Tonight at Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea fans have finally made their feelings clear with Fernando Torres. To be fair, it's not surpri...

Tonight at Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea fans have finally made their feelings clear with Fernando Torres. To be fair, it's not surprising as all of us expected a major reaction from him tonight after the arrival of Demba Ba and his two goal debut.

What did we see, nothing! Literally nothing at all from the man and that for me is the most disappointing thing about all this.

I have been supporting Fernando Torres from day one. I believed in him and believed that he could get back to the player he once was. With the players playing around him, it would be difficult to consider that he would struggle again this season.

To his credit, he has chipped in with goals this season but like someone has said before now, it's the big games and important games that he seems to go missing. It's all well and good scoring against Sunderland and Aston Villa recently (no disrespect) but we need you to do it in games like tonight.

Yes he needs service, and whether or not he gets that in every game is up for debate but he needs to remain sharp, focused and ready to pounce in the box when a chance comes his way. Against QPR last week, he had one point blank and shot straight at the keeper.

Enough has been and will be said about Torres and his form. At the end of the day there is only one person that can help him now in his Chelsea career and that's Mr Fernando Torres.

I wrote on Twitter straight after the game an open letter to Mr Torres and it said:

I really hope that the supporters reaction to his substitution hits home. Surely he heard the fans sign "Fernando Torres, that's how it's done!" after Demba Ba scored his second last weekend!

Expect all sorts of coverage on this tomorrow in the press and the media.

Although my opinion is changing, I refuse to give up on Fernando Torres AS LONG as he doesn't on himself.

The thing is, tonight it looked like he has and so now have the supporters!

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Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. Torres is so bad! How long have the fans got to suffer this spoilt litte brat, Demba made him look amateur tonight and he was only on the pitch for 10mins! Come on Roman put him out of his misery!!!!

  2. Im not particular about giving up on him or selling him or whatever,i just want Ba to start the remaining 18 league games to achieve top 4.There after he and that Banitez or whatever his name is can look for careers else where.

  3. Haha! Shit Chelsea...

  4. Benitez shouldn't play gamble with games like this by using lazy torres when he has a striker like demba ba.Torres has been nothing but a huge waste of money and a huge disappointment àt chelsea.I honestly suggest that torres should be sold and the money used to buy a more capable striker.Honestly chelsea loosing to swansea is a huge shame and chelsea's game disappoints me these days.Benitez should wake up to d fact that torres is a disappointment.

  5. To be honest I am gutted about Torres
    For the two years since he was signed I have stood up for him I have always believed that we would get ba k the striker that he was at Liverpool
    But these days I have had enough it was the same against QPR last week I have had enough he showed no desire or spark for 80 minutes and I can't believe Benitez took so long to sub him. If Ba had started I think we would have won the game when we needed a finisher in the first half

  6. Am glad everyone is now seeing reasons frm my own point of view,torres is gone roman should cut his losses nd sell him follow me @ugunag for more chelsea talks,cos blue blood flows through my veins am interested in anyone who loves talking abt cfc,so just follow,nd I'll follow back

  7. I always supported Torres since he joined us...but enough is enough. He is so useless. Demba Ba has done more in 10 minutes then Torres in 80 mins. Can't see him starting any game now. Get a grip Torres, you a 50 million striker and you play like an amateur.

  8. Torres is a good striker, Yes, a very good striker for the opposition but not for us! Making torres start in the games like this, is like playing with 9 players bcoz, he is not only going to be missing in the whole game, but also gives the ball away when he have it!
    We are very dissappointed with a striker like him.

  9. We av tried to b patient wif torres as fans , inpatient has gotten d better of d patientness in us, torres shud been shown d door.

  10. benites is the reason chelsea lost he opt to hve remve torres as at 60 minute torres is jst so dissapointng the coach shud always start ba ahead of torres oh i miss rdm.

  11. Dead man Torres. No impact at all. I can't imagine a 50m striker doing things on the pitch like an ammateau. No positioning, no impact. Only to give up possession cheapl and jump aimlessly for ariel ball. Benitez should be blame for this cause why having agile and more mobile Ba and choose to go for a sluggish Torres?

  12. Spot on!
    Though the fans reaction puts more pressure on Demba ba, but think its also a "test of character" for him this next 2 months to prove to us fans that he truly deserves to lead our attack.
    Benitez MUST start him in all games now!

  13. Torrres is not d only picture in d photo. Chelsea team hv lost desire. We wanted dem to play beautiful football. D moment they started dat we are on d verge of loosing evrythng dis season even d champions leauge spot.D bridge is now a playground obviously; but was becomng d champions of europe d end of chelsea? Pls pls pls... To whom it may concern. Give us d fans a Break!

  14. Torres is a waste, a scum, why should chelsea keep on humilatin him? Pls sell him off.

  15. The £50m price tag has been a massive burden around he's neck, we haven't been moving the ball quick enough for him, he just needs time to settle and blah blah blah......... Times up Torres ! Let's face facts he is not the striker he once was so it's time to ship him out and take that muppet Benitez with him..............

  16. Banitez and tores ar d cause of our losing. Imagine chelsea losing to d likes of westham,Qpr and even swanse very was dis same pple dt made 2 loss d world club cup. Haba dey shld b shown a door out

  17. i just dont understand why roman wont let other clubs that need him have him. Follow me on twitter: wabby_blue and i will follow back. #cfcfamily

  18. I have defended Torres to the hilt before, he is a confidence player, needs s run of games not 2nd fiddle to the main man Drogba etc, but if i was consistently this poor at work i would be shown the door regardless of previous results. Its time for Roman to stand up and do the decent thing and get rid! He does it with the managers so its time to do the same with Torres ....... and don't start me on that Spanish/Scouse goatee'd prat in charge!!!

  19. Please, look for additional beach and give to torres. Let BA. Start all remaining matches be it capital league 1, F A cup, and so on.




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