EMENALO - Time to point the finger at our Technical Director.

Michael Emenalo is someone who had unheard of before his appointment as Chief Scout under Avram Grant at Chelsea. When Ray Wilkins left t...

Michael Emenalo is someone who had unheard of before his appointment as Chief Scout under Avram Grant at Chelsea. When Ray Wilkins left the club, he was promoted to Assistant First Team coach in November 2010 working with Carlo Ancelotti. In July 2011, Emenalo was appointed Chelsea's Technical Director. He has been in that role ever since.

I want to point something out here, ever since he was promoted to get involved in the first team and first team affairs, Chelsea have been in decline.

We often here when a manager is appointed by Roman Abramovich that they have spoken to Emenalo who has pointed out what is expected from them. We hear about meetings with Roman AND Emenalo such as the one last week with Rafa Benitez who openly spoke about it.

I am sitting here wondering why this guy has as much clout at our football club when he achieved nothing as a player. Why does he have such influence with Roman Abramovich?

Emenalo is involved whether we like it or not, with the decision to sack Ancelotti, to appoint and then sack AVB, to appoint and sack Di Matteo and now to appoint Benitez.

On the Chelsea website it states the following:
Michael Emenalo previously worked in both the scouting and coaching departments before being promoted to his current role in July 2011. He has been an important part of the first team management structure since his arrival in October 2007, and now supports the work of the first team manager, leading the club's international and domestic scouting network, and assists in driving the technical programmes of our Academy and international youth network.
After reading that you have to wonder why on earth he is involved with the big decisions at this club if he is in charge of Scouting and the technical programme of the Academy? Surely we need someone with established football credentials advising Roman Abramovich and not Emenalo.

It states that he is an important part of the first team management structure and again I point to the fact that ever since he has been involved, we haven't won the Premier League and only won what we did last season because of the management style and tactical acumen of Roberto Di Matteo.

Why can't someone like Guus Hiddink or someone with a successful managerial career wanting to take a step back come into the role and let Emenalo do what he was brought into the club to do from the beginning and that's scouting?

We need a football man with the right credentials to be as heavily involved with the first team management structure and NOT Michael Emenalo!

Roman if you have been looking for answers, look at the bloke working alongside you and you will realise he  isn't and has not been the answer!.

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Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. He has the word 'scum' written all over his face

    1. That is a very stupid thing to say!

  2. This article is baseless!

  3. Oh now u sounded sense in ur article.

  4. Man u are a big fan of racism. I jx thnk God u ain't Roman cox we won't hv gotten d legendary drogba and co.... Was Emanelo involve in d sacking of scolari, morinho, avram grant, wikins, rinieri??? Plz temme wat morinho achieve as a futballer?? Yet he was successful in his coaching carrier.... Plz dude, stop being a racist and focus on doing sumthng meaningful 4 d progress of d club 4 nw... Pointing unnecessary hands won't do any good. Jx take a luk at d vry big erro Roman made abt 11 days ago..!!

  5. I guess you've run out of people to blame that's why you accusing mike. If he wasn't good enough, I bet abram wouldn't have approved and retain his appointment. So seriously look for someone else to blame.

  6. You sound very unprofessional with this article, baseless and senseless.

    You should talk about Benitez technical and tactical flops and not someone who has done well for CFC.

  7. The writer of this article is a big fool, we don't need racist writing articles about #CFC... Go get ur facts before writing rubbish scum bag

    1. I agree it's not a great article but why call him a racist?

  8. Rubbish n baseless article...ur blog is becoming an embarrassment...d last article I read here was in praise of Torres..Doubt ur a true d way u don't need to be a great footballer to know abt managing a football club..may be u need to check out trophies Mourinho won as a player...or check out How greats like Pele n Maradona hs done in again a rubbish n baseless article

  9. With all due respect, I would like to analyse the FLAWS in your Baseless article: (1) to say chelsea's been in decline, when he has "seamlessly" refreshed d "aged team" to a more youthfull & talented one is WRONG! (2) As Tech. Director, he has successfully negotiated deals of precocious talents (Mata 23, Cahill 25, oscar 21, Hazard 21, Azpi 22, Moses 21, Marin 23) & emerging talents like Courtois, Lukaku, Piazon, patrick Bamford, Islam Feruz,Jeremy Boga, Thorgan e.t.c who are really impressing! (3) His impressive Scouting ability & talent hunt has really shown in our youth team where they've Won 2 youth FA cups in 3 yrs! (4) your inconsistency is also surprising, while you were happy to criticize him for the Coaches that failed, you then credited RDM for the success of last season. That's wrong! In fact, I think he should be credited more for promoting an assistant coach (RDM), or is it the usual practice? (5)the statement said he's been an IMPORTANT part of 1st team since 2007, during which time we've won EPL, FA Cups, LC & Champions League! So dear writer its obvious you've got it all wrong!!!

  10. but remember ever since he was appointed, we never sign a flop player like torres. Fuck u asshole, screw u fucking racist!

  11. I second the racist replies, I have been entertained by your blogs before, this is far from perfect, stop smoking racism socks before blogging, I also am starting to doubt your intellect.
    This is a useless piece of reading.
    Don't waste our time, the english fan base is lately exposed for its racist view of soccer, I believe it is people like you who are helping escalate racism in soccer, your article is useless to the advancement of true sportsmanship and an embarrassment too.
    Chelsea is not only supported by whites or english people, there is infact VERY FEW ENGLISH players, pls connect the dots and wake up from your racist socks high.

  12. Whilst I agree with the comments about this article having little substance or evidence of what the author discusses there is absolutely nothing to suggest racism.

    Can you point out to me the sentence where you establish this has any racial conatations?

    Whilst I agree there is no place for racism in sport or life-i think in this case some of you are throwing in racist card too willingly when there appears to be nothing of the sort to back this up!!!!

  13. Emenalo is the route of all the problems at Chelsea !
    For real Chelsea fans who has been with the club for many years even b4 Abramovich when they're were real supporters we can see this guy is ruining are club get him out not he is a looser !

  14. Stop playing the race card all you African boys it's got nothing to do with colour after all our heroes are drogba! Makale !etc etc !

  15. It has nothing to do with race ,what sort of idiot would send 24 players on loan leaving us with the smallest squad in our busiest season ever ,and BTW Gourlay needs to go as well ,Samsung were going to dump us than we win the Champions league and he resigns at the same rate ,Sunderland got a better shirt deal than us at the same time .

  16. You all said race has nothing to do with it yet, you are blinded with the fact that, during the trouble periods of Chelsea, Mike, guided them to win champions league and also Europa league, yet he did nothing.
    I don't know you age but check the Nigerian squad in USA 1994, he was there as a left back.
    Love him or hate him he is technically sound in hiring and implementing change in football.
    Thanks to him Chelsea won't bounce back this fast. Ask Liverpool and Manchester united.
    He is a genius he deserve some respect not condemnation




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