Your thoughts on todays game and reception for Benitez?

Hello everyone!. Well another match day is upon us and I wanted to gauge the feeling of as many Chelsea supporters as possible ahead of this...

Hello everyone!. Well another match day is upon us and I wanted to gauge the feeling of as many Chelsea supporters as possible ahead of this one about the game itself and of course the reaction to Rafa Benitez within the stands?

Once again, Rafa Benitez refused to apologise to the Chelsea fans for his "rant" the other day but mainly backtracked on what he has said to turn it into a call to unity. It was another example of how Benitez has avoided apologising to us after he still has not apologised for saying the below previously:

The problem is that he claims that the supporters are not behind the team. Chelsea fans support the team and players all over the country and in this case the world. We may sing our songs about Benitez but at the same time, we are 100% behind the players and each and every single player knows it.

You ask John Terry, Frank Lampard, Juan Mata, Ashley Cole and the others if they feel that the Chelsea supporters do not support them, do not get behind them and have disrupted them and you will get a different answer I can assure you.

If you thought Benitez received a bad reception in his first game in charge against Manchester City at the Bridge,  I have a feeling this will be ten times worse this afternoon and sorry but he only has himself to blame. It was a pre-planned "Liverpool-like" attack on the Supporters and the Board and now he has his tail between his legs.

Focusing back on the football, I AM feeling confident today that we can get the job done and an all important three points to put us back above Tottenham into third.

Of course it's never a foregone conclusion but surely we have the quality in addition to the fact we are at home to get the right result.

If we don't, then god help us!

Carefree & KTBFFH

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  1. Please get it out to the fans at the bridge, we(rafa included) all want to win, lets support the team(rafa included) abusing him wont do us or d team any favours, lets be realistic! COYB

  2. cd that was a fuckin years ago -- let it go -- I didn't care then and I don't care now -- the most crucial thing is that the team make the four -- i mean haven't you heard? Sticks and stones will break your bones etc

  3. Seriously at the end of the day it is about the team right now and booing and what ever else our fans are doing is not creating the right atmosphere for the home games. Instead of spending our energy hating on the manager why not spend the same amount supporting the team and cheering them on to victory...ppl just need to grow up, he made those comments when he was with Liverpool and while i realize that it may be unsettling to a lot of us, he did what he felt he needed to do for his team to win (throwing jabs at the opponent). So please lets cheer our team especially in the home games so we can get some more wins.

  4. What do you mean by 'A True Blue fan' ? You say you have supported the club for the last 40 odd years, thats great. But do you think that fans of CFC from the recent years when the EPL began their telecast around the world are not "TRUE BLUE FANS"?? Is it our fault that the only clubs from england that was heard of in other parts of the world were Man Utd and Liverpool. I have been supporting our club 'cfc' for the last 15 years ever since i could follow english football regularly thanks to advant in technology. I love the club and will always love the club. Maybe in another 20-30 years i too can say that I've followed the club for 40 odd years but then will that make a more "true blue fan" than the guy who started following the club later due to other reasons?? I have a dream to visit Stamford bridge and to watch a game there and i hope it happens soon. So pls refrain from calling other fans of our great club fake or other names just because they started following CFC later than you. After all we all bleed blue:)

    1. A true fan is somebody who has been there year in! Year out! Some one who dedicates their time and hard earned money and makes massive sacrifices to watch the team year after year! Who remembers sitting in the Matthew Harding stand and watching kanu score a 10 min hat trick after we had just played arsenal off the park for 80 mins or in 1994 traveling to wembly and watching our team get smashed 4-0 by man utd in the fa cup final or traveling to Cardiff and watching drogba break arsenal's hearts in the carling cup final or being inches away from catching jose's premiership winning medal when he threw it in the shed end! Watching RDM score the fastest ever goal in an fa cup final then watching Saha break that record against us when we played everton or remember sitting in Stamford bridge watching us smash man u 5-0 when Zola ran the show! I can go on and on with my memories because I am a true fan who has given up his money and spent hours traveling the country to watch the team he loves year in year out for 25 yrs ! This blog is full of plastic fans like you who slag of real fans like me and who have no right to comment because they have never even sat on a seat in Stamford bridge and probably never will!

  5. Anonymous - You sanctimonious bigot, I dont care if someone has supported Chelsea for 108 years or 108 minutes. A chelsea supporter is a Chelsea supporter full stop. You have no more right to your opinions than any other supporter and if someone disagrees with you well that is life get over it. We all support Chelsea in what ever way we can some are hindered by geography, some by financial means and some will never have the courage to attend Stamford Bridge in case they run into someone like you. BTW all the above information you could have trawled on the internet you yourself may never have visited SB

    1. Daddy blue... I may have gone to far in my post earlier and It was not my intention to offend anybody but in my opinion the definition of a " true fan" is somebody who actually goes and supports their team week in, week out come wind or rain in hard times and good times! These are the people who live and breath everything about their team and support the team irrespective of who the manger is who the captain is or even the owner is! The point I was trying to make (and with hindsight, maybe I didn't put my point across very well!) is that you pay your money,make sacrafices and take the time to watch your Hero's play for the club you love then you really are a "true fan" not some body who watches the odd game on the telly from the other side of the world! And their are a lot of so called fans in this site who leave ridiculous comments! But I guess that is their opinion and they are fully entitled to them! I am no bigot and anybody who pays their money and puts their bum on a seat is allways welcome with me and I'll enjoy watching a game with them! But you have to agree some fans are more "true" than others.




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