We all know how bad the performance was last Friday night. We all know that Chelsea were well below par on the night and they have all openl...

We all know how bad the performance was last Friday night. We all know that Chelsea were well below par on the night and they have all openly admitted to the same. I wanted to have a proper look at game to see where things went wrong and I have to say that Atletico exposed Chelsea's defensive weakness time and time again and they were in fact that good!.

I am going to talk you through the goals and some moments in the game that show just how exposed Chelsea were.

OK, this is early in the first half. The signs were there before Atletico scored as they exposed Chelsea's right hand side.

The ball has been played up to Hazard who has come short to pick up the ball. Look at the positions of Ramires and Ivanovic. Also notice Atletico have two players in space and unmarked if the attack breaks down.

Atletico win the ball and are looking to counter attack. Ramires is caught out up field, Ivanovic too as the Atletico winger makes a run unmarked in behind him. Mikel and Lampard are faced with three midfielders around them and are outnumbered. Look at Cahill, he sees that the winger is unmarked and has to move across to close him down. Luiz looks like he realises the same and is on his bike to cover the run of Falcao.

The attack comes to nothing but showed early on that Atletico were only too aware of how Chelsea leave the wings exposed.

The Falcao chance before he scored now.

Chelsea have defended an attack and have brought the ball out of defence. Ramires has played the ball to Mata who has been blocked off and Atletico win the ball back. Just look at how many Atletico players are in the midfield area compared to Chelsea.

Mata, Ramires and Lampard are all caught out inside as Atletico have a man over wide unmarked yet again.

Now look, Ramires and Mata have been caught out. Mikel is moving forward to close the ball down and Ivanovic realises he has someone running past him. The ball is played through and crossed into the middle. Falcao hits the crossbar.

Another example of Chelsea left exposed down our right hand side.

Look where Ramires is here! He lost the ball and Atletico bring the ball under control. Ivanovic has once again pushed forward high up the right hand side.

The ball is eventually played out wide left and our right hand side. Lampard and Mikel are taken out of the play as the ball has gone wide and Ivanovic, caught up the pitch is now struggling to get back to challenge the winger. The attack comes to nothing.

Here is Atletico's first goal.

OK look above. Luiz has the ball but take a look at how many players Chelsea have pushed forward. Look at the position of Ramires and Ivanovic again. In the double pivot positions, Frank Lampard and Mikel are faced with FIVE Atletico players who will out number them if Chelsea's attack break down.

The attack has broken down and Chelsea have a major problem again. Notice the gap between Ivanovic and Cahill - this has happened because of how high Ivanovic had pressed forward. Notice Atletico's attacking midfielder marked "5". He has moved forward beyond our midfield into the space between them and our defence. Also notice how Juan Mata makes the mistake of moving forward to close down the man with the ball and leaving the midfielder to his right hand side. This is key!.

The ball has been played to the midfielder to the right of Mata and as a result Mikel and Lampard are also taken out of the game. Ivanovic is covering the run of midfield attacker number 1, Cahill is caught ball watching and Luiz realises that Falcao is on his bike and is trying to cover his run. He doesn't and we all know what happens!.

OK. Here is another example of Chelsea's right hand side being left exposed again.

Remember earlier, I showed you how we had pushed too many players forward and Atletico took full advantage? Well, this is another example. Mikel has the ball and look at how many players Chelsea have pushed forward. Look at the positions of Ivanovic and Ramires again. Also be aware of the three Atletico midfielders closest to the ball, especially the two to the right hand side of Lampard and Ramires. If Chelsea's attack breaks down, they are in position to take advantage.

Atletico have pressed Chelsea and have won the ball. Ramires is out of the game completely and Ivanovic has been caught once again up the right hand side. With one pass (that is about to be made), Mata, Hazard, Mikel and Lampard are also taken out of the game.

As Atletico pressed the ball and won it, two of their attacking midfielders have joined Falcao further forward and as a result Cahill and Luiz have problems. Cahill has made the decision to move out wide, Luiz is left standing still and Cole is on his heels whereas he should have been aware of the possible 3 on 2 situation. Luckily enough the attack comes to nothing.

The Atletico second goal now.

Look at the space between our midfield and Gary Cahill. You would think that with the amount of midfielders we had around the ball, we would have enough cover to deal with the situation but Atletico have other ideas.

With some fantastic interplay and one touch passing, AtleticoFalcao. Cahill is closing the ball down AND so is David Luiz! Luiz should be aware of Falcao in behind him but he isn't. Cole is aware of the man coming down the wing so holds his position.

As we know the ball is played to Falcao and Luiz tries to block it but makes a mess of it. Falcao then brings the ball under control and scores. If Luiz saw Cahill move towards the ball he should be covering Falcao and not get caught ball watching!

The third goal for Madrid now.

Our corner has been cleared and Atletico are on the counter. They have FOUR players pressing forward. Look at the four Chelsea players nearest the ball. We have FOUR of them too.

We are now around 30-40 yards further up the pitch. Look at where Falcao is. Notice that out of the FOUR Chelsea players who were in the previous still shot, only TWO of them are busting a gut to get back and they are Cahill and Ramires.

We have a 4 on 4 situation now and look to be OK for the moment. Notice that Falcao is still not up with play.

The four attacking Atletico players are highlighted. Our four defenders are back and in position but look, Falcao has now caught up with play and Atletico have moved the ball well to create a 3 on 3 situation. Ramires is unsure whether to mark the man next to him or cover Falcao.

Atletico have opened Chelsea up and played in Falcao. He has the run on Ramires and finishes to score his third of the game. Notice, still no other Chelsea players coming back into shot.

I know alot of Chelsea fans are having a pop at Lampard and Mikel in the double pivot position but surely these pictures tell the story of the bigger picture!.

Chelsea are pushing far too many people forward when we are attacking. In some cases BOTH fullbacks push forward leaving both wings exposed.

Ramires and Ivanovic have been caught out time and time again up the pitch. As a result, Atletico simply played the ball into the spaces they both left and that's nothing to do with Lampard and Mikel's position.

You have to hold your hands up and admit by looking at these examples that Chelsea DO leave themselves far too exposed in wide areas and admit that Atletico took full advantage.

RDM needs to work on our defensive shape and especially work on our right hand side.

What do you think about all this? Has it changed your opinion?


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