TORRES: "It was not the Champions League I wanted to win, not like that!"

Fernando Torres has given another interview while away with Spain and this time with Spanish daily newspaper La Razon . In the most reveali...

Fernando Torres has given another interview while away with Spain and this time with Spanish daily newspaper La Razon. In the most revealing interview I think we have heard from Torres, he opens up about the success Chelsea had last season but, from HIS point of view.

It's surprising and very honest!. He said:
The season was not for me, it was for others.

Chelsea wins the FA Cup but I don’t play the semi-final nor the final. I didn’t taste anything.

I feel I participated a bit more in the Champions League but even so it was not the Champions League I wanted to win, not like that. I want to win another Champions League and in a different way.

The fans helped me a lot — and you don’t understand why.

You come from outside and you have played well in this league and, with the Spanish mentality, the first who should have turned against you are the fans. You are not living up to expectations but they still support you. These people are special.

At times I was thinking, ‘I will sit here on the bench, I won’t make any noise, I don’t even want to play.’ But they are demanding that you jump on the pitch and play. They lifted my spirits so many times. Not even my team-mates succeeded in doing that in this way. Whatever I do from now on will be for the fans.

That is why I want to win another Champions League. For them.

I lived things that had not happened to me before. A new manager came in and he was hardly counting on you and what you did in training didn’t count either.

You can’t do anything more but you’re not playing. People encourage you whether you play or not but I didn’t know what to do.

I counted on the support of team-mates that are on the bench, who don’t let themselves sink and always give an example.

Paulo Ferreira, the substitute keepers, the youngsters whose progression has stopped. It helped me to see the panorama sitting on the last step.

You can think ‘Maybe Chelsea was not the team’. But if you are a great player, you have to find your place, I’m not the first one to whom this has happened.

I think I didn’t know how to be a point of reference there. And that is what I am trying to achieve. I am obliged to succeed in making my team-mates need me. When you arrive at a club like this, what you had done up to that point means nothing.

It’s not a question of whether they welcomed me or not it’s the fact you are just one more player. It’s not a team or a club where they look at the details — your gestures, how you train, how you behave.

No, you arrive there and you are one more of the team. You only have to be a star on the pitch.

They are veterans and they don’t have to give an example. If I arrived now again for the first time, I would do things differently.

I would try to be one more of the team and adapt to the situation. Now I know that from the first day you have to think of yourself more and try to demonstrate to your team-mates that you are one more of them.

I was paying attention more to what was my place rather than worrying about earning a place.”

It's not the first time we have heard from Torres is it since he has been at Chelsea but one thing remains, he is open an honest about the situation he found himself in here.

Also, the other constant is his appreciation of the fans who have stuck with him, encouraged him and supported him through thick and thin.

I can understand where is coming from. When your team win the Champions League and FA Cup but it's other players playing, of course you want to celebrate with them and at the end of the day you are happy for your club BUT, on a personal level, you want to play and feel as though YOU contributed to that success.

Be prepared for a very determined Fernando Torres this season at Chelsea. I have already had my say on him believing that he will score between 20-30 goals this season and will be a revelation.

What do you think about this latest interview and of Torres this season fresh from opening his account for the season against City last weekend?


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  1. I can't wait to see Torres play with new quick, attack minded Chelsea side. I don't think we need to purchase a new striker. I believe that Torres will hit top form and sturridge can fill in from winger when Torres needs a break. I am very excited to see all our new signings mix together this season. Torres keep your head up and keep working hard. Chelsea believe in you

  2. My boy El Nino is about to light it up this season. We saw how hungry he was for goals this summer with Spain, and he has way more to prove coming into this season. Let us not forget his amazing track record before he came to the Bridge. Amazing strikers don't just wake up one day and lose their mad skills. With the new service he will get from Hazard, Marin, and Oscar he is bound to have more chances in front of the net.

  3. Now look at this fool above my comment saying El Nino is a twat. A person with no vision about life and no understand how it works. Stop listening to that rap music crap about being all hard ball and gangster shit. Torres looks a different person now. You can see it in his face,the smiles and the way he moves now. Looked awesome in the game against Puerto Rico although he didn't score but to make a run from a long pass and head it past the goalkeeper only to be judged as offside,just shows what we can expect from a newly motivated class striker this season. FORM IS TEMPORARY BUT CLASS IS PERMANENT! EL NINO WILL LAY OUT HIS WRATH!

  4. He will truly shine this season. I won't be surprise if he wins the highest goal scorer and the best player every month. Reason being this interview is from the heart not doctored. I can see success from his speech. He is going to be hot and burning. Good luck El nino

  5. "I was paying attention more to what was my
    place rather than worrying about earning a
    Torres has said it all that's what a team player's mind set ought to be like. Now Torres is a team player not just a player. You have to know that its about what you can bring to the club (on the pitch). Players like Lukaku should read this, because you on your own agreed to come to the club, you don't expect you Idol Drogba or a Class in the likes of Torres to step down for you... He played 12 games & didn't impress, Chelsea is not a club that gives much room for trial & error... You couldn't prove yourself on the pitch so stop complaining & work hard to EARN your place. I'm glad that Torres finally sees it this way. See your self as just another player (don't feel so special) who has come to join forces with his team mates.

  6. in a chelsea success am seing a great player fighting for their place... But thank God we have the like of marin,hazar,oscar in our squad this season. El nino is ur time to satisfy ur club and ur fans because am seing three 3 athlete behind u. The like of mata and ramires will bring good interes too.. Torres u are our hero and i want to score 20-30 goals this season...

  7. Torres! One of the best in the world.hope they bring the best outa him.el nino to the end.




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