The purpose of this post today is to try and get as much opinion from Chelsea fans all over the world as possible and to get the debate g...

The purpose of this post today is to try and get as much opinion from Chelsea fans all over the world as possible and to get the debate going on the comments below.

Now, I had to work until late last night and never got to see us beat Sparta Prague 1-0 but was following our progress on Twitter. By all accounts, Chelsea were woeful and for the life of me, I sit here week in, week out wondering why?

The reality we are faced with now from one game to the next is the fact that we never know what to expect from Chelsea under Benitez and that is what disturbs me the most.

One minute we are playing flowing football at a quick tempo and creating numerous chances and the next we have a performance where we look like we are struggling!

I am going to keep this short and sweet because I feel this post (with comments) should be opened up for debate but I want to know what YOU the Chelsea fan reading this thinks is the problem with Chelsea under Benitez?

Is it our formation, the players, the playing style, the substitutions or the manager himself?

Carefree & KTBFFH

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  1. I think if u look at our current squad,we boast if not the best,one of the best squad in PL.somehow i think the problem lies in the spiritual side of our game.i blame the atmosphere in our team(stadium+dressing room).the fans hate rafa,the players dont respect him so there goes our form,chemistry and morale too.the team needs a fresh breath of air.change manager will definitely solve this problem.

  2. yea mate spot on. jose needs to come home, and be kept for a long time

  3. Benitez is our problem go and sign mourinho Roman Abrahamovich

  4. Rafa needs some time.. He Is a good manager that has his own style of play. One thing I like about Rafa is his Confidence. If he is given time he would deliver.

    1. Prove to me that rafa Ȋ̝̊̅§ a GƠ̴̴̴̴͡Ơ̴̴͡d coach,he managed liverpool and the only thing he could boast of Ȋ̝̊̅§ making torres the most feared striker as at then and he won the champions league with liverpool.his next appointment was at inter where he flopped...he Ȋ̝̊̅§ no GƠ̴̴̴̴͡Ơ̴̴͡d coach compared †̥ the likes of sir ferguson,arsene wenger,conte,david moyes,harry redknapp,jose mourinho,pellegrini,ancelleoti,RDM and villa boas...he Ȋ̝̊̅§ a joke...i think there should be a change of ownership or Roman should think well for a stability and respect....a team where Ɣ☺ΰ have players Lɪ̣̝̇к̲̣̣̥ǝ̍̍̍̍̊ mikel,lamps,ramires,oscar,mata,hazard,ba,marin,moses,iva,ashleycole,cahill,cesar,luiz and cech and Ɣ☺ΰ can't boast of at least 2trophies every season, i̶̲̥̅̊t̶̲̥̅ s wierd...bring back mourinho or roberto di matteo even david moyes Ȋ̝̊̅§ a better coach over benitez....blues till i die...get rid of el nino

  5. The problem with chelsea is Torres- it has always been Torres. And now its even worse that Fatty RB is the 'Boss'
    we are doomed!!!

  6. D problem of chelsea lies on d owner. He said he likes chelsea 2 be playing like barca. At a time, he acknowledge under benitez he dnt hv messi, xavi and iniesta, then told fat benitez 2 jst play his game and win matches. Now, d winning has been elusive. Torres factor is also a negative influence on chelsea squad. I dnt knw y we hv Ba & coach prefers sitting him on d bench and chose worst striker in d premiership as of now(torres). Benitez is nt d coach chelsea needs and he has proved dat he is d worst coach chelsea has under russian billionaire.

  7. Our reluctance to ditch Torres and bringing in a disillusioned Rafa. Did i hear any1 say Rafa got tactics? He got nothing, all he ever do is sit and write God knows what that never got implemented on the pitch. The same unpredictability that trail Liverpool during his era there is what is geting associated with Cfc. Definitely it cant be the players as we dont have the same player as Lpool hence, the manager should be the possible cause.

  8. I don't have a problem Rafa other than he's been arrogant, on his quest of doing it his way nd not been predictable, he has destroyed this sure team. No I don't get, why on earth did we get ba, to seat on the bench? Mayb watch our cup cake specialist flop. Its obvious elnino is clueless any time in front of goal, he shakes nd tench. Sooner than later, ba might get frustrated nd might took after Torres. I like rafa's confidence, but he piss me off. QED

  9. I think its time chelsea count their losses, and let loose a misfiring striker, I rilli don't think, he'll be in a good state of mind also (Torres). But, its time that abrahamovic. Count their loss. And let torres go elsewhere, and PS, I don't think we need another big name, expensive striker, (falcao or cavani). It seems to be the department we're lurking out. We need a no name striker. That'll deliver if presented with many opportunity given to torres on daily basis by our impressive mid-fielders. And lastly, no disrespect to benitez, but, I don't think he's a good fit for chelsea. Maybe we should get mourinho back to his rightful throne, bcos we need a winner, and we need him fast !

  10. Torres!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that is the problem behind chelsea performance nobody to score for the team which is killing the team spirit @ the start of the season we should have signed ɐ good striker but we went on depending on torres which is not good for the team another point is rafa can't manage the team cos he doesn't feed in best team in ɐ match, just went on playing is country men torres ahead of ba and the left back ahead of ivanovic the team need ɐ new friend the will keep the team alive and happy like ɐ good coach. RDM wasn't that good buh the player and the fans love him, buh rafa ɐ very good coach buh the player and the fans don't want him, he begged for the job so he should forget it he will not succeed in chelsea the best thing is to let him go ..........

  11. according to my views,we are having two big problem as stated below.
    1-Trying to build our team around toress is the 1st problem we are having,the team should be built around MAZARCAR & MOSES.
    SOLUTION: torres should be sold because he is a great distraction to our team.

    2-lack of experience,it is no doubt that our current set of players is talented but their experience is far from comparing to the likes of DROGBA,LAMPARD,BALLACK,DECO,ESSIEN, mention a few,
    SOLUTION:more time for them to play togeher,may be 2-3 more years will pay off greatly,it will help build their experience & team work properly,BARCELONA is an example of this.


  12. It's in the manager, Rafa. We are a listless ship ebbing and flowing with the tides. When we're good we're going with the waves, when we aren't, we're crashing up against him. We have no rudder. Rafa is to blame for the lack of motivation and direction. It seems he wants to spend more time defending himself publicly than fixing what ails us. He's not a good leader, he's a beauracrat and a foot soldier. He's not an inspirational leader. Rafa Out Fact

  13. Get Lukaku, essien, deBruyne, Courtouis and DI Matteo back....... Off goes Fatty RB, his son Torres (like father, like son - they r all flops) as well as Turnbull, ferreira, Hillario, Malouda and Yossi. Formation 4-2-3-1
    azpili, terry, luiz, cole
    mikel, ramires
    mata, oscar, hazard
    strong bench consists of courtouis, iva, cahill, bertrand, essien, ake, marin, lampard, bruyne, lukaku, ake and josh

  14. Completely agree with the team above. Exactly what id play if I were to manage. I dont think rafa would need to go if he played it as it pretty much manages itself. Still a clueless manager though as he makes terrible substitutions during the game and doesnt command respect from anyone related to chelsea. But the main problem has to be torres. The man just isnt composed enough anymore and giving ba and lukaku(on return from wba) the time to mould with the squad will make us 100 times more clinical

  15. I totally agree with the last two posts! If we played that team on a regular basis! Got rid of Torres and replaced him with lukaku and made Ba our first choice striker!
    but I would change the manager because I believe there is a toxic atmosphere around our great club! I would love Jose back But I want stability and he would only be back for a year or 2 before he fell out with roman and the suits again! Plus roman needs to drop this fantasy of beautiful football,Coz hard working, well organised teams who can counter attack Are more successful than Tippy tap teams ! There's only 1 Barcelona!!!!! we should bring in David moyes give him time and full control of Transfers! his teams lay their bodys on the line for him something our boys will never do for rafa!!




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