TORRES: Have YOU given up on him?

For the life of me, I cannot understand some Chelsea fans' opinion of Fernando Torres lately. As I said in my post yesterday I had ...

For the life of me, I cannot understand some Chelsea fans' opinion of Fernando Torres lately. As I said in my post yesterday I had to work this past weekend and only got to watch the whole Swansea game on Chelsea TV yesterday.

Judging by some of the posts on here and on Twitter after the game, some Chelsea supporters are either calling for him to be dropped or to be sold and I think that's ridiculous.

(If you have you must be watching a different game to the one I am so why don't you start watching NFL and bet on NFL football instead!)

Of course forwards are judged on their goals but especially these days it's important to understand that it's also about their contribution to the team as a whole as well as putting the ball in the back of the net!.

Torres as usual works his socks off the team week in, week out and has already bagged his fair share of goals this season.

It's impossible for a forward to score in every single game they play but as long as they keep working hard and made a contribution to our play and other goals, that is all I ask for.

I cannot believe the abuse Torres receives from certain "Chelsea fans" out there.

I would like to remind you that it's a long hard season. Form is temporary but CLASS is permanent and Fernando Torres is World Class! Get behind him!!

I haven't given up on him like some others, have you?

Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. Im still supportin him cos during his liverpool days despite him playing badly, the liverpool fans still support him. One reason why his confident is always high at Liverpool is bcos he knows the supporters are always behind his back, so therefore the only way to make him feel confident is to support him.

  2. To be honest, im sick of this topic that has been debated over the past 18 months! I absolutly agree with you, the contribution he makes and the way he drags defenders out of position is brilliant! Hes playing a different role as he was used to at Liverpool and in my opinion has slowly but surely adjusted to his new role very well. I dont know whats up with these so called 'fans' who just want us to buy big all the time its ridicullous! At the end of the day hes Fernando Torres for crying out loud, European championship golden boot winner!

  3. Nowadays, forwards isn't the one who always scored. But the one who can contribute to team either he scored or not. Don't u see Messi? Rooney? They might had scored many goals, but when they didn't scored they made such a contribution. There is a time when they have to scored or not.
    The one i always laughing at, when "fans" said that Torres is such a priceless boy. Don't u ever think the increase of Chelsea's income when Torres joined Chelsea? Haters gOnna be haters.

  4. Hi guys! I'ϻ a chelsea supporter, thanks for this blog.. Brilliant! Seen all your comments. This is to the owner of this blog, correct me if am wrong was'nt it this same blog you said that you like to support Torres but had started to think Torres as a flop after the sharktar game in ukraine? I copied what you said can't paste em now coz am using another device here... You sounded like you were yielding 2 that fact. As for the rest of you, is it when Chelsea falls out of contention of every competition before you realize that we need a versatile striker?!! Torres was great can't deny that but Torres is a shadow of himself.. How can you say he's ok when a striker after 2 seasons scores 11 league goal are you guys drunk or something?! He is a striker, that's what strikers do, they strike!! Torres has now become shy 2 even take a shot @ goal. You compare him with the likes of messi & rooney? How dare you, how many times has rooney scored this season unready.. Did you watch the game between stoke & united? Rooney had a hart trick though 1 was an own goal, can Torres do something like that for chelsea?! Can he rescue us after an own goal? Honestly guys its time to stop lying to ourselves Torres was a bad buy! Even before he came to Chelsea i saw that he had dropped in form, I felt maybe its cause his heart isn't at the club or 1 of those off times for a player.. You say he won the golden boot big deal the lad got lucky to have tipped gomez from that, look at the teams they played in any average player will flourish with the likes of inesta & xavi behind you. How many times have I got off my seat when Torres has a one on one chance to score, so many times that I now am confident that he will 90% miss it. Torres hides himself in games this season he looks clumsy with the ball, yes there are cases he works hard to dig deep in mid field but as a striker your quality should show up front... Several times he's been caught ball watching in the 18 yard box, that's why i wonder if you guys are Okay, if you watch the games at all... Look i believe in the team but that does'nt mean i should'nt expect results & am sure abramovic'll share that same thought with me.. Its the results that count not how you work hard or dribble to assist mid fielders, RESULT!!!! How can your star striker score only 11 EPL goals in 2 seasons & you say you are proud of him? How?! That is a complete disgrace.. Even michu of swansea looks set to beat Torres goal scoring in Chelsea... You can keep believing in him its good you do but Chelsea is not a church or some charity for out of form players.... We need results, looks at the player with which part of the money spent on torres was used on, suarez is a star @ liverpool a true striker... Face it my friends Torres is just not it... Maybe he'll hit his form later on but ask your selves... He's 29 going to 30, tow seasons out of form shy at goal can he really become what he used to be?

    1. Thank God someone sees it my way & a 1,000,000 others. I saw the former blog post you're talking about he (KTBFFH) was just disappointed in Torres as well so for how long will you keep believing in him? Torres owes you the fans (chelsea gave him a CL & made him one of the game's top earners in the world) & not the other way round

    2. if torres is so far gone, how come he still is one of our top scorers? he contributes more, drops deeper and works harder than 99% of strikers.

    3. Daah!! Hello!!! He's one of our top striker because we really have no striker. Its just Torres & Daniel Sturridge currently the regulars.... Contribute more works harder?! Are you a Chelsea fan?! Well what i love about statistics is that they don't lie.... Google 'torres statistics in chelsea' then you'll have all that you ask & if you can compare it to any other prolific striker. Torres is a spent force. Look at our major rivals this season, look at the parade of strikers they have... City; tevez,aguero, dzeko, baloteli. United: RVP, Rooney, welbeck, chicharito. How can we compete with these teams when injuries start 2 occur?! How can we compete with a very selfish sturridge & a misfiring torres? Ask your self 'HOW?'

    4. mate you just said our topscorer this year isn't worth it. he may not bang them in like aguero/tevez/rvp but to say that the likes of chicharito are better then him is insane. he has worked harder then ever and is an important part of our linkup play. he had a bad year last year, and his confidence was down, but i still see signs of him finding form. Form is temporary, but class is permanent. Torres has the class. sure, it's a bit frustrating when he misses a few chances, but he makes up for it with his work ethic. WHO is Chelsea's topscorer, and one of the world's best? The Euro 2012 Golden Boot winner, Fernando Torres

  5. Good post "anonymous" torres can't even shoot at goal any longer to be sincere torres has long gone as a striker you need to score goals as well assist the team look at chicharito at man u. Enough said on this dead wood we need a prolific striker even if he doesn't know how to dribble or assist the team in as much as he can be goal scores and a match changer lest I forget I don't believe torres can score 2goals in a match let alone an hatrick

  6. This article is as useless as torres is

  7. I think its high time. Sturridge comes first in d pecking order.seriously,RDM should start considering dat b4 makind d same mistakes ancelotti nd AVB made,which is trying 2 get d best out of torres

  8. ' 'Anonymous 6 November 2012 16:28'' ; u r absolutely right. .v r seeing jus the shadow of FERNANDO TORRES. If he come up to level,well itz good, but how long we have to wait.
    If he has got class prove it in the field. . . .that is what playerz do

  9. Anonymous 6 November 2012 16:28 you are so correct every word is what I would have said too, let's stop these silly talks when it is by now vivid for us to see on the pitch that he (Torres) just isn't IT anymore.




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