As the Vultures circle - Chelsea fans MUST back Jose and the team!

Right now it's almost pandemonium in the media and the press as they wait with hope that Roman Abramovich will pull the plug on The S...

Right now it's almost pandemonium in the media and the press as they wait with hope that Roman Abramovich will pull the plug on The Special One! Chelsea fans must back the manager now more than ever.

Granted, Chelsea as a whole have not done themselves any favours this season so far but there have been signs that it's about to get much, much better. Our performances have improved even if the slightest mistake or defensive lapse is being punished at every opportunity.

However the press would have you believe this is all doom and gloom, there is player unrest, Jose is losing the plot and is struggling to handle the first real crisis that he has had to deal with and finally, players like Eden Hazard are being "quoted" as stating that they are looking to leave!

As I said previously, there are a number of factors that have contributed to the mess we find ourselves in at the moment. The failure of the Board to back the manager and bring in the players he wanted this summer, the players themselves for their attitude to games and lack of form in general and Jose for maybe causing too much commotion away from the actual game itself which has affected us. Jose must also take responsibility for some of his tactical decisions ( not all ) but some.

Out of everything here the media and press seem to be missing the real reason why we find ourselves in the position we do at the moment - individual mistakes! Collectively, we have made more mistakes in the beginning of this season than I can remember in the whole of last season; which in turn are being punished time and time again. 

It's important to remember that the Premier League and the teams in it become stronger as each season moves forward due to the huge investment made by the TV companies to broadcast the best League in the world. The fact is that the Premier League has almost become one of the most difficult to win every year because everyone has the potential to beat whoever they face on any given day. The mistakes you made a couple of season ago and got away with are now punished because of the quality in our League. 

Don't get me wrong here, some of our players need to take a long hard look at themselves and ask themselves the question "Have I been good enough?" hopefully most will say "No!" This situation we are faced with is as much the players fault than anything else without question. They MUST work harder in training and within games to stop these errors because as soon as we do, our fortunes will take a turn and as we all know, we have the ability to win games and get on a run to take us up the League. 

Take a look at where we are now and what THREE wins would take us. I believe 100% that our luck will change and we will finally get just reward for our performances of late. What better place to start than Stoke tonight and Liverpool on Saturday!

I understand that people listen to these ridiculous rumours and the opinions of these reporters that have never played the game at such a level to be worthy of an opinion but I ask you all to think again. Jose Mourinho is without question the manager that I want here and there is nobody better. You just know that if he leaves us, he will be even more successful which in turn will lead to questions as why we let him go AGAIN!

People have stated to me personally that there is something wrong behind the scenes which is the only reason that we find ourselves in the situation we do but I almost implore you to read what I have written above again to hopefully see the real reason(s).

One of the most successful managers in the game and a Championship winning team do not turn bad in every way overnight! Let's get behind the team and especially the manager right now because it seems that everyone and their mother are waiting for him to fail!

Trust me when I say this, TRUST IN JOSE! 

Read more on our struggles here: Whatever happened to 4-4-2? and Jose at the Crossroads?

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  1. Excellent article. Here's one I posted earlier on "Jose at the crossroads".......

    Let's put things in perspective. Aside from winning everything in Portugal, England, Italy, Spain and Europe, Mourinho has been instrumental in making us the most successful side in the country for over a decade. He's now responsible for some poor performances and the loss of half a dozen games. Okay, his recent behaviour hasn't done himself or the club any favours but sack him, really?

    The sporting media, pundits, press, etc. are also fans (in the main of other clubs) and as such have tremendous bias. They'd love to see Mourinho out every bit as much as the man on the street who isn't a Chelsea fan. Sadly they have a much louder voice than Joe Public and influence both public opinion and bodies such as the FA which adds to the pressure on the club. It will be a sad day if their propaganda gets the desired result.

    Mourinho certainly hasn't helped himself of late but his record is second to none. After all, we are currently champions (again).......

    1. How great is it to be a Chelsea fan?
      We have one of the top grounds in UK football on an immensely valuable piece of land and it looks probable that within 4 to 5 years it will be bigger, better and more iconic.
      We have a significant and rapidly expanding fanbase which can only be good for the future profitability and profile of the club.
      We have a first team squad that the majority of UK football fans can only look on with envy.
      We have arguably the best manager on the planet who happens to be one of, if not the most, successful in terms of trophies over his 15 year managerial career.
      We have an owner who just happens to be one of the wealthiest around and, just as important, is just as much a fan as you or I. We only have to watch him at a game, kicking or heading every ball as the contest unfolds.
      The last 12 years have given us the best period (by a country mile) to have been a Chelsea fan and very few clubs around the world will have matched our levels of success during this time.
      So, how good is it to be a Chelsea fan? . . . . . Bloomin' Marvellous it is, right.
      With everything that's in our favour we must expect bitchy comments from jealous fans of other, not so fortunate clubs and, indeed, the dreaded media.
      Now is the time to stick together, support the owner/Board/Manager/Coaches/Players and other Chelsea fans with even more vigour than in successful times.
      All we can do to help as fans is to give full and undoubting support. With the great and successful people ALREADY AT OUR CLUB they will bring back the good times sooner than later. KTBFFH

    2. Absolutely spot on.

      You should've posted this on a number of other blogs on here. Whilst the comments on this particular article are very positive, others leave a lot to be desired.

      I expect and understand the criticism from the media and fans of other clubs. In fact I quite enjoy highlighting their jealousy and bitterness at times but, the attitude of some of our own fans leaves me bemused. It's as if they're completely unaware of life before Abramovich.

      Perhaps if more of our own fans were to read your post it may just give them food for thought.

    3. Completely agree Norman, and you know what? I forgot to mention our excellent academy and fabulous training, fitness and rehab facilities! Wow.
      It absolutely feels like a watershed moment for our club. If Roman sacks Jose, any hopes we have for long term planning and developing talent in house will fade away.

  2. He is one of the best managers around and we need to back him at this crucial moment. If anyone can turn things around, its him. He at the same time needs to show the same maturity in his attitude and interactions. He can prove the media wrong by lasting longer than 3 years and cementing his future at Chelsea.

  3. Totally agree, many of our so called fans have very short memories of what Jose has brought to Chelsea, many are not old enough to remember the constant relegation/ promotion years and when a top half finish was deemed a decent season, the atmosphere at the bridge is diminishing as the prawn sandwich brigade move in.
    Roman must stay strong and back his manager, as must the players and fans, one thing is for certain, the queue will be long should Jose become available again and it will forever be Chelsea's loss.

  4. This man is a raw talent and probably the best coach in the world. Unfortunately, without any doubt he will end up ruining his career. I am sure he will not finish November with us. Hopefully!

  5. totally agree with everything here -- i think Jose has been affected by the health of his father who is gravely ill and by the sloppiness of the players ----we need some leaders in the team like lamps and drogba but those people are hard to find. Very pleased with the game last night the result was down to luck and kevin friend only ref-ing one side. There's nothing we can do about those two things --- we can just keep improving as a team.

  6. nothing will give me greater pleasure than to see the back of this physcotic miserable excuse of a man who has tarnished the image and brand of my club for so long now and also in his previous term. We dont need him, we need a manager who can incorporate and harness the youth intertwined with good entertaining players who play positive football for the club and for victory and a sane man who is a good example for everyone as the manager is the face of the club




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