MOURINHO: Newspaper Article states he must "Iron out flaws"

I apologise people but I just had to have my say on the article I have just read by Patrick Collins in the Daily Mail. He titles it "...

I apologise people but I just had to have my say on the article I have just read by Patrick Collins in the Daily Mail. He titles it "Jose Mourinho's talent is obvious, but it is time for Chelsea boss to iron out his flaws".

These are the most notable quotes taken from Mr Collins and I want ask your opinion:

"The cry rang out on January 1; a warmly familiar sound, like the chimes of Big Ben or the singing of Auld Lang Syne. Jose Mourinho, pouting and paranoid, was cursing the wicked injustices and sinister incompetence of referees. A new year but an old, old whine.

The occasion of the latest protest was Chelsea’s emphatic 5-3 defeat at Tottenham. The target could have been anybody with a whistle, but this time the honour fell to Phil Dowd.

Early in the match, Dowd had declined to award a penalty when the Spurs defender Jan Vertonghen appeared to handle. The decision was patently honest yet probably mistaken. No matter; Mourinho had identified his excuse and, as the Tottenham goals began to overwhelm his inept defenders, the Chelsea manager went through his objectionable routine.

Dramatic poses were struck, mundane decisions were dramatically contested, the fourth official was sneeringly harangued. The provocation was relentless, all of it endorsed by the compliant lackeys on his bench. The entire performance was an exercise in self-indulgence and the interview which followed was a piece of ham-fisted malice.

He was asked: ‘Was the “campaign”, the “conspiracy” against Chelsea, at work again?’ He replied, archly: ‘It’s a question I don’t want to answer.’ 

Later, still in full, drama-queen mode, he declared: ‘Every moment is unpredictable, but there are things which are becoming predictable.’ ‘Which are?’ inquired the interviewer. ‘Forget it!’ sniffed Mourinho, subtle as a toddler’s tantrum.

Clearly, he had prepared a diatribe over Dowd’s refusal to send off Federico Fazio for a challenge on Eden Hazard. From his position, perhaps 60 yards away, he had been screaming for that red card.
Television evidence then demonstrated that Dowd had spotted Fazio’s contact with the ball, a fact which Hazard himself confirmed.

It is worth regurgitating the details of his latest escapade, if only to illustrate his abiding philosophy. Throughout his first spell at Stamford Bridge, as well as his time in Madrid and Milan, he repeatedly fell foul of authority through his aggressive attitude towards officials. 

Some believe it is a calculated strategy to persuade his players that the world is in conspiracy against them. Others insist it is simply a self-aggrandising desire to win every argument and pull every stunt in order to finish at the top of the heap.

Mourinho is not an obtuse man; on the contrary, he plainly possesses an agile, original mind. As his record would attest, he is also remarkably good at his job.

He wants to be popular as well as successful; not merely among those starry-eyed admirers who can see no further than the glitter of silver, but in a wider circle, one in which style and personal grace are valued as highly as the narrow-eyed accumulation of points. And it is here that Mourinho falls miserably short.

As the new year episode demonstrated, he cannot rid himself of the desire to bully and demean those who stand in his way, nor can he reject the temptation to preen and to posture, to constantly demonstrate his undoubted cleverness. 

Every quarrel must be won, every grievance must be aired. And when things go badly wrong, every excuse, no matter how bogus, must be shamelessly paraded.

He has received an array of blessings, yet crucially he has been denied a sense of self-awareness. In more than two decades of coaching and management, he has enjoyed major achievements, but he has also revealed significant weaknesses.

At 51, he still has time to take stock of his situation. We should hope that he uses it wisely."

When he wasn't here they all stated that we miss him in our game. Now he has returned they all sit and wait with fingers on their keyboards waiting for him to fail. That's just Journalists for you though isn't it. We are a nation that like to build people up as quickly as we like to knock them down but I can assure you that this article will be one that will mean nothing to him or change his approach.

Football is all about opinions. I have mine and you have yours and that's why we read the Websites and Newspapers that we choose. It's all about you own individual approach to your life and how you lead it and with the Boss, he chooses to be the way he wants. No one can argue with his record.

People such as Patrick Collins play and part in what football has become today - a results business. The pressures in the game and the financial reward has changed football in this country forever.

I only write about football as I have never played professionally but have played at a good enough level and understand the game to give me a sense that I know what I am talking about. Hopefully, people that read this website would have that impression.

For me I love Jose Mourinho and his approach to football. He is fighting for the club he represents, for the players and for the supporters and that's the least you would expect from your manager. It's like anything in life, if you feel hard done by or have felt an injustice you don't just sit there and take it, you vent your frustrations.

Mr Collins has a short memory when he talks as he does of Tottenham the other night. He is quick to state what he has about Mourinho but think back to a couple of days previous and THAT tackle on Cesc Fabregas in the penalty box at Southampton! Was the Boss right to feel hard done by in that moment?

Football at times is about small margins and that penalty incident is the perfect example. If it had been given as it was proven that it should have, Chelsea would be sitting two points clear of Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table right now and not level on points. As a result, we would not be reading all the reports of Chelsea's apparent decline, Frank Lampard and more.

I'd imagine standing on the sidelines as he does around the country, game after game, Mourinho reacts to something played out in front of him within seconds. It's natural and most importantly of all without television replays. In some instances your reactions are right and some a wrong as we have seen but you react because it's the natural thing to do.

Plenty is made of Jose's approach during the course of the season and I would not change a single thing. So what if he creates controversy to take the focus away from his players. It's the way he likes to protect his players and to keep the group together and I have no problem with that at all.

I am writing this article in response to Patrick Collins because the boss has done it again. Think about it, plenty could have be written about our defensive frailties at Tottenham for days on end and covered from almost every single angle.

However, the players have had their time to come back together, understand what went wrong and what needs to change ahead of today without much focus.

People either love him or dislike him but ask any football fan if they would take Jose Mourinho as their manager tomorrow and I am sure the majority would in a heartbeat because of his record for success and because he is the best.

Articles such as these will inspire debate up and down the country and hopefully on here but nothing will ever change the Mourinho mould.

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