What's wrong with Chelsea?

I just wanted to publish this post to hand this over to YOU the Chelsea fan waking up after another two points dropped, making it seven out ...

I just wanted to publish this post to hand this over to YOU the Chelsea fan waking up after another two points dropped, making it seven out of nine and seeing Chelsea slip to third in the Premier League behind United and City.

What do you think is wrong or has been wrong with Chelsea over the last three games? Is there a real need for concern or is this just a slight blip?

Give your view and your reasoning below.


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  1. Mikel and Torres. Anyone who thinks Mikel is a good player is an idiot. And Torres's heart isn't at Chelsea.

    1. Anybody who thinks Mikel is crap is an even BIGGER IDIOT!!

    2. Well said pal, Mikel has come on leaps and bounds. So many deluded Chelsea fans who think they know football, but yet, make stupid statements about certain players.

    3. Mikel is great vs certain style teams. Where things are a bit deadlocked- they need to bring in someone who can move the ball a bit faster. Where teams are comming at us hard- mikel shines. Only when they sit back does he become less effective. Torres works hard but is not as deadly as he should be. Also moses gets introduced too late- and marin doesn't get a run in to make the left a bit wider naturally. Just feels that killer instinct has vanished since the scandal vs man united...

  2. All those who seem to be concerned or are over reacting...fucking relax! ..We dominated liverpool for majority of the game. Ours is a relatively young side, cut em some slack. We probably might not make it to the top at the end of the season, but we sure will be dominating the league in a couple of seasons. Be patient. Have faith in RDM, he is doing a great job. Ktbffh.

    1. Right you are! Torres has got to go though, useless and weak in the head! As a striker, you take the last man...every striker knows this! So what the hell is Torres doing, dropping so deep and acting as though he's part of a quartet of midfielders?? He has totally forgotten his role. Leave the graft to the likes of Mata, Oscar and Hazard. Play the last man and the goals will surely come. KTBFFH!

  3. its u who is a big 'idiot'.yo very blind to see
    what mikel's work.

  4. I agree with the mikel comment maybe not torres though, I believe torres's role has changed, he is no longer a ruthless striker but a provider now... If Chelsea buy Falcoa I believe we should change formation to a 4-1-3-1-1 with torres just behind the new striker and our usual 3 midfeilders and rami in holding mid... But yes, Mikel is rubbish, we should never have sold Raul as he is a born and bred holding mid... Otherwise this Christmas we need to reinforce the holding mid field role, left back role and striking role

    1. i wouldnt mind seeing someone like de rossi in winter. he has problems w/ zeman in roma, but could play the cdm role very well. as for lb, im not really sure. bertrand is ok, but maybe not good enough 4 a top club like us. maybe criscito from zenit could work. as for a st, cavani/falcao here we come

  5. Rdm is too cautious and more focused on the future rather than now. I think in bid to have a more fluid team he has over played some players ie Torres and Mazacar in order for them to gel

  6. Milel isn't crap and every club knows it, put him up for sale and see how many clubs would fight for is signature, yes he lacks that goal instict but i dont see 32million pound hazard come to the resque either, but that doesn't mean hazard is rubbish either, Torres is the problem, you i tell people he's a wicked lad without a concience cos no club would have spent 50 mil on him but we did we even spent another 95mil bringing n mata,hazard,oscar,marin,moses just to make sure he receives the services required to do a good job but all to no avail, i know RDM promised him automatic first choice but he's got to break that promise sooner rather than later,Falcao would be very expensive to bring in and would attract a bidding war considering we just broke even financially i wouldnt want a loss next year and i believe the board has worked so hard to get back into a financial deficit next year, Huntelar on the other hand is relatively cheaper so i guess he should be the prority then at the end of the season we need to bring falcao in, we also need a left back and a right back, sell malouda, and ferrera.

  7. Torres is chelsea's problem..rdm is so blind n i dnt kno y he stil chooses him!anyways,he'l so gt sackd if he contnue's dis it mins if no defndrs or midfldrs scre we cnt win game,so y is torres stil playin..we shld hav bin goin in2 d pitch wit 10 playrs rather!is di matteo blind,he starts makin useless subs at 80mins wen he shd hav dne dat at d bgn of scnd halfs n expts luck..wot a joke!

  8. Our problem now is Over-confidence. Cahill said it they dont feel it when we down. At the start of the league who boosted our confidence that was good but we misunderrate the other teams, against A. Madrid our confidence was high so our players relax and we lost. Am not blaming the lads but even though our confidence is high which is good we should not look down on other teams because we have the best attackers No! And sometimes RDM makes wrong changes on the attackers. To my opinion i thought Moses should have come for Torres against liverpool

  9. 1. TORRES IS USELESS-he is no longer a dangerous striker.cant even beat the likes of Johny Evans n Evra.
    2. MIKEL IS NOT CREATIVE-losses the ball mostly due to panics.Misspasses oftenly.
    3. BETRAND IS VERY AVERAGE-he is not a player of CHELSEA's standards.if COLE leaves in the summer get FABIO COENTRAO.
    4. RAMIRES IS TOO PREDICTABLE-gets the ball and tries to RUN with it.he definately looses the ball most times.




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