Chelsea odds this season!

What do you think Chelsea's betting odds will be during the 2015/16 season? How will you make your wager? Are you going to use sports...

What do you think Chelsea's betting odds will be during the 2015/16 season? How will you make your wager? Are you going to use sports betting or slots gambling? If you aren't sure which option to choose such as Ladbrokes promo code here, check out the comprehensive guide that will highlight the benefits of both of these types of gambling so that you can make an informed decision.

Sports Betting Odds Explained

For those who are just starting out in the sports betting arena, sports betting odds can be one of the most frustrating sets of numbers you'll ever deal with, worse than trigonometry. But, it's important to learn how odds work so that you will be sure to make a profit when you are betting on, or against, Chelsea for the 2015/16 season. 

No matter which sportsbook you visit, whether in person or online, there are 3 types of regular betting odds:

* Moneyline wager: The bet is placed on who will win the football game outright, and with no point spreads or other factors. But, when you don't use the odds, the payouts are much different than if the odds were in place.

* Point spread: This is the most poplar type of bet because it gives bettors the chance to wager on the difference in score between the two teams. For example, if the spread is 8 and you pick the favorite yo win, they will have to win by 8 to push or 9 to win.

* Over/under: This bet is based on the total score accumulated between both Chelsea and the other team and, basically, you will place you wager on whether the score will go above (over) or below (under) a predetermined amount. For instance if the number is 5 for a football game and you bet the under, you would need both teams to make a combined score of 4 for you to win. 

With over/under and the spread, you many run across odds that have half points, they are in place to prevent a push i.e. an event where no one wins or loses a bet. 

Slot Machine Odds Explained

Because many online casinos use random number generators to power their slot machines, slot machines odds are more complex than ever. And when you factor in the different reels, symbols, and winning combinations, it's becomes increasingly clear that a mathematical approach may not work in this situation. 

Thus, the most important odds that you will need to understand are the machine's hit frequency and its payback percentage:

*Hit frequency: This is term used to describe an informed estimate of the ratio of losses to wins on a given machine. As the number of losses in the ratio decreases, the slot's hit frequency rate will increase. One way to estimates a machine's hit frequency is to play the machine 100 times and keep track of your results

*Payback percentage: Although this is an important factor in slot machine odds, you shouldn't get too caught up with a slot machine's payback percentage. Essential, payback percentages are made up numbers that guess how much a specific machine will pay back to a gamer over a period of time. The numbers come from the game operators who program the machine to return a theoretical amount to the customer. For instance, if a game developer says that a slot's payback is 90%, this means that (over a nebulous amount of time) the slot machine will pay back 90 cents for every dollar that it ingested. See, according to the odds here, this would be a great investment, but because payback percentages are slot machines returns in a vacuum, it would be your decision whether the risk was worth it. Even things out by trying out Online free slots by Grizzly gambling. In this way, you can play for free and keep your money in your pocket. 
Even with this comprehensive breakdown, betting odds can still be confusing. But, after you are given a lesson in the basic principles that govern these types of gambling, the next step is to make an actual wager on Chelsea and adapt the information you learned as needed. 

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