Boring, Boring Chelsea!

I am referring to the Atletico Madrid nightmare the other night of course. Now if you are not a regular on my blog you wouldn't know tha...

I am referring to the Atletico Madrid nightmare the other night of course. Now if you are not a regular on my blog you wouldn't know that I had to miss the game (as I explained here) and now have had the chance to watch it in full and my god, Chelsea were so predictable and in a word "boring!".

Courtious hardly had anything to do apart from pick the ball out of his net from Gary Cahill's drive that went through his legs and into the net late on and for us Chelsea fans, with the players we now have in attacking area's that is the most disappointing thing for me.

I said the other day, having not seen the game at the time but being only to aware of the result and performance, that the one positive from the game is that it will give us all a jolt, a shock and a kick up the arse to bring us all back down to earth. There is plenty of work to be done at Chelsea, we are far from balanced right now.

If you watch the game again and are realistic you have to concede that on the night Atletico were by far superior to us in ALL areas. Solid at the back, fluid through midfield and fantastic up top. Once you add all those components together and finish it all off with a finisher of the quality of Falcao, it's hard to find fault at all.

Atletico gave us a footballing lesson. Without the ball they worked hard to close us down and to win it back, sat back in their defensive low block positions and sprung on the counter attack when they won the ball back. When they did attack Chelsea it was quick and incisive passing that opened us open and created chance after chance for them.

Chelsea were the total opposite. I cannot remember a through ball in between defenders once in the game to Torres or anyone for that matter. Chelsea once again struggled to play against a team who sit back and defend the edge of their own box. As a result our play was from side to side rather than to play a penetrative ball in between their midfield and defence.

Our attackers were isolated and when they received the ball had nowhere to go rather than backwards or sideways and that's frustrating for all of us.

If we are to make the 4-2-3-1 formation work, we need to be as creative and as quick moving the ball as Atletico were. We need to be as quick to make runs off the ball to create openings and chances. We never did that at all and we were boring to watch.

I will be speaking about our defensive problems in another post but in order to win games and as being sound defensively, you need to create chances and score goals. Chelsea never once looked like they would.

Robbie has alot of work to do and the players need to take a long hard look at themselves. There is no point playing with a striker through the middle if you don't give him the ball in good positions when he makes runs off the ball. I cannot remember Torres getting the ball played to him or anyone for that matter, inside the penalty box or on the edge of it in a dangerous position.

Chelsea must be quicker with the ball and must look up early and play that killer pass we all want to see and that these players have been brought into the club to produce.

That's the last time I ever want to describe us as being "boring" and I don't want to watch bollocks like that again this season. Now get out there in a couple of weeks and put it right!.

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  1. Thats very true.we were very out of play.Ramires was very predictable n could not move past any Madrid players (no effort).Lampard was nowhere to be seen(we r used to that anyway).Luiz just stared to 2 goals rollin at the back of our net.Ivanovic is not good under pressure.when Falcao scored the 2nd goal it was disaster for him(alot of good for nothin crosses).Mikel was casual as always.I dnt understand RDM's game plan coz Romeu is sittin on the bench all the time n Mikel gets every call up.Lampard is always ON no matter his performance (that's normal coz i dont think RDM has the balls to leave him on the bench consequetively).Friday's game reminded me of AVB's tym.we let 2 goals in carelessly n when we start fighting back(with all the back 4 going upfront), we concede 2 more goals.remember the game vs Arsenal (very painful,it hurts mi to date).they gave us 5.Madrid gave us 4,yet they were the underdogs.I long for a similar display we showed against Newcastle.RDM RUBBISH.

    1. Nestar, you're useless!

      Some rubbish words there. What more do you want Mikel to do? Kill himself on the pitch coz he's been paid? Talk of the attackers and the defense! You're a moron, okay? And never you term RDM as Rubbish, idiot!

  2. Nestar, you're useless!

    Some rubbish words there. What more do you want Mikel to do? Kill himself on the pitch coz he's been paid? Talk of the attackers and the defense! You're a moron, okay? And never you term RDM as Rubbish, idiot!

    1. Berbatol (HEADLESS CHICKEN)

      Did Falcao kill himself so that he makes his team win??Mikel has underperformed in the past few games coz thea aint any competition 4 his place.same to Lamps.our smart boy Romeu is being frustrated on the bench.the strikers couldnt penetrate Madrid's box.u know where underperformers r kept(ask malouda).Curtois had nothin to save.we just possessed the ball outside their boxx, n thanx to the useless crosses 4rm ivanovic with no one to head.with tht kind of display,trust me we hav nowhere to hide.about RDM n Lampard; wait till the rain start beating us.check out the next few fixtures.u will b barking....

    2. @nestar
      crying to sack a manager after 1 game is rubbish, and the reason we haven't been as successful as we could be. i agree mikel has been poor, but hes better then romeu IMO. lamps is a club icon who will probably never be removed from 1st eleven.

  3. Horrible wasnt it...nobody..and i mean nobody looked themselves in the passion..pathetic..
    Torres was isolated..mikel has frustrated me a lot this season already..he dusnt work hard enough to win back the ball..appart from the fact he gives it away too often...
    Hopefully this performance was just cause it was the super cup...hopefully we wont see this Rubbish again in the league..

  4. Mikel has been the most consistently played player in his position game in game out. Rarely left out. Why do u think this is? Surely RdM (having played all around the midfield during his times) has the eyes for what is needed there. It's true that he just hasn't gotten to the point where he can CONSISTENTLY leave lamps out. He knows what needs to be done , just has to make the call. On another note.... Drogba is missed. Falcao if he were our striker would not have done much for us this game against madrid. I say because of how his teamates incorporated him into their attack and we incorporated our striker in none. The thing abt Drogba is that he didn't require as much incorporation to prove his class. Goal kicks, balls punted by the keeper, balls cleared by the defense were won and controlled by his head/chest/silky touch, and just like that goal/chance. Fernando rarely attempts to truly when balls in the air. We can say that thus is not his game but it is still the responsibility of the STRIKER to provide these options and pose these threats. If you disagree with me and think that this is not Torres's responsibility, maybe you agree that We have enough midfielders now to follow in the footsteps of Spain. Leave Toress out of the starting 11, start 6 midfielders and serve up Ivanovic and Cahill all season. Something must be done. Hopefully not the latter. KTBFFH

  5. And u r very very proud of him being in the first 11???wasnt Ballack n Drogba ICONS also.naw Meireles is gone.Lamps is still in the team just bcoz he is English n the manager will b lynched by English fans if he kicks him out.thats where RDM comes into balls.He cant b like Fergie,releasing Beckam n their peak.or Mourinho benching KAKA with all his player of the year tag n lucrative contract.n the team still performs.

    1. lampard has been devoted to cfc for more then a decade. but you say that chelseas topscorer last season is rubbish? for a holding mid he makes huge contributions to the team. i like meireles but hes not as good. lampard only has a couple years left, and we should treat him w/ respect for the years hes helped us. the team had a bad game... it happens lets try to move on and remember we are top of the table.

  6. The truth be told the whole squad let us the fans and themselves down. They play was boring because it seems they themselves are bored they lacked passion or sense of urgency to salvage the gamen its not a technical thing its an attitude thing, they really need to find there mojo

  7. The squad messed up. I also feel Lampard and Mikel in the center does not work. I Prefer Lamps and Ramires or Mikel and Ramires. Mikel is too lazy to recover when he loses the ball, and Lampard doesn't sit deep (he's a goal scorer). Playing Ramires on the right was a waste odf his talent. We have Moses, Oscar and even Sturridge.
    We need Ramires' speed and tackling in our deep midfield. Thank God Meireles is gone, that offers more room for Romeu and I wish we could recall McEachran from Middlesborough. He's a very nice midfielder.
    I see glory days ahead for Chelsea, this game was just a wake up call. The Sky remains BLUE!!!




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