The Helmsman - Mourinho or Pep?

As the title implies, this question is with regards to our management. As mentioned in CD (and just about everywhere else, for that matter),...

As the title implies, this question is with regards to our management. As mentioned in CD (and just about everywhere else, for that matter), Pep has stated his desire to return to coaching after this season. Furthermore, reports are aplenty in recent weeks about the issues Mourinho has with Madrid, or the issues Madrid has with Mourinho, and just about every other varying scenario involving these parties. Naturally, that's led to extreme speculation that he may be headed for the exit door come May, with even Benitez being touted as a possible successor. This leads me to pose a simply stated, but controversial question:  If you could have your pick, who would the Chelsea community rather have at our helm, Mourinho or Guardiola?

Would you rather see a renaissance of the glory days of old with Mourinho on the touchline? Or would you rather have a new era ushered in with the Tiki-Taka style of play that Guardiola would surely try and impose on us?

Another question that I perpetually consider is the fact that Mourinho has had incredible success in Portugal, England, Italy, AND Spain. Pep has found all of his success in Spain at the helm of Barcelona with a crop of players who, arguably, may be one of the greatest dynasties ever assembled. No doubt we have enormous amounts of talent at our disposal here at Chelsea, but I think it'd be hard to argue we have the same quality and chemistry as Barca (even though WE DID BEAT THEM LAST YEAR!). We know Mourinho can handle it (as well as he can the press), but how would Pep adjust to the Premier League?

Now, I know that the point of this posting was to start what will likely be a contentious debate about who (if we had the luxury of choice) we'd rather see, between Pep and Mourinho, on the touchline next season. But, let me throw a wrench into the gears and name someone who I personally would really enjoy see given a proper chance as Blues boss - Diego Simeone.

Looking at what Atletico has accomplished the last few seasons with Simeone in charge, I have to say, he looks like the real deal. The talent at Atleti is there, yes, but his development and management of the young players in his squad has been superb. Adrian, Turan, and Falcao have all flourished under him. I believe he's someone worth strong consideration.

So what do you all think? Mourinho, Pep, Simeone, other names to throw in the hat??

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  1. Probably michael laudrup deserves a mention too.he's been outstanding with swansea this season.but the downside of trying to get these managers with potential(simeone n laudrup for example) is we might get a rerun of the Avb i def think its best for mou to take over.someone with lots of credibility.and winning touch too.

  2. I would love to see someone like Jurgen Klopp, he has done a lot to make what BvB are right now, he do like to give a chance to the youngs, the players from.the academy, he would play the likes of Feruz Bamford & co... I think with Mourinho we wouldn't see any of that and with Guardiola, I don't know he hasn't proved anything for me, yes he won a lot with Barcelona but come on, he had Messi and co, look at Villanova he's cruising with Barcelona, I wanna see him in a team that doesn't have that group of players to see how things pans out for him! Imagine we spend a lot for him but he flops, where do we go from there? I bet Roman will go after Villanova, lol...

  3. as a chelsea fan,i would love mourinho back for a simple reason-trophy.mourinho guarantee 100% success as a manager ask(Sir Alex Ferguson)why he think mourinho should replace him not coming to pep its a big risk n i dont think chelsea should/can afford that now chelsea need long term stability.pep need to prove himself first that he can tiki-taka style:)with different club(no iniesta,xavi n messi).who can manage chelsea without getting sack within 6 to 7month?-MOURINHO,who want to be chelsea manager-MOURINH0(we love him n he love chelsea).can anyone name a manager who express love 4 chelsea??-hmm....oh MOURINHO.can u name a manager who hate chelsea?-lets not be a fool!

  4. I would prefer jose mourinho because he was once a manager of the team, he knowa all the menbers of the club interactive with the players, fans favorite and then he can face the crisis of ferguson and the stupid FA he even understand English I go for the special " One"

  5. BRING BACK THE Special One to Stamford, Roman... He has experience with Chelsea players and the EPL... Everyone knows Jose is a successful manager, And he has a good record against the Premier League Elite... He can motivate players and become one with players

  6. Mourinho without a doubt. I hate tiki-taka, f*ck it.

  7. Pep is a good coach on doubt so as Mourinho but the qeustion is can Pep's tiki-taka work out in the premier league and for Chelsea? because PL is more physical and traditionally Chelsea doesn't play possessive footy. I don't want us to be victims of an unsuccessful experiment again look at AVB he gained the experience in Chelsea and went to Spurs to boom. Mou is the right man for the job apart from being a good manager he is a Chelsea fan he use to say that again and again he has travelled all over Europe to gain experience Mou may not play much attractive football but he'll get the best out of the every single player he can take average players to the top besides Chelsea got world class players from the front to the back. Pep spent all his career in one club as the blog writer said.

  8. Rafa should stay, whats the point of getting mourinho? We want beautiful football and rafa has helped us with that. Not go back to square one. If rafa goes then pep should come, he can help develop youngsters like mceachran, mata,hazard and oscar.

  9. 1. mourinho
    2. simeone
    3. mancini
    4 guardiola.
    w/ mancinis situation @ city, he deserves a mention.

  10. good news guys,bayer munich announce that pep will become their next manager starting new season.alrite roman!time to call mourinho back home:D.and good luck to pep managing a weak league well it suit him.he's afraid to face the like of ferguson,wenger n mourinho with different team...hahaha shooooo.....!hope borussia dortmund thrash them again




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