I am sitting here, gob smacked, gutted and in total disbelief as to how the same team who were the Premier League Champions have turned i...

I am sitting here, gob smacked, gutted and in total disbelief as to how the same team who were the Premier League Champions have turned into a two bob outfit who lack self belief and confidence. In my eyes, everything is wrong from Jose Mourinho to the players.

It's not as if you can pinpoint a single reason for our demise this season because you would be unable to. We have endless problems and the only way we are going to pick ourselves up and get out of the mess we currently find ourselves in is to go back to basics and to start again including the Manager.

As the final whistle blew last night, I looked around and could not believe my eyes. I cannot believe where we find ourselves and it's a serious, serious situation.

I think all of us had that horrible feeling in the pit of our stomach as we tried to contemplate what we had just witnessed again, we all felt and feel worried for the future of Jose Mourinho now. If anything, I have half expected Roman Abramovich to pull the trigger last night or this morning.

Jose Mourinho.

I don't want anyone else managing our club, I still believe in Jose Mourinho but now more than ever, he needs to sit down and re-evaluate some of the decisions he has made so far with his team selections and formation, to put his ego to one side, make amends with the players he has issues with, to get the players back together as a unit and to focus on how we can pick ourselves up again.

We understand that players have a dip in form or a bad game or two but to have continuous bad games, one after the other, is unacceptable and Branislav Ivanovic should be dropped. I don't care if you believe he is your best right back, I don't care if you talk with him and tell him he has to improve, it's clear that he isn't and has become a target for everyone that faces us. Drop him!

Three of our most influential players haven't turned up so far this season!

Just look at last season. If I asked you to name three players out of our title winning team that had the most influence in games with their overall play, who would you have thought of? For me it's Fabregas, Matic and Hazard.

Cesc Fabregas. 

We have to analyse our performances and we have to look at his influence in games this season compared to last. He is not having the same impact, looks slow and laboured in the deeper defensive midfield position and serious questions now need to be asked about where his best position is.

Nemanja Matic

The big midfielder must have gone home last night with his confidence six feet under the ground. To be dropped for two games to the bench, to then come on in the second half yesterday, only to be substituted after twenty minutes or so for attacking re-enforcements to come on is a decision that is not only ridiculous but will put the players confidence in you on the floor. He the best defensive midfielder we have!

Eden Hazard

He needs a kick up the arse, he really does. He always talks of the need to keep improving and to get better and better but he is a shadow of the player he was last season. I want to see Hazard ripping people apart down that left hand side but for some reason he isn't doing it.

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The formation is a problem.

I look at the Chelsea squad, look at the players we have available and personally, I feel that we need to put this 4-2-3-1 formation in the bin and to revert back to a tried and trusted 4-3-3 formation. Matic needs to sit in the Makelele role with two players outside him with licence to go up and down the pitch. Fabregas, Loftus-Cheek, Oscar, Willian, Mikel and Ramires are the six players we have to choose from and we MUST get the balance right.

We do not have the players to play 4-2-3-1 and as I have already said, Cesc Fabregas cannot play in that deeper position because if we are being brutally honest, he is too slow and can't tackle! If we played with a three in the middle of midfield, Nemanja Matic would have to sit and cover in front of the back four as Makelele used to do but, ideally, to only play the width of the penalty area because the two playing either side of him would cover the wide areas. Matic is being asked to cover too much ground this season covering Fabregas and as a result his performances have suffered as a result.

With the 4-3-3 formation, it encourages a high pressing game with the attacking three pushed right up on their opposing defence. Take Eden Hazard and Pedro away from tracking back the whole game, push them higher up, which in turn forces the full backs to sit deep with them.

The team would have a much better balance and players would be able to express themselves much more than they are doing right now.

The players need to take a long hard look at themselves and their performances so far this season. They are not good enough, they are making too many mistakes that are punished in this league and they need to work even harder to improve. If they are not prepared to do that, then they don't play and it's as simple as that.

The Chelsea Board.

Anyone who watched the Jose Mourinho Interview on SkySports after the game would have taken note of the fact that he appealed to everyone at the club to admit they have made mistakes this season and I believe part of that message was for the Chelsea board.

The reason I am stating that is to ask yourselves the question about Chelsea's transfer business this summer compared to last. A year ago, the board backed their manager and got BIG deals done early. Everything was in place before pre season started.

This year, Chelsea were slow and almost understated in the window and the John Stones failure was played out for weeks in front of public view. Do we think that Jose Mourinho got the players he wanted? I am not so sure.

Eva-Gate has affected players.

The who Eva Carneiro situation has clearly affected some of the players due to the professional relationships they had built with her and Jon Fern, They had treated their injuries for years and to see what happened must have been difficult for them.

However, I would like to remind these people that they ARE paid professional players who are paid a kings ransom to go out and to play the game they love. They train for two hours a day FFS!

Eva was invited back to Cobham and refused and made the decision to leave the club and that should be the end of it. For all these players who are STILL affected (according to reports), get wise, see that she has now chosen to walk away when invited back and move on!

A lack of leadership.

You think of Chelsea over the past decade or so and you think of a solid side, hard working who could mix it up with the best of them but in an instant, could unlock the door with some incredible football scoring wonderful goals.

You look at the spine of that unit and you would see FOUR leaders through the spine that inspired everyone else around them. Cech, Terry, Lampard and Drogba became the cornerstone of our success and provided experience and a solid base for the team to go out and express themselves. All of them could dish it out when needed, all of them could dig in and leave everything on the pitch when they had to and ALL of them could step up when required to come up with a moment that would win you the game!

I look around now and see only John Terry, there is no one else and that's concerning. Potentially, we have a new core in place to hopefully have the same impact over the next few years. Courtois, Cahill, Matic, Fabregas and Costa are the ones I am looking to now but have found it hard to take over the mantle.

It the situation we find ourselves, now more than ever, we need these players and others to step up just as the Legends at this club did over and over again!

Back to Basics.

I really believe that we need to go back to basics here now. We need to focus purely on the defensive side of our game first and foremost. If that means we play two defensive midfielders in Matic and Mikel next to each other if the manager decides that he will stick with the 4-2-3-1 formation, then so be it.

We are sitting where we are in the League with a -5 goal difference FFS! We MUST sort out our defence first and work on the solid base that all successful sides build from. Cesar Azpilicueta must play at right back with Baba Rahman on the left hand side. JT and Cahill remain our best defensive pairing and that have to continue.

I also want all this freedom of movement and expression put to one side right now also. I want players to stick to their positions with and without the ball. With the ball it gives us better options as players will know they have options to pass to and without it, we do not find ourselves being caught out time and time again to leave our back four exposed.


We need everyone brought back into the group, onside and as a collective unit once again. No clicks being formed in the dressing room but together as one. It's the responsibility of everyone to do so not just the manager but also the players.

We are in this mess together and that includes the supporters and it's time that we all come together, we back the manager, we back the players and they respond by getting back to how we became champions again.

We have two weeks to take stock of everything. We have two weeks to try and understand what has happened and to try and put it right. Hopefully, some things I have said here will hit home and we will see a marked improvement against Aston Villa.

If not, God help us!

What do you people think?

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  1. I agree with most of your article here particularly about the spine of the team. I have posted similar views on twitter saying how we are lacking leadership in the team. JT must play at the moment and Costa could be a leader too if he plays regularly. However it's the middle of the park that worries me most. Matic needs to step up and be that dominant influence in midfield again. We have the opportunity to put things right against Villa. If we can't beat them we are in trouble.

  2. Glad to read that at least you gave the Eva incident ('Eva-gate' ^ some credibility. I've posted before, on how I believe this may be the key factor /incident .. that has impacted the team.

    With regards to the football side (tactics /formations, etc) .. compared to you ('Daft') I know zilch .. it all moves to fast in real time for me to see those kind of things.

    I know some have dismissed the Eva thing, saying they were having bad results before that happened .. but I put that down to the team taking a 'holiday' /being sluggish, in their return to the new season - and that - they would have well and truly shaken off by now .. so for me, the Eva-gate thing is the key factor.

    You state that she was given the invitation to return / refused .. and that that should have been the end of it. I imagine she wanted to come back completely on her own terms, as well as to hear a very public apology from Jose both to her, and in the media .. and when this didn't happen, she pulled the pin.

    You are right to say .. these are professional players / sh** happens / they should move on /get over it .. easier said than done .. and I read elsewhere (BBC report) that the players are no longer listening to Jose ... I think a lot of guys don't like seeing someone beat up a woman, even if it is only metaphorically .. that he has 'beaten' her up .. certainly, he has humiliated her ... and in some respects .. as one of the few women (the ONLY one I can think of) associated with a football team / almost a symbol / mascot that helped distinguish Chelsea .... it's almost like part of their identity has been shredded.

    These players are just far too good for any talk of 'serious trouble' .. no way in hell will this team be relegated this season.

    I think Jose has to have it out with the whole team present on this Eva thing (if he hasn't already) .. let them speak their piece with no retribution / admit he was wrong/sorry .. and try to re-earn their trust /respect/will to fight for him ... I really do believe it's mostly a mental/psychological issue .. that's largely affecting their perfomances. If the above doesn't work .. it's a good time to start blooding a bunch of youngsters / dropping some names to the bench .. give the 'kids' a chance to make a name for themselves ...their motivation to do so, will probably over-ride any Eva factor.

    Finally, it would be a big mistake to sack Jose ... things will turn around, sooner or later, one way or another ... like the players, he hasn't suddenly become crap .. it's these other issues .. and I can't see him being given the boot.




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