FALCAO: Bid reportedly approved! Do we need him?

Radamel Falcao has been a revelation in Europe over recent seasons at Porto and now at Atletico Madrid and as Chelsea fans, we all know w...

Radamel Falcao has been a revelation in Europe over recent seasons at Porto and now at Atletico Madrid and as Chelsea fans, we all know what he is capable of. The question is with Fernando Torres playing well and scoring goals again is, "Do we really need him?".

I know it sounds like a stupid question here but there are plenty of things to consider. First of all there is the implications of the financial rules for football clubs to live within their own means. Chelsea this past summer have quite literally splashed the cash again with an outlay of around £80m. That money has been offset by the huge financial gains the club made in winning the Champions League in addition to the normal income over the source of a season the club makes.

However, it reports are to be believed such as this one in The Mirror, Chelsea are confident that they can still pay out another £46m to release Falcao from his contract in Madrid to sign him and fall within the new financial limits.

Another point to consider if Chelsea do actually make their move in January is the effect it could have on the team. Without question Falcao's goalscoring ability would be of huge benefit to the club but what would happen to the stability of the team?

Right now, Chelsea is team in transition and the signs are really, really good. The relationship between Mata, Hazard and Oscar has formed almost instantly and over time as the season moves on, they can only get better and better.

We have already seen a revitalised Fernando Torres this season. Torres is finally thriving as our new main man up front since the departure of Didier Drogba and with six goals in twelve games, Torres with the players playing in behind him, could end up with between 20 and 30 goals this season.

If Chelsea look to sign Falcao, what would it mean for Torres? How would he cope and how would Chelsea look to manage the situation at the club in having two £50m men to select from?

What about the balance of the side? Would the potential arrival of Falcao destabilise the team or add to it?

There is no doubt about the quality of Falcao. Without question he would be a success anywhere he goes as long as he is given the right service and the opportunity to score and at Chelsea he could be immense but for some reason I am not so sure that while Fernando Torres is at Chelsea and scoring goals, if it's the right move for the club?

What do you think? Should Chelsea look to sign Radamel Falcao?

Carefree & KTBFFH!

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  1. I dont know what it is about Torres. I just love the guy. And every single fellow blues fan i've talked to feels the same.

    No falcao for me, i believe a Torres Chelsea can get us to 3rd this season and +20 goals will surely booast his confidence enough and lift the team for us to properly challenge for the title next year.

    In addition by that time the, 'new' chelsea would have build up enough teamwork for the new project to be matured and be accepted as the team's new look.

    1. Dude chelsea will win the premier league and also may go a great deal in defending the champions league not just come 3rd. And ya i also agree with no falcao although he is just plain awesome. We should call lukaku back or sign some good young striker who can be a backup option in case torres is to be rested....

  2. Sumtym I don't kw y we mak such comment..if u look at d lyks of man city dey have many attacking options n dat was der secrete of der success cs everybdy wants 2impress n b in d startn XII..n let's b honest we hav jst 1CF n dats torres n we r sayn is ok dat

  3. Nope, for some reason, Torres' first touch as well as his ability to retain possession seem to have deserted him. While he might be scoring, he also frequently put the team on the back foot by losing possession too easily. As the main man upfront it is often frustrating to watch him unable to hold possession as he waits for support.
    To be fair, Drogba could be just as irritating at times, but Torres seems to do so more often. To dispossess him all that defenders need to do is simply stick in a foot and he would complete the process.
    Falcao's skills in close dribbling may push him to up this aspect of his game by showing him that there is a defensive side to a forward's role as well.
    Just my two-cent rant.

  4. Hw can anybody ask wether we need falcao? This is d first tym chelsea is playing with 1 knwn striker since 2004. Dis season chelsea hs more matches dan any oda club in europe. We need falcao more dan anything. Torres nids competitn, he nids to improve his game. Whot abt sheva n drogba den, crespo n drogba, anelka n drogba. Dis questn is ridiculous.

    1. Falcao is headed for Man city..Athletico will sell to Man cty jus like they did with Aguero..... We need a young talent...someone on the same ranks as hazard..oscar...someone who has more years to give.... Umm someone who can be better than Messi...someone like Neymar... Neymar is a good finisher aswell as a good passer....he is just 20

  5. chelsea should forget falcao and buy neymar

  6. i sumwat agree dat falcao is gud but c'mon we have oda playaz...(i.e neymar)
    nd sumtym chelsea r pushed by d number of clubs wanting a player nd which alwaiz end bad 4 dem

  7. One word.....NEYMAR!!!

  8. Neymar is the certainly goes in accordance with our new policy of getting young talent........
    Neymar has a far much brighter future,he will be at Messi's level one day..he is 20

  9. Best optn 4 nw is Radamel...I 1da if is CFC fans comentin hia,falcao scored 13 in 12 games,tores scored 6 in 12 games...i luv tores,he's gud bt lack varsatility,confidence,strenght,balance....weneed falcao,striker dat can deliva in a crusier match 4 us...10q

  10. C'mon Guys We Have To Be Realistic. The Neymar Deal Has Fallen Into The Hands Of Barca So Thats Over And Plus Now We Are Gonna Get Falcao Whether You Guys Like It Or Not. When We Do Get Him, This Could Be The Greatest Chance To Be The First Team To Win Champions League Twice In A Row Especially With Our New Amazing Players Hazard, Oscar And Moses. And Torres And Mata Are All On Form. This Is A Great Opportunity For Us Guys Lets Take It Because It Will Never Come Again When We Need It The Most

  11. I think we need Falcao, he is just 26,what if Torres gets injured? and the new Chelsea can play with two point men up front comfortably...

  12. Obviously, I see no reason why we can't have options in our attacking line, I believe getting FALCAO will really make a whole lot of sense, Though am not taking it away from TORRES but we a strike who's strong, creative, a perfect finisher, trust me FALCAO has got this qualities so what are we saying??? Can't wait to see him in that blue jersey....... I love chelsea.

  13. torres simply needs competition, even falcao and torres can start a match. Neymar said he wants to leave after world chelsea can wait still then. But now we need two top strikers. Take example from man city, man utd and even arsenal.

  14. @ALL BLUES FANS, wat are u guys realy talking abt inn here, don't u guys take example of Drogba wen he was still wit us in Chelsea?? Wen sum matches are hot dr bring in Drogba and he always deliver, unlyk Torres, he doesn't have dat courage in him, So i think d best Option we av here is to get our main Man, RADAMEL FALCAO, Cos dat will also encourage Torres to peak form as he used to be in liverpool, perhaps dr can combine d both in a sum crucial matches, definately one of dem will deliver. Go go go go go go for OUR MAN RADAMEL FALCAO. Dat Guy is Magnificent and Owesome.

  15. Yes boys, we would be foolish to let this man fall into the hands of man city. he is a prolific goal scorer, we need someone to tuck away 25 to 30 goals a season to make that title owes again




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