Chelsea struggling with "Same old problems!" - Do you agree?

After the disappointing defeat at Basel, the press are going to town on Chelsea and Jose Mourinho. It's claimed we have the same prob...

After the disappointing defeat at Basel, the press are going to town on Chelsea and Jose Mourinho. It's claimed we have the same problems since 2007 - do you agree?

As usual in between games and because I like to keep an eye on things, I read the various pieces on Chelsea in the press and on the media. There is one article that has caught my attention and I am wondering how YOU the Chelsea fan reading this feels about the claims made.

The key points to the article are as below:

  • Benitez would have been booed by the supporters after the performance in Basel
  • Di Matteo was sacked because of doubts about his ability
  • The Chelsea squad is unbalanced and some areas on the pitch do not have enough quality
  • Short in central midfield, centre forwards and need better defenders
  • Mourinho needs more players who are prepared to do the things he asks of them
  • The strongest eleven cannot play up to three times a week
  • The most reliable players are the oldest? 
As far as I am concerned I agree that Benitez would have been booed because lets face it, he wasn't everyones cup of tea anyway. Does that mean they should have booed Jose on Tuesday?

I think if we are honest, RDM did a fantastic job and should have been given more time. I think if you think about it, he was given more time because the board were surprised at the success he had and never expected it so it was fair that he was rewarded. I love RDM as a player and will always do so because he won us the Champions League but we need to be realistic.

I disagree that the squad is unbalanced. I believe the 4-2-3-1 doesn't suit all the players we have whereas the 4-3-3 would. I am always of the opinion that you work to what suits your players and not making square pegs fit into round holes!

I disagree we are short in midfield but I agree about the strikers. Eto'o was a panic buy let's face it but is proving to be a good signing. Demba Ba was the same last term and although he tries hard and has scored some good goals for us, he isn't a Chelsea player. I agree we need better options at full back and we should consider Ivanovic as a centre back once again on rotation. Play Cahill and Terry together then Luiz and Ivanovic.

A manager will always look for players who WILL work the way he wants them to, that's only natural. I believe any professional football paid their worth would try and do what the manager asks of them. The problem comes about when they do exactly that and are being ignored as per the Juan Mata situation.

As for the strongest eleven playing three times a week, I disagree if there is no international football in between and no long distance travel involved. These players train for TWO hours a day and play 90 minutes of football for extortionate amounts of money, I would jump through hoops to be paid that amount for those hours.

I also disagree that the most reliable players are the oldest. Chelsea have a squad of young players who have already proven their worth and have produced for us. But in saying that, players need games to get their confidence, match fitness and produce on a regular basis. Once that happens, the manager feels that he can rely on them and age doesn't come into it.

That's my opinion! What do you people think?


Carefree & KTBFFH!

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