AVB - How on earth can you try and take credit for our success?

I cannot believe the comments made by AVB today in his press conference as Spurs Manager this afternoon. Forgetting all the other crap he ...

I cannot believe the comments made by AVB today in his press conference as Spurs Manager this afternoon.

Forgetting all the other crap he was waffling on about lets concentrate on the fact that he tried to take credit for our Champions League and FA Cup victories last term!.

He said:
"For Chelsea to have won the FA Cup and the Champions League, it means we were still present in those competitions at that time [of sacking].

The squad was being put in place towards the future and the owner took the decision, which I have to respect, but I never accept it. I was very honoured that I was able to put that team together. You could say part of what they achieved is also down to that squad being put together by myself, but what was done after was down to Robbie's work and the work of those magnificent players."

Sorry but is he deluded or what? He states that at the time he was sacked that we were still in both competitions. The thing is, I think if he was still in charge we would have gone out to Napoli and I think most of you will agree.

Also this crap he is coming out with about putting the team together?! It was already there in place, all he did was add Romeu, Meireles and Juan Mata to it but I am sure that Mata was a Chelsea signing anyway.

The fact that he continued to play Mata out wide left during his time here for the most part shows he never understood how to get the best out of him. Meireles has been a success and Romeu has played a bit part ever since Robbie took over.

The simple fact remains that AVB never understood his players at the time at Chelsea, Roberto Di Matteo has done and will continue to do so. Robbie changed the formation away from AVB's thinking, moved Mata inside, played Frank Lampard in a holding role and HE led Chelsea to their success last season and HE should take ALL the credit for it.

I honestly cannot understand how AVB can make the comments he has when it's obvious to everyone that he mucked it all up here!.



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  1. No disrespect.I see what you mean.but I do think he deserves some credit.because if it weren't for him,we wouldn't win the group and face Napoli.and he left us when we were still can argue about we could have slipped down further but we are a Chelsea family.AVB did make the contribution,just like u said,he doesn't understand the players.but still,we must give him at least some credit

    1. No disrespect but you make it sound as if our players are clueless beings waiting for the manager to tell them when to kick the ball. These are seasoned players & like Barcelona even a monkey can coach them through the group stage. The taxing part of the CL is the knock out stage.

  2. Wouldn't win the group an play Napoli without avb!! Are you kiddin me! We barely made it out of te group bro! We shoulda skated thru genk , Valencia, and Leverkusen. He deserves ZERO credit! If he did indeed sign Mata, he get a little, but It does seem like a board signing IMO. Can't give him much credit for Romeu just yet as barca seems to be on his mind again. I love Chelsea are kiddin takin a dump on him by high jackin Oscar if it does happen

  3. AVB should be given the credit for attempting to change the way we played. Sadly his attempt failed. Had Roman not acted we would have failed on all fronts. AVB had as much influence on the success as Carlo did....

  4. No he doesent deserve any credit wether we were still in the comps when he left or not, the fact of the matter is that he went about doing his Job completely the wrong way. Chelsea would not have won those competitions with him still in charge, I was watching all the Chelsea games and wether we were winning them or not I felt like they had no fire in the belly with him in charge, it was more like he filled the belly with water, he gave them no confidence at all, yes I expect Chelsea too win most games and be serious contenders every year but above all that comes showing thier fight and commitment for the whole 90mins, if they all try thier absolute best and we lose then fair enough it just wernt thier day but when thier not even fighting anymore something has too be changed and that was the manager. Now don't get me wrong I think Avb was stupid saying that but he did admit and take responsibility for going about the job in the wrong way and using the players at the wrong man at the wrong time, which I respect him for very much, he couldn't have come out deflected blame on too others but he's man enough too say look I did that wrong I did this wrong but, it's all just experience at the end of the day he's a young man who's bound too make more mistakes than others but this all makes him a better man and a better manager. I hold no grudges on this man he was just the wrong manager at the wrong time And I wish him all the sucesss in the future oh wait no I don't he's the spuds manager, crash and burn biatch, crash and burn

  5. He surely does nt deserve evn a "c" of the word credit........he almost sent us crashing out frm the champs league.......we wr also on our way out of FA cup following our home draw 2 Birmingham.........n evn if we wr in the league thr wz no chance we wr goin 2 win the league.......and most of all he didn't evn talked 2 the playrz abt why they wr benched!!!

  6. The bItch has no fucking credit.. Let hIm try And wIn a trophy with sPurs, then he'll be gIven He's Credit, excellent. What ever, im not even sure of. Who cares anyway? Tottenham 'll finIsh less than mIddle of the table. Sorry AVB' ur Freaky bears woun't Work.

  7. Andre Villa-Boas truly has'nt changed..... I expected him to be tight lipped on this subject given the fact that a club's season toke a positive change which ended on a high from the very moment he was sacked. I knew he would be a failure at chelsea even before last season started, how? Well he came in as manager to a squad that has established players your age and instead of being prudent he & wise he got to the club, conducted a press confrence 1st before even meeting with his players (so the squad got to meet their coach for the 1st time on screen)... Ok did he stop there? No, he later made his intention clear about bringing down the average age of the squad (making the Old guards his enemies) he did'nt sell the old players, yes he did well in bringing in the likes of Mata but he left his new enemies in his team.. & could never get the better out of them, he even made it worst by benching them & when asked he (AVB) says he has a good relationship with the owner, HELLO! You're coach not a business partner with Abramovich.. You should have a good relationship with your players. Roberto Di Mateo did just that, he worked close with the players & rebuilt their confidence & got drastic results.For me, the contribution AVB did for chelsea is getting us out of the top 4 in the league (which RDM struggled to fix) & would have been worst by us missing out on Champions League action (because there was no way on earth we would have gone passed Napoli with AVB in charge) we would have a different story today by being in the Europa league & with the impending UEFA Financial Fair Play rule (FFP) we would be in serious danger of having to sell players in a bid to balance our books & thus do poorly in the transfer market... In my own opinion.. AVB like a child was turning his room upside down & RDM like his nany came & tidyed up & Mum came home & praised the neatness of the room (in the form of the FA & champions League).

  8. !! the.only credit avb deserves is bringing in RDM as assisstant coach,,other then that,mata was not all avb's signing as the board was involved,yea he got good players with romeu and merieles,,but had he stayed on, EDEN HAZARD,MARKO MARIN ,THE CHAMPS LEAGUE AND FA CUP will Not be at SW6 today!..RDM keep them coming u legend..KTBFFH!

  9. Wtf????????
    How on earth can he dare talking such rubbish!!?????!!!
    I wish i was there to REMIND him the difference between being in charge when the team was put together and putting the team together!!!
    Cant believe he can even dare trying to get some credit after giving me the most annoying time of my life as a chelseafreak!!!!!
    Shame on you DVD!!!!




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