Suggs recorded Chelsea's famous FA Cup final song back in the day with the words "The only place to be every other Saturday...

Suggs recorded Chelsea's famous FA Cup final song back in the day with the words "The only place to be every other Saturday". After what has happened to the club "We all adore" it seems as though Stamford Bridge isn't something we look forward to at the moment as far as the press and media are concerned.

Chelsea's home has been described by parts of the media as "Toxic" due to the recent frustrations aimed at the Chelsea hierarchy, Rafa Benitez and Fernando Torres and have stated that players "dread making mistakes at the Bridge these days because of the reaction from the crowd".

How do you people feel about that? Are they right?

It's important to remember here that Chelsea supporters pay monies week in, week out to see their team play. They are the heartbeat of the football club and we have every right to have an opinion.

It's the same in life in general. Each and every single one of us has an opinion and is entitled to do so and as we know, not everyone has an opinion that is the same.

Why can't we make our feelings known? Why can't we show our frustrations? Imagine the Bridge being a quiet place with people just sitting in their seats, watching in silence?

Everyone has an instinct and everyone knows what is right and wrong. When Roman Abramovich made the appointment of Rafa Benitez as Interim Manager, he must have known the general opinion amongst the supporters. With the speculation of Benitez and the ongoing reports, Chelsea's men in charge would have been privy to the sense of opinion but went ahead with the appointment regardless.

The reaction from Chelsea fans would not have been a surprise to anyone "upstairs" believe me!. As you will hear from the Chelsea faithful on match days: 'We don't care about Rafa, he doesn't care about us. All we care about is Chelsea FC". It says it all really doesn't it.

Rafa Benitez has said that by winning games, the supporters will gradually change our opinions of him but being honest, I couldn't care less about him. He is only here to use Chelsea as a stepping stone, putting himself back in the shop window for a possible move to Real Madrid in the summer.

With being knocked out of the Champions League as the holders creating history was a disaster. Losing the UEFA Super Cup in the manner we did was embarrassing and travelling all that way to Japan to go on and lose the Club World Cup didn't help things.

Once again, I don't think that the people "upstairs" would be surprised at our reaction.

I would like to point out to everyone concerned, we are the current European Champions. We won the biggest club competition in the world and expected so much this season. We stand proud and sing the fact that we are and having to watch what has happened before our eyes is not acceptable.

To sit there and witness two home defeats in the space of a week to QPR of all people and then to Swansea at somewhere that used to be a "fortress" is just ridiculous for a team with the players we have and why can't we show our frustrations?

If anything with Fernando Torres, the Chelsea fans have supported him from day one until recently. He has been here two years, made 100 or so appearances and has struggled to adjust to life at Chelsea for one reason or another. Week in, week out we have been right behind him, built him up when he has felt down and supported him and he knows that.

However, whether Rafa Benitez is telling the truth or not is down to personal opinion about Torres' performance against Swansea. It was the first time that the majority of us began to see the same as the small minority that had been apparent for a while amongst the supporters. He never seemed to care, want the ball or had pride in the shirt.

Why was it so wrong to show our frustrations at someone who earns more in a month that all of us do in a year? Why can't we complain when someone we have stood by for so long doesn't seem to want to give it everything?

We have seen three performances away from the Bridge in recent weeks that have been outstanding. Leeds away (5-1), Southampton away (4-1) and Stoke away (4-0) and it seems that we can't do any wrong away. Is that because the players feel at ease and much more comfortable?

Is it now time to stop and get behind the team and the manager at Stamford Bridge? Do you feel that we have made our point but it's time to move on? Do you feel that the fans reactions have been noted or  have we just been wasting our time? Most importantly of all, do you feel that it HAS affected our players and they "dread" playing at the Bridge these days?

So what do you think Chelsea fans?

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Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. I think d pressure at d bridge is affecting d players cuz d fans dnt even support dem anymore rather dey crtisize rafa nd d players.I think d support isn't dere anymore like d days of RDM.I think it is time to move on nd just support z we didn't start supporting chelsea cuz of rafa or RDM for dat matter no even cuz of roman. Let just KTBFFH

  2. truly the players have lost their confidence at home. Opinion have been made known, let us support our team. Rafa Benitex is just going to be there for less than six month, and as it well said, he is not concern about us but when he leaves Chelsea must continue. Let support the team so that they can start winning at home.

  3. Thing is, we'll never love Rafa! That's a fact! But sometimes you have to measure the distance btw the hate for Rafa and the love for chelsea. Am sure we'll all love chelsea more so its just a matter of us enduring it till the summer, We'll know he want get the job. So its time to get behind the team for us to have a good end to the season! #KTBFFH

  4. Solution , start with
    Ba. Leave Torres on the bench. Watch the difference.

  5. Firstly I'd like to add that the fans frustration is normal like u said we the fans are in every other game expecting to see a win n when it doesn't go according to plan its makes everyone angry n dissapointed n so thus the pressure on the players increases n as far as rafa is concerned.Fellow fan mates plz I think its time we got behind the club atleast if not rafa because from what I see we the fans are ruining the players morale n I personally feel we should put the past behind us n camon if we don't get behind rafa we are going to lose our premier league title chase n if that does happens its all someway or the other our fault so people let's please just get out act together!

  6. 1st of all, i support Roman 100pcnt 4 evry decision on e team. Its only right 2 sack under average managers lyk RDM who don't qalify 2 run a top side lyk chelsea, 4 a more competent and profs lyk rafa who've been in e game nd knows e ins and out of e epl. I tnk its hi tym the fans shun acting childish and learn 2 accept reality. Their hatred on rafa's only worsening e team's situation causing e team's woefle p'formans in our own homegrounds lately.
    If they truly lov e team, why'll dey do what'll dumpen e image of e tim @ dees tryin tyms? Dey nid e tim as much as i do 2get bak on track wit its fytin spirit which was nearly lost under e hands of RDM. Rafa kan do it..he onli nids our support and tym...

    1. Point of correction...Under average managers dont win the Champions League...ask Hudgson and Wenger...and please, the Team AVB unsettled, RDM brought out their best and they won 2 major if yu need under average managers, contact Hughes, Mc carthy and Keane

    2. lol to call the fat spanish waiter a better manager then rdm.... one won a CL and the other hasn't. one motivated players, the other motivates fans' anger. only one di matteo! ktbffh!

  7. keep making the point, we dont want Rafa. He talked and still behave in a derogatory manner to CFC fans. We don't want him here.
    We care about our chelsea not Rafa and his Torres.

  8. U are not competent, u are saying RDM is under average coach are u looking at d back of tv? Is better shout up if u dont know any tin about football, is rafa ur family@nando ur sibling u dis imbecile.

  9. @nando u most be insane how dear u say RDM is an under age coach? Don't u know that for now there is no any best coach like RDM cos he brought us what we have been looking for over a decade ago, rafa is just not a coach for Chelsea and will never be one.

  10. I think rafa and f9 want to ruin chelsea and i began to suspect mata too those spaniard are ridiculous and i dont knw if roman abramovic ever think abt this

  11. Firstly, it's ungreateful to call RDM an average coach. Though, it's now urgent we get behind the team so as not to run down their confidence. But how does one react watching your team playing good football only for one player to be showing lack of zeal to score and the same player is the highest paid, this same player is being treated like a kid. Today he need confidence, tomorow pressure is on him, next day he is ill. All these excuses have help Torres from day one till now. To restore peace at the Bridge the management must do at least combination of two of the following; 1-get rid of Benitez, 2-give Lampard new contract, 3-Get another striker to partner Ba and send Torres away.




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