CAVANI: "I'm worth £150K per week!" - Chelsea: No your not!

If reports are to be believed, Edinson Cavani believes that he is worth £150,000 per week in addition to the £35m that Napoli are asking fr...

If reports are to be believed, Edinson Cavani believes that he is worth £150,000 per week in addition to the £35m that Napoli are asking from Chelsea for the hit man!

Now I don't know if any of you watched him play against Team GB in the Olympic Football but he is worth nowhere near that at all is he? If anything, he isn't worth half that figure.

Think about it, who had heard of him a couple of seasons ago? Maybe one or two but not to the extent that we are aware of him now. He has found his feet at Napoli and has done well.

The problem for me is that Italian football is very, very different to Premier League football and I am not surprised that there are reports that Chelsea have told Cavani's representatives to lower his wage demands or they will pull out of a deal.

Honestly, do you people think he is worth what he is asking for?


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  1. Hell NO!!! If its left 2me chelsea shld jst get shurrel n 4get abt hulk n cavani

  2. If Torres is worth that, then he is worth more than that. He has scored about 30 goals for the past two seasons which should tell you something. I say "Get him immediately" that was how we were playing with figures and missed out on Aguero only to end up with Torres(I am not his fan)

    1. 4k u, if chelseafc is owned by ur fada will u advice him dat cuz is owned by anoda. Wen torres is on form in his days at anfied hu is cavani. Shun dis cavani n hulk shit and get schurrle n moses and u will c it will b gud investment cfc.

  3. Why even chelsea bothers of buying this player (cavani) he dosent worth my shit!!!

  4. Pls get this guy, we missed out aguero, da silva, tevez äñđ buy torres. Pls U̶̲̥̅̊ should not miss this guy again.

  5. torres will score 30 goals this season chelses hace bought too many creative midfielders for this not to happen although i rate cavani highly he is not needed we need a decent right back thats it

  6. @ chelsea owner and managements, lets just get this guy(Cavani) and Forget about the money, when he is being signed i assure you dat we can gain much more from him( Cavani) up blues 4life.

  7. 150k a week is ridiculous, and Chelsea are doing the right thing and not giving him that. Players like Lampard and Terry have worked there way up and earned that amount. Cavani knows we have money and is demanding a lot. Hi think around 110-120k is a more accurate amount per week.

  8. Cavani does not worth up 2 90k a week hw can u pay him d sme prce wit terry and lampard dats crazy bsdes we dnt need him lets get hulk who z stronger nd pay him leser amount simple

  9. Some chelsea fans thinks Lι̥κ̣̝̇ε̲̣̣̣̥ a fool.....if we shell 35mil Άπϑ a week wage O̶̷̩̥̊͡Ƒ 150k wt abt d ffplay D̶̲̅α† ȋ̝̊̅ڪ comin........ M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ i prefer we buy schulle a right back.....if we
    Ђåvε̲ too much money τφ spend we buy a natural dmf....torres ȋ̝̊̅ڪ ƑΑ̲̅Ʀ more beta than cavani...............cavani only plays Wε̲̣̣̣̥п̥̥̲̣̣̣ he
    Ђåvε̲ real supply 4rm yhe midfield.......he can't ♍a̶̲̥̅̊kε̲̣̣ ι̥τ̣̣̥ I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ chelsea

  10. Some folks' utterances only but make me wonder if they've even heard of Uefa financial fair play! Yea Cavani is good but £150k per week upon a £35m transfer in my opinion is much extravagant. Moreso only a free agent should make such bold and daring bargain. He should relent on his demands with a weekly wage of about £110k/£120k satisfactory to him.

  11. i think cavani is a superb striker we need to make a deal with at 35m pounds but his 150k pounds per week wage is uncalled for... A 120k pounds is ok only if he can accept that... But would love to see cavani on chelsea's jersey this season... Not on playstation... Lol

  12. Pay him dis,pay him dat,frm someone else's pocket right??Dats absurd.We can always get cheaper alternatives.Its a team we want 2 build.Dat is wat will mk CFC great again.Not just unnecessarily expensive individual 'talents'.

  13. Buy him and close your eyes! If Chelsea do not get him, we will not have a backup or front man striker when Torres fails to hit the back of the net again when too much pressure builds on him. And Cavani banged out 3 goals against man city. So am glad a lot of Chelsea players and fans have heart, but you need brains and a big bag of money to buy strikers to compete with city and united this season. Drogba is gone! We need at least 2 back up strikers. I think Cavani can be one of them, the other ( hulk is too expensive for what he is, to Chelsea another winger and we already have 4 people for that position; why pay near 40 million for what we have!). We should consider buy javier Hernandez from man united as he has fallen down the order at man united. This would give us another flair striker option in case Torres fails to bag up many goals this season. Di

    1. You are clearly blind. Look the right side of the attack,it's poor. Sure,Marin can play there and ofcourse Oscar. Ramires isn't a winger and it's apparent why. He can only play there when we are playing a defensive game and that's why he flourished in that position last term when we lacked depth. Why get Cavani who only excells in the CF position? What we need is a winger that is well equiped to be a back up striker when needed. Hulk,Shürlle and Moses fits that description. Why do you think the board planned to make moves for Shürlle and Moses already? It's pretty obvious and it doesn't take a smart brain to see the apparent problem. Let Torres lead the attack and let Sturridge be his back up. The third versatile forward,whoever he is,will be a back up when Torres or Sturridge rests,serves a ban or recover from an injury.

  14. Agreed.we need a versatile player one in victor moses or hulk.but hulk is expensive but agile seen him play.still cant miss out on cavani lets face it the lad put 30 away.remember van persie is united now we need the goals.hmm why didnt chelsky land him

  15. Agreed.we need a versatile player one in victor moses or hulk.but hulk is expensive but agile seen him play.still cant miss out on cavani lets face it the lad put 30 away.remember van persie is united now we need the goals.hmm why didnt chelsky land him




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