of a football fan is strange. Maybe the life of a Chelsea fan is even stranger, though I ...

Football is strange. Or should I say, the life of a football fan is strange. Maybe the life of a Chelsea fan is even stranger, though I am probably wide of the mark there. There are certain things that bind us all together and when you talk to fans of other teams, those common experiences emerge. 

I sat there, for 2 hours last night, along with my 2 teenage sons, experiencing the usual excruciating feelings associated with these occasions. For the record, I thought we looked lively and fluid, with Hazard approaching something like his best (anyone who has criticised him for missing the penalty needs their head examined), Willian again performing admirably, and Costa looking lively until the injury cruelly cut short his evening. We created some reasonable chances and we came up against a keeper in inspired form. I felt we were at fault defensively for their goal (Mikel and Ramires were too easily bypassed in the build up and Walters had time for the proverbial cigar before turning and admittedly finishing brilliantly), but such is the way of things in this wretched run that we were immediately punished. After Diego went off, we struggled a bit in the final third, and I honestly thought our time was over until Remy gave us hope. Butland produced his finest moments in extra time and we were denied a deserved victory. 

As we sat there in silence as Stoke celebrated, my mind wandered to Roman Abramovich, longing to know what he made of it all. We have all seen those clips where he has kicked and headed every ball. My type of owner, I recall thinking, all those years ago. I suppose that image has largely remained in tact, only tainted by those times when he seemed so out of tune with the fan base consciousness (Benitez, Avram Grant - at least with Grant you could possibly see that replacing Mourinho was always going to be a tough ask, so let's put an absolute nobody in charge, before making a proper replacement). But what is he thinking now? As the popular press feast endlessly on the issue of 'Jose out if Chelsea lose to Stoke and Liverpool' what does Roman actually think? We will never know now of course, but I have to pin my hopes (perhaps naively and with some weakness) on the football fan side of Roman. Surely he can see that in these last 3 games, the players have undoubtedly been playing for their manager? Surely he can see that by holding his nerve, Jose and the squad can emerge from this period having learnt some valuable lessons? Surely he can see that we are just around the corner from an upturn in fortunes? I hope so. As despite the lack of a victory in the last 3 games, I sense a significant sea change. My gut tells me that it is a time to keep faith, to hold our nerve and and to stick with Jose. Even Jose himself was calmer last night. I hope you see these things too Roman, because if you don't, I'm not sure where presenting Jose with his P45 will leave us. Jose won't last forever; the time for him to say goodbye for good will come, as it does for every manager. I just don't think it should be now. What do you think Roman? We will find out in the coming days and weeks........

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  1. I hope JM can keep his job. But he does seem very inflexible in changing our formation/system. Every team knows how we will play and defends accordingly. We need width and speed. Instead we try to pass our way through banks of defenders.

  2. At the time we were linked with hin returnibg i thought it was a bad idea. Short term success at a longterm cost. Ie bad press, marginalized sextions within the club squad and fans, quality players being forced out simply because they werent his type etc. I suggested he wouldnt last three years. Having said that even i have to question as to whether right now is the best. No great candidate to replace him. The cost to sack him is insane. We haved already had our brand and image damaged. We've lost quality players. We have had the squad shaped closer to his image. Whoever replaces him (whenever that is) is going to have their hands full. Roman will want attacking football, but the squad will be suited to what jose wants. I'd rather see the club remove most transfer decisions from jose, demand he act in a respectable way in press interviews, demand he uses the squad we have (jan is not the time to address the key issues we have), bring through some youth (kennedy and traore were nice...but rlc needs time on the pitch without being yanked off at halftime) and have jose put his money where his moutb is and prove he is what he says he is. Otherwise he can resign. After all if hes as good as he us. Get out of this slump without having to buy his way out. Or resign and let the club he so publicly declares he loves off the hook for all the money in his contract. The truth is that this situation we find ourselves in is made far worse by jose and his public antics. He bought up getting sacked...he is the one constantly feeding the press with ammo. Shut up and get pn with the job .

    1. Well thought out . Yes our squad has lost quality players due to mourhino's one dimensional view of players and our squad is weaker .I question whether mourhino will last ,firstly because of his antics .

      Secondly he refuses to change formation to 433 which would benefit Hazard . All the other teams know exactly how we play ,yet he doggedly sticks with 4231 . But then all the other players that suited 433 are out on loan or been sold . One trick pony .

  3. Our performance in the last two games has improved but not Jose's attitude. I am fed up of his antics. If he is serious about staying with the club he would quietly go about his job. His frequent ranting makes one think that he is begging to get fired. Roman should continue with him and make him fight for his position. Firing him would be the easy way out for Jose which he wants. It will also be a lesson for Jose. One has to face the consequences for one's action. Stay back and work your way out of this one Jose.




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