"I have to defend my club, and I have to defend Chelsea supporters" - Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho made a statement yesterday in one of the most intriguing press conferences of the season and had immediately made headlines...

Jose Mourinho made a statement yesterday in one of the most intriguing press conferences of the season and had immediately made headlines and caused debate. I am wondering as a Chelsea fan (or any neutrals reading this post) if you agree with what he said?

Jose Mourinho was continually being questioned about his team selection for tomorrow at Anfield. He refused to answer, he stated that conversations he has had with the club are and will remain private. That didn't stop all sorts of questions from the press and media in attendance as they tried to probe the manager, tried to goad him into revealing his decision ahead of Liverpool.

It was when he was asked about the Chelsea fans, that Mourinho decided to really speak out. He was asked how he thought the Chelsea fans would feel about the game tomorrow if he decides to field a weakened side and Jose Mourinho responded by saying:

"I think Chelsea fans want Chelsea FC to be respected and to get the respect Chelsea FC deserves. 

They know what Chelsea have done for the club and for English football for the last 10 years. They've been the most important club to defend this country in European competitions. They won the Champions League, they won the Europa League, they think Chelsea deserve more respect that they are getting.

They want Chelsea to go to Liverpool and play, as always, at the maximum giving everything they have. Which players we play? That's our decision, not your decision.

The most important thing for me is my club, and the supporters of my club. I have to defend my club, and I have to defend Chelsea supporters. And, if we are not helped to try to follow our dreams and our objectives, one more reason for us to close [ranks], to try and think about us and only about us."

As usual in my opinion the manager is SPOT ON!. We know who we are, we know where we have come from and we know exactly what it has felt like over the years being a club that has suffered through the bad times before the good of the last 10-15 years.

Chelsea will always be the club people love to hate because of Roman Abramovich's money and for the success Chelsea as a club, has enjoyed ever since. If you think about it, all Chelsea have ever done is spent the amounts of money we have in a short period of time compared to others who have invested the same over a longer period. Look at United spending £30m on Rio Ferdinand and then on Wayne Rooney for example.

The thing is, you look back to the time he came in to the state of football in this country now and the amount of overall money in the game has grown and so has the amount of clubs that have been bought by wealthy owners.

Man City are the obvious club to compare to Chelsea having sat back and watched their fortunes turn. Man Utd are now owned by wealthy people, Liverpool have had more owners that most in recent times but it doesn't end there. Look at Southampton owned by wealthy people, just look at how they have grown as a club from five years ago!

As I stated, Chelsea fans have got used to being hated and we simply don't care. Do you think being called plastic really bothers us? Only when the person that instigated all that in the first place comes in here as Interim Manager!!

Being a Chelsea supporter I back Mourinho 100% in his statement. I personally feel that we will NEVER get the credit we deserve because of Roman's money.

Our record of SEVEN Champions League semi finals in ELEVEN seasons is fantastic and if it was anyone else, the press would be singing their praises. Chelsea never get that.

If anything, as Jose gave the impression they would close ranks and revealed that any decision about team selection would remain private until Sunday, we have been like that for a long time now. Ever since the manager's first period in charge at the club, we have had a backs against the wall mentality and it remains here to this day.

All I want as a Chelsea fan is to see my team (whoever that is) go out on that pitch at Anfield and give their very best and a good account of themselves. We all know the manager has spoken of next season being the season where we WILL see ourselves as realistic title contenders so if I was use I would check out next season's Premier League betting and get on Chelsea.

I have said it already this week, Chelsea can still head to Anfield and beat Liverpool. You know it, I know it, Liverpool fans and the world knows it.

No matter what, I am 100% behind the manager. He defends us, we defend him.

Jose Mourinho - Chelsea Legend - One of us!

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