Focus remains on the negative despite our fantastic start!

With everything that has happened in the last fourteen months, with the FA charging JT, publishing their report and with Ashley Cole's &...

With everything that has happened in the last fourteen months, with the FA charging JT, publishing their report and with Ashley Cole's "Tweet" the other day, there is one person I feel sorry for at the moment and that's Roberto Di Matteo.

Roberto Di Matteo had guided Chelsea to six wins from his first seven games this season and received hardly any praise at all and he must be wondering what HE HAS to do to receive the credit he deserves.

I was watching his Press Conference from Friday afternoon on Saturday morning on Chelsea TV just at the moment someone from the press pointed out that Ashley Cole had tweeted what he did about the FA and you could see RDM have that "I just want to talk about Norwich" look on his face.

Enough has been said about the "incident" at Loftus Road last season. Enough has been said about what Cole said in the heat of the moment last Friday and it's a shame that it is still taking the publicity away from our performances and results this season.

I get asked my opinion on what happened all the time and believe it or not, all I care about is my football club who I have adored since the age of about five or six years of age, over 32 years now. All I care about is what happens on that football pitch every three or seven days and hope that Chelsea get the right results.

There will always be debate about these incidents and no matter what people will always disagree with you in life, that's just something you accept because it will always happen.

As a Chelsea fan, why is it so wrong to support JT and Cole on the pitch? We hear week in, week out the stick that they both get from away supporters at the Bridge and supporters up and down the country and we respond by singing their name to show that we are right behind them on the pitch just like last Saturday against Norwich.

Alot has been made of the Chelsea supporters singing their name but only in relation to events off the pitch and not on it and that's always going to happen with these two who have now been labelled "The Toxic Twins!".

So what of Wayne Rooney and his "antics" off the pitch? When the crowd at Old Trafford get up and chant 'Roo-ney" during the game, why is that any different to what we as Chelsea fans were doing on Saturday?

What of Steven Gerrard who nearly went down for ABH or GBH for the bust up he had with someone in a bar a while ago? What of Luis Suarez and his situation with Patrice Evra last season? Does it mean that every time the Liverpool fans sing their song for him, they are wrong because of what he did that day or because they are supporting him in the game they are at and watching?

I just think that the press once again are going after Chelsea. We all know they hate us and have done so for a while now. They built us up when Abramovich came in, loved us when Mourinho was here and after he left, have hated us ever since.

OK, granted the actions of certain players off the pitch hasn't exactly helped the situation, but it just seems that these days with Chelsea it's not about the performances on the pitch, the exciting players we have at the club but a focus on certain people who have previous off the pitch.

Let's be honest here, If Arsenal were playing the kind of football we have been playing this season and showing the ability to unlock the door at will as Chelsea have, the press and media would be beside themselves!.

If Liverpool under Brendan Rogers had clicked from the beginning of the season and again played the level of attacking football that Chelsea had this season and sat four points clear at the top of the table, we wouldn't hear the end of it!.

Chelsea simply haven't got the credit or enough credit for the start they have made to their season this term. OK, people will say 'look at the teams you have played in some of the games" but you still have to get out there and win the games!

I know I am biased here and there are other players who have started the season well but where is the reports on Juan Mata and the amazing start to the season he has had? Juan Mata has been the player of the Premier League so far and if you don't agree with me, tell me someone else who has been with evidence!

I wrote a post this morning about a quote that Alan Shearer made on BBC's Match of the day on Saturday night when he said "Chelsea are the closest team we have to Barcelona in Britain" and that amazed me. OK, he also had a pop at Ashley Cole about the situation the day before, but talking about the football, Chelsea received great praise for once!

Roberto Di Matteo to his credit has kept his thoughts to himself and has focused 100% on the football because at the end of the day, that's what he is paid to do and has been immense so far this season.

With two of the biggest games of our season coming up in the next few weeks and with possible bans for Terry and Cole coming up, once again he has to focus on doing right by the club and the supporters.

The thing is, if Di Matteo can guide Chelsea to a victory away to Tottenham in our next league game in a couple of weeks AND a home win against Manchester United the week after, we would sit EIGHT points clear of Tottenham and a possible SEVEN clear of Manchester United this early in the season!

Maybe then the press and media focus will change to how well Chelsea Football Club are actually performing on the pitch with JT and Ashley Cole playing an important role as part of OUR team.

For now I can't see that happening any time soon and that's why I feel sorry for Roberto Di Matteo.

Carefree & KTBFFH

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  1. I admire ur optimism but even if we thrashed man united and Tottenham the focus will never be on football that's the way the media works.

  2. I'm as black as they get _ in Africa from Kenya ___ now, can someone please clarify something for me ___ what's wrong with calling someone black????? is that Ferdinand guy ashamed of being black???? if I remember well after that incident he said he had no seen the footage he's the no.1 victim for being called "black "??? I don't get the hypocrisy in this people ___ its obvious he's enjoying this, all the publicity he's getting but its not coming for his great work in defense __its from seeing a player's image and career getting tarnished ___a player who has done so much for his country ___
    again what's wrong with being called black?? I don't get it coz I'm black and I'm not ashamed of it like that hypocrite

  3. Well, don't feel sorry for RDM. In fact I think its good that there's no focus on our game now,but wouldn't be able to ingnore it if/when we win the league!




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