JUAN MATA: What do YOU think of his reaction and Mourinho's comments?

Juan Mata's reaction to being substituted early in the second half by Jose Mourinho will be making headlines and the situation doesn&...

Juan Mata's reaction to being substituted early in the second half by Jose Mourinho will be making headlines and the situation doesn't look good for our player of the year for the past two seasons running!

Mata was replaced by Oscar who had assists in two of our three goals and scored the other so you have to admit that the manager's decision was justified!

After the game, Mourinho was asked of Mata's reaction and said:
‘I don’t want him to go, that is my opinion and that is my wish - but my door is open. The club door is open too, so when a player wants to speak with us we are there waiting for them. But if you ask me do I want to sell him, I don’t want to. 
I didn't see the reaction, his frustration was because of the result - we have to win.
If we don’t win this game then the difference to the leaders is bigger. at the end of the game everyone including him it was celebrating the victory.’
Your thoughts on Mourinho's comments and Mata?

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  1. Mata is not mou type player. He would go but only if offer 4 him is good. ie £40M-£45M

  2. 20-25 million tops in current form and that's not enough to let him walk now. Maybe this summer. Oscar, WILLIAN, and Hazard are 1st choice players. Juan needs to accept his role & help the team win when called upon.

  3. He is a footballer and he wants to play..his frustration was a result of being subbed early having not featured in the past few games. But Mourihno's substitution can be vindicated because of how the team played when they came in. I think Mata should stay though and try his best to adapt his game just as Aspilicueta has done on the left back...

  4. Mata has no choic but 2 acept it. When he was on the pitch, chelsea weren't gud enough and we could hav lost. Oscar, willian and Eden made the differenc 2day. Am sure that after he saw willian and oscar score, he would undstnd why jose subbed him. Coaches differ from each other make their choice. If avb, di matteo and rafa used him regularly doznt mean that jose must do the same. He jst has 2 acept it the way it is and improve or he can leave if he wants.

    1. Do you ask Mata to improve on what? Skills?
      Come on !
      Show me another player enough skills like him? Anywhere else!
      Am just praying so that Chelsea signs him a leave.

    2. I can count 20 off the top of my head, but I'll give you just 5 for now... Neymar, Iniesta, Ozil, Hazard and Messi. All these guys have more skills and more end product than Mata. They don't need set-pieces to create assists, which is all Mata does right now.

  5. I believe Juan needs to see that he isn't very good as thought and decide now to improve on his overall performance. If by the way he reacted today he meant to say that he's already at his best,then he's lost his chance at Chelsea FC...he can ply his trade elsewhere. Jose as much as Chelsea need all hands,not some to be on deck

  6. When he was on the pitch,the ball was not good at all. He should try his best when you were given chance to play. I loved the way jos made subbed if not so we might loss the match. Work hard and be like Azeplicuta, no body can bench Azeplicuta today because he use to did a good job.

  7. 6 months ago, at the beginning of the season, it seemed unbelievable to see Mata on the bench all the time, specially after what he had done over the last two seasons... but after six months, I can look back now and see that Mata did have a solid impact on our game, however Chelsea was a team with a void in defense, not due to our back four, but due to the lack of defensive commitment from the front lines as well... we would lose the ball in attack and end up getting a goal against in a silly way... What Mourinho is trying to achieve is an overall eye for defense starting from the front all the way to the back four... When you see Oscar's performances, and not what he does on attack which is implied, if we look at what he does in defense to get us back into an attacking position, THAT's what makes the difference. Mata is a great player, and more than wanting him out, I wish he can change attitude and follow Oscar and Azpilicueta's example on how to get back into the team... I thought Azpilicueta would be like KDB, sitting out of the team for long months... look at him now, he even benched Ashley Cole!!!

  8. Absolutely shocking ! He is a top player that can score goals and should be playing. Missing against Arsenal, Liverpool and ManU.

    Mourinho has yet to bring consistency to the team's performance this year - one minute we are brilliant, the next awful.

    He has made plenty of mistakes - loaning Lukaku for one.

    Would be a big mistake to let Mata go.

  9. This is the manager that has always been popular with his players because he protects them from the media, rewards with hard work and gets the best out of each and every one. Unfortunately Mata is the exception to this rule, other than his little outburst against Southampton he's been the model professional, popular with his team-mates, not a negative word in the press and when called upon albeit bit parts I personally think he's played well. I'm disgusted at the way he's been treated this year and Mourinho needs to sort it out before he ruins the lads career i.e. no game time, no improvement, no world cup! If he doesn't fit the team then tell him and let him get on with the rest of his career somewhere else. No ones bigger than the club and that includes the manager as Mourinho found out the first time around. Mata may not track back as much as the youngsters but if the holding midfielder is doing his job then why cant the attacking centre Mid fielder push on looking for the ball and providing the assist? I don't think it's about attitude changing, we all know what Mata is capable of, we need the manager to give him a fair crack of the whip or let him ply his trade elsewhere.




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