Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea: Foy and Villa knock us down a peg or two.

Chelsea lost for the first time in fifteen Premier League games at Villa Park last night as the game transcended into a nightmare. A comb...

Chelsea lost for the first time in fifteen Premier League games at Villa Park last night as the game transcended into a nightmare. A combination of Fabian Delph, Referee Chris Foy and the Villa performance on the whole has given us a reality check and knocked people like me down a peg or two!

I want to first congratulate Aston Villa for their performance and for the result. It's fantastic for them and another major scalp this season. They worked hard and although Chelsea had plenty of possession and moved the ball into dangerous areas, Villa were able to cope with us at the back and made life difficult.

With Benteke up top, they always have a chance and added to that the pace of Agbonlahor and Fabian Delph pushing forward from midfield, Paul Lambert is slowly putting a good team together.

Jose Mourinho chose not to speak too much in his post match interviews after being sent off by Referee Chris Foy late in the game. He did the right thing because he would have been hauled in front of the idiots at the FA again and fined, possibly banned for criticising the Foy's performance. I personally hope that Foy IS the one brought into face the people that make these decisions and dropped from the list of officials for next weekends Premier League games and asked to control a game in League Two or something!

He made TWO massive decisions that quite literally changed the game. Firstly, he failed to send off the Villa defender in the first half after Ramires was brought down. Ron Vlaar was never going to catch Ramires once he had knocked the ball past the other defender as Ramires had burst past him with his pace in the first place.

As Ramires gets to the ball first, he knocks it passed the defender who brings him down when he would have through for a goal scoring opportunity. Foy doesn't give it, the "Referee's Assistant" fails to see what 40,000 other people did (including those sitting right behind him sharing the same line of sight) and Foy deems the tackle as just a yellow card!

That was the first MAJOR decision he got wrong and the second was just as bad - The Willian sending off!

Now, I want to dig out Fabian Delph for his involvement in all of this because it's disappointing and when you see the incident again, you will see exactly what I am referring to.

Delph collects the ball and burst forward through midfield. Now, Willian spots it, and his pace catches up to Delph easily. Delph spots him coming, stretches his left arm out to try and fend off our Brazilian BUT, is already on his way down!

As soon as Willian makes initial contact Delph is on his way and goes down like he has been shot despite the fact that Willian holds his hands up and tries to avoid him.

At this point, Delph gets to his feet and immediately turns to Foy and almost pleads to him to get Willian booked and sent off for a second yellow and that is the second point about Delph in all this that I do not like. He should be better than that!

As the free kick is given, you can see that Ivanovic and Ramires are stating to Foy that Willian tried to avoid the contact and held his hands above his head but of course Foy was having none of it and gave Fabian Delph what he asked for! It was another scandalous decision and the SECOND MAJOR DECISION the Referee got wrong!!

As for Delph, he produced fifteen seconds of magic to win the game for Villa and that's what the football fans would want to see, not the crap he came out with to get Willian sent off.

He beat Ivanovic to the ball and left him on his arse, he flicked the ball passed Matic as if he wasn't there, knocked the ball wide and then as the cross came into the box, produced an improvised flick on the ball from behind his stride to knock the ball into the corner of the net to win the game!

Just as we thought the game was over, Ramires (who it was obvious to see, had reached boiling point) lost his head after knocking the ball too far ahead of him and lunged at the Villa player in what Paul Lambert described as a leg-breaker and I agree with him. It was a disgrace!!

We never want to see any of that in football and Ramires in that one moment has got himself at least a three game ban which is something we could have done without.

As I said, you could see Ramires getting more and more wound up as the game went on. The red card that was not given for the tackle on him in the first half, the Willian sending off where you can see that he tries to plead with Foy, he had lost his head and that disappointing.

In big games, important games, you need your big players to keep their heads and to perform. Ramires lost his and is now ruled out of the big games coming up. I wouldn't be surprised now if the FA decide to extend his ban because of the severity of his tackle and the intent.

Of course that incident led to the Mourinho sending off. Once Ramires had made the tackle, everyone was up in arms. Gabby Agbonlahor jumps off the bench, onto the pitch and grabs Ramires from behind around his neck which inflames the situation with the Chelsea bench and players.

If you look at the footage, BOTH the Villa and Chelsea benches are on the pitch and both managers. Lambert and Mourinho had embraced each other during the game, were often seen talking to each other and both seemed to enjoy it.

After Ramires is sent off, Mourinho heads towards Foy on the touchline and asks to speak with him, gesturing that he wants a time out and just to speak to him. Foy is having none of it and sends Mourinho to the stands for a reason our manager doesn't understand.

Mourinho keeps asking "Why?" and "What for?" and even Lambert shakes his hand and gives him a pat on the head as if to sympathise with him.

The game ended in a nightmare for us after it had started so well. I had stated earlier in the week that I believed this weekend, with the fixtures in the Premier League, that this was the time that City, Liverpool and Arsenal would ALL drop points!

We are yet to see what happens to Liverpool and Arsenal but after ten minutes at Hull, as Vincent Kompany was sent off, you could see that Hull had a real chance to take advantage - it never happened and credit to City, they got the job done and took three important points.

I wouldn't be surprised if Liverpool and Arsenal won their games today and all three close the gap on Chelsea!

We need to pick ourselves up now for Tuesday and Galatasary. It's a massive week with Arsenal coming next on Saturday. The problem we now have is that we face Arsenal knowing that we will be without Willian and Ramires.

Yesterday quickly turned into a nightmare for Chelsea because of Chris Foy. He made two scandalous decisions that influenced the outcome of the game and I sincerely hope the powers that be demote him to League Two next weekend. That's now FIVE red cards he has given Chelsea players in the last EIGHT games he has officiated in involving Chelsea.

Congratulations Villa and Paul Lambert on the three points. Chelsea never produced enough of a goal threat in the game up to the point of the Willian sending off and that was because of our poor play but also because of your working hard to stop us.

Time to refocus for Tuesday!

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