Ok now that things today have settled down after the game last night it's time to get into some discussion once again Chelsea fans. I...

Ok now that things today have settled down after the game last night it's time to get into some discussion once again Chelsea fans.

I'm afraid it's the same old story that has come to a head again at least twice last night and someone needs to have a word with this lot and tell them to stop being so greedy!.

Now, with the attacking midfield players we have signed, you would expect Chelsea to be knocking the ball about to create an opening and to find that defence splitting pass to find Fernando Torres.

For the most part in the two games we have had so far this season, we get near the edge of the box and it just doesn't happen. Look at the six goals we have scored so far. Two are penalties. Two have been laid on a plate by Eden Hazard for Branislav Ivanovic, one was a long range effort from Gary Cahill and the other goal was scored by Torres (OK he was offside) but it was only because Ashley Cole looked to play him in.

How many times have I been banging on about the fact that people have ignored Torres in the past and how many times did you see Torres in despair and gesturing yesterday after making a run that had only been ignored once again.

Mr Ramires, I am sorry mate but you WERE the biggest culprit yesterday. Why you never played the ball square to Torres who was unmarked and in a much better position that you to score, I will never know.

We all know Torres will make runs all day, loves playing off the shoulder of the last defender and wants to be played in behind or down the channels but we really need to start looking up earlier and playing him in as early as possible.

Torres WILL score you goals for fun if given the right service. Even yesterday at times, Juan Mata never looked like playing him in.

Chelsea's new attacking midfield are exciting and we have all been impressed with Mr Hazard. The link up between Hazard and Mata has impressed already, we just need to transfer that to Torres.

Given the right ball played through at the right time, Chelsea can really open sides up for fun like we did for Torres' goal yesterday.

We just need to get things right when it comes to the final ball and if someone else is in a better position, to give the ball to them instead in a better area.

What do you think? Am I talking out of my backside or am I making sense?


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  1. If chelsea want play better football dont play Ramerez RW, he cant keep ball and bad passer.

  2. Have to disagree. Torres had chances and fluffed them. Header wide, tripping on a spinning ball etc. Yes Ramires should have passed, but if Torres had followed in he would have scored anyway. Stop looking for scapegoats when the problem is actually Torres. If that was Cavani/Falcao/Hulk up front, I guarantee they would have scored more than one with same chances.

  3. BK is that you? Hello x

  4. Pfft I would never mention Hulk

  5. Torres would only score goals if d ball get to him. Therefore, it is only wen our greedy midfielders releases d ball dat Elnino would scores. I knw Torres 4 one tin, he is never selfish. If he sees u are in a better position to score, he lays d pass 4 u. All others must learn from dat. Because at d end of d day, d team takes d glory or d shame....

  6. Ramires** lol

  7. Did you guys see the impact sturrige had whem he came on ? I think he was amazing and should defo start im the next game..

    And about making more chances for torres, the new playerd have just come in and im sure they will get to know each other better as time passes on and im certain that the chance making will increase.

    Nice article!
    Check out my similar work ... Cheers ;))

  8. Am I the only one seeing Torres making bad runs? He is constantly running away from the ball instead of coming to play a 1,2 or holding up the ball. How many time Ramires makes these quick runs and have company? Most times his all on his own. The team is looking for Torres. He is not delivering. He can't even take a defender 1 on 1 for the time. For Chelsea sake I want him to improve. To many ppl are making excuses for this guy. He needs to step up and stop acting like a spoilt baby. UP BLUES. Always said he was not worth 50mil

  9. He's surely worth the 50M mate. He already paid back all that money with the goal against Barcelona. Its no fluke the same Torres was banging in those goals for Liverpool, he feeds on perfect service and we must get that right. Ramires had no reason not to pass to him, absolutely no reason. Did u see the last goal by Iva? That goal endeared Eden to me really, cos Eden had 80% chance of scoring but noticed Iva had 95% chance of scoring and hence the assist. Torres will come good with the right service and teamwork only, I'm sure of that.

    1. We would have qualified even if he did not score. What Ramires did was understandable his on his own most time after such darting run. TOo many excuses for Torres. He needs to step up. I am fed up of the excuses. Blaming everyone else except him Torres. I support him cause his now a Blue. But you have to earn your way as a Blue.




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